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    There's No Shame In A Booty Call!

    Wednesday, August 20 2008
    Blair tries to sneak in unnoticed, Clint gives Jared the chance to make things right, Tina wonders what's going on in Llanfair's basement, and Todd sets out to get what he wants...

    When Blair arrives home to find Sam, Addie, Starr and Langston in the kitchen, she tries to make excuses as to why she's out so early, but Addie says, "Blair, there's no shame in admitting you were out on a booty call!" As everyone starts guessing who Blair spent the night with, Blair refuses to give details, but claims 'they' are just friends, then heads out to take Starr to the doctor!

    Alone, although Langston wonders about the reading Madame Delphina gave her, Addie promises her that she's a true Cramer - no matter what anyone says!

    Arriving at the OBGYN, Marcie is waiting for Starr, at Starr's invitation. After Starr heads in, Marcie confronts Blair and asks how she really feels about her adopting Starr's baby. Though Blair was hurt by Starr's decision, she knows Marcie will be a good mother. When Marcie asks Blair to be a part of the baby's life - as a grandmother - Blair is taken back but promises to think about it.

    Inside the examining room, Starr talks with the doctor's assistant and realizes that she went to Llanview High. The two then talk about everything Starr has gone through.

    Later, with Blair and Marcie by her side, Starr is given a sonogram, to which everyone gets emotional about. After the doctor points out all of the baby's features, she asks if Starr wants to know what the sex of the baby is. However, Starr decides that as long as the baby is healthy that's all that matter - they wait. Starr gives Marcie the sonogram photos, as a gift, then Marcie joins Blair and Starr for lunch.

    John enters the station and an officer hands him a bag that a woman left for him. When John sees the note from Blair, he thinks about his dream - and seeing Marty at the end of his bed! Not able to get Todd out of his head, John starts looking over the x-rays of the mystery woman then makes a call to have Todd's ex-bodyguard, Keys, brought in!

    When Keys is brought in, John claims he has a signed paper from Blair pressing sexual harassment charges against him, to which Keys slips and confesses that Todd 'might' have a woman upstairs at his house - one he 'might' have taken from Lee's house! When John asks what the woman's name is, Keys doesn't know but says, "She's beautiful, if that helps." John then calls the judge and demands a search warrant for Todd Manning's place!

    Marty wakes up to find Todd still asleep. When Todd wakes up, and after he snaps on Marty's nurse for interrupting them, Marty tells him about her dream of John McBain! Over breakfast, Todd suggests that Marty forget about John, but Marty replies, "I don't think I can do that." Though Marty wants to talk to John, Todd refuses to allow it. Suddenly, Janet appears again to give Todd some papers that his investigator left for him - and to say, "Your new bodyguard is waiting downstairs." On Todd's way out, he privately informs Janet to 'make sure' - with no questions asked - that Marty sees the morning's issue of The Sun!

    Janet comes in to chat with Marty, who talks about her dream about John. When Janet shows Marty the front page feature on John, warning everyone to lock their doors - because there's a new 'killer' commissioner in town - Marty asks Janet if she thinks John McBain killed Lee - and if he would kill her!

    With a file in hand, Todd arrives at Starr's OBGYN and tells the doctor, "I'm here to get my grandchild!"

    After making love, Natalie and Jared lie in bed and decide it's probably time they look for jobs. Suddenly, they both smell smoke!

    Downstairs at Llanfair, Tina ends up burning breakfast then promises David Vickers that as soon as they turn in the jewels they'll be back in the lap of luxury - at The Palace! Just then, Tess appears and suggests that Tina go find somewhere else to live. When Natalie and Jared come downstairs and see that David Vickers peed on the floor, Natalie grabs a newspaper to clean it up with, but Tina takes away The Sun, wanting to read about the new commissioner, and Tess makes a remark about John being the one that got away from Natalie! Though Natalie ignores 'Jessica's' remark, she can't let it go when Jared bring up needing a job - and 'Jessica' says, "I heard Dorian was hiring!" Tess points to another article in the paper about C.E., brings up Nash then tells Natalie, "I'm sorry that dad's being so cold to you still. He'll get over it - I did." When Jared gives Natalie a kiss goodbye, and says he's about to take the bull by the horns, Tina comments, "Now that's a man," causing Tess to fill with fury!

    After Natalie leaves, Tina suggests that she and Jessica go on a shopping spree. Just as Tess turns her down, David Vickers jumps out of Tina's arms and starts barking and scratching at an interior kitchen door! As Tina goes to open the door, Tess slams it shut then says, "Let's get something straight!"

    Over at the Buchanan mansion, Nora happily tells Clint and Cole that Matthew heard from Bo! When Cole appears quiet, he admits to Nora that he has a headache - something he doesn't normally experience. Chalking it off as nothing, Simon, Clint's PI appears, and Nora quickly tells him they don't need his services - as they heard from Bo last night. However, given the tension between Clint and Simon, it clearly appears that Simon's visit does not pertain to Bo!

    Once Nora and Cole leave, Clint thanks Simon for not saying anything about their business to Nora then Simon hands Clint a paper containing all sorts of details on Langston. Suddenly, Clint says, "Well, look at that! Simon, you deserve a bonus!"

    Out in the foyer, Nora talks to Cole, who is looking into colleges, then tells him he has all year to plan his life out. The two agree to talk more about college over lunch by the pool.

    Filled with courage, Jared arrives at the Buchanan mansion to talk to Clint. Though Clint rants at Jared, Jared claims he's there to do anything to make things right between them. Clint hands Jared a file, containing a picture of Langston, then says, "Are you willing to stoop as low as Dorian Lord?"

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Marcie offers Starr and Blair a place in the baby's life.

    Todd wonders about Jessica's strange behavior.

    Clint uses Langston to seek revenge on Dorian!

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    Posted by Susie1000 at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:13 PM

    Hi All ~~~~ Happy Hump Day!

    Today's show was a typical 'mid-week' epi'. Todd/Marty ~~~ HHHMMMMM! Bad, Bad Todd! I didn't comment yesterday, but I wanted to thank TGF DVR's comment regarding the 'past' history of Todd/Marty. Also, the point that Wings67 made about Todd's face change since the 'rape' of Marty. Very good ladies!
    Clint/PI ~~~~~ My curiousity has been peeked! What did the PI discover about Langston's past that could benefit the Buchanan's war w/ Dorian? HHHHHMMMMMM? Can't wait to have this revealed to us!
    Blair/Starr/Marcie ~~~~ Was the intent for this to be a 'joyious' scene between the 3? The 'mother-to-be', the 'grandmother-to-be' and the adoptive 'mother-to-be'.
    John/Keyes ~~~~ Good job! Let's move it on from here!
    That's it for today. See Ya's tomorrow. Love, Susie

    Posted by toytoy83 at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:19 PM

    blair is boring
    did anyone else saw how todd held marty hand as he sleep?
    i think he feels really comfortable with her and when everything comes out i think the writers age going to put them together

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:25 PM

    Thank Goodness for the break from the 1968 s/l (Gigi & Rex)

    Posted by Susie1000 at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:35 PM

    Hey Toytoy83 ~~~~ I'm sorry to disagree w/ you! I can't fathom Marty ever being 'romantically' envolved w/ Todd! Especially once she gets her memory back, and it's revealed how many lies he's told her the months she's been in his care. But, on the chance that you're right, it'll have to happen b4 Marty remembers the past! JMO! Love, Susie

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:46 PM

    You guys miss me? I've actually had to work alot at work these days.......
    Anyway, was the comment about Todd's "face" being that it is different? Yes, I was curious when Marty told Todd that she saw his face in her dream about the rape. Weird, since he looked totally different back then.

    Posted by Midnightson at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:47 PM

    I have to say that Trevor St. John and Susan Haskell have a decent amount of chemistry, more than Michael Easton has had with anyone. It's not him as an actor, it's the one note character the writers have him playing. I think they have exhausted the brooding John persona to the max, now he's just grating. I'm also unhappy with the choice the writers have made to make him infallible. If you were to list Todd's actions, at least he when he blackmails people he's aware that his actions are totally selfish, I have yet to see John acknowledge his own selfishness (Tommy, etc). I think the character of Keys would have laughed at Johns strongarm attempt and told him to bring it on, John had no leverage. The only leverage is the power the writers give him and that makes him less interesting of a character.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:47 PM

    Love Addie to death, but I really wish Langston had said she did not want to be a Cramer woman. She is a Wilde and needs to stay that way.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:49 PM

    I disagree about John. IMHO, he has been quite funny lately. Love when his sense of humor is brought out and I think Blair has done that for him. And he actually shed tears after waking up from his dream about Marty. I think John is a GREAT character.

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, August 20 2008 01:51 PM

    It seems I won't be watching this tonight. Thanks to Amy's wonderful recaps, I can sleep tonight knowing I won't miss nothing much as usual.

    As I said the last time, Blair goes through men like an elephant goes through peanuts. When writers decided to team up Blair and Spencers, she really got boring.

    Tonight's episode will focus on Jess/Tess, Natalie, Jared, and Tina. This really bores me. No one did the split personality like Vicky and that was played out.

    I stopped watching OLTL back in 1994. I started watching it again because when Antono's girlfriend had the baby, one of my co-worker's twins was playing the role of Antonio's baby. I started watching again in 2003. I stopped watching because it was so boring, yet I find myself in the same situation. I tend to be a loyal fan, but I get tired. Writers need to give us some juicy storylines.

    Posted by TGF DVRs at Wednesday, August 20 2008 02:06 PM

    Todds face - I have the answer for the reason Marty can see him in her dreams. Dreams are part of your subconcious: (1) Subconciously Marty's dreams have the new Todd because she already knows the new Todd before the accident. (2) The dream with John in it Marty is questioning John and her fear of John, her subconcious is aware there is more to ask and more to know about John. Seems like Marty is getting memories of inner feelings.

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