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    A Love of a Lifetime...

    Tuesday, August 12 2008
    Tina and Cord come face to face, Todd confesses his feelings to Marty, and Rex and Gigi desperately try to reunite...

    When Cord sees Tina walk into the foyer at Llanfair, he is shocked by her presence in Llanview! After Cord hears about the trouble Tina got Sarah into, he rants and raves about how irresponsible Tina is - until Sarah interrupts to inform him that her mother did everything she could to save her and that when Tina thought she was going to die her final words were, "I love you, Cord."

    After Sarah gives her parents some time alone, Tina admits what Sarah said was true then says, "I've never stopped loving you. I still love you and I always will. I will always love you, Cord." When Cord replies, "Me too," Tina suggests they get back together and leans in for a kiss! However, Cord reminds Tina of all of the pain they have been through then says that they can never be together again! Cord then calls for Sarah and says, "Goodbye Tina," leaving Tina sobbing in tears.

    At the Buchanan mansion, as Clint and Nora are snuggling on the couch, Dallas interrupts with some special biscuits she brought for Clint from London! While Clint is putting the treats in the kitchen, Dallas informs Nora that she'll be staying in Llanview indefinitely, to help Clint during this terrible time, but Nora reminds Dallas that she never bothered to come back for Asa's funeral then asks, "Did you come here to rekindle your romance with Clint?"

    Still in Marty's bedroom, although Todd denies any feelings for Blair, Marty finally gets Todd to open up, to which he admits that Marty hated Blair as well! However, as the talk progresses, Todd admits his love for Blair, and his family, leaving the pain he feels for what's happened to his life clearly apparent.

    While Blair and John are talking about Todd's mystery woman at Rodie's, John admits that an injured woman was staying with Lee before he was killed - and that he thinks Todd's new woman is one in the same! When Blair wonders if Todd and this woman are really romantic, John believes that Todd is just trying to make Blair believe that he's sleeping with this woman, but truly feels that the woman is incapable of physically having sex - because of her injuries. Later, over talk of John's new job, Blair wants to take John out to celebrate - and John replies, "It's a date."

    In 1968, at the Café, while Renee (Dallas) and Emma (Gigi) are discussing how Asa (Bo) blew Emma off, Jeremiah (Moe) interrupts to say that he's catering a going away party for the Buchanan's tonight! Suddenly, Renee asks Emma, "How would you like to go to a BBQ tonight?" With a bit more persuasion from Renee, Emma agrees and the two take off to get ready!

    Over at the counter, Maria (Natalie) and Rosa (Noelle) arrive, to which Rosa gives Maria an address for someone out of town who will take her in. Although she doesn't want to leave town, Maria is in fear of Asa and feels she has no choice - but wants her baby to know everything about his father. Later, before Rosa leaves the café, she receives a rose from Jeremiah in hopes they'll one day see each other again.

    At the Buchanan ranch, while everyone is planning a going away to Vietnam party for Bo (Rex), Rex begs the professor to hurry up and find a way back to 2008 before midnight, which will be their one and only chance to return! Suddenly, Clint (Jared) appears and screams, "How could you, Pa!" As Clint (Jared) bashes his father for firing Rosa, Rex steps in to stick up for Asa (Bo). Later, hearing that a storm is brewing, Bo goes to check on the present in 1968, leaving Rex trying to call Gigi one more time in case Professor Fina's plan to transport them home doesn't work! "I just want to say goodbye…" However, the professor stops Rex from making the call, warns him that they need to follow the book on this one then says, "If we don't you could lose this girl forever."

    In 2008, Gigi shows up at the Bon Jour Café with Madame Delphina and surprises Moe and Noelle! While Gigi talks to Noelle about her love for Rex, Delphina appears to be getting a sign from the past then tells Gigi that she heard from Professor Fina - and it's time to leave! Though Moe warns Gigi not to go anywhere with 'that loon' Gigi rushes out of the café after Delphina!

    Seeing Gigi hurting over love, Moe comes out of the kitchen, tells Noelle about a lost love that his father, Jeremiah, let slip by then asks Noelle to be his wife!

    Finally in the stables at the Buchanan Ranch, Madame Delphina prepares Gigi for her attempt to travel back in time. However, in case she doesn't make it, Gigi tries to call Rex just to say, "Goodbye…" Quickly, Delphina snatches the phone and says, "If we don't do this right you could lose Rex forever."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Gigi talks to Madame Delphina about the truth.

    Bo and Rex are almost out of time!

    Brody tries to come up with a plan.

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    Posted by toytoy83 at Tuesday, August 12 2008 12:21 PM

    i know others will think im crazy for saying this but i think todd is hot and i see the writers are trying to build chemistry with him and marty

    Posted by lady red at Tuesday, August 12 2008 12:26 PM

    I wanted Cord and Tina to reunite! That's what I've been hoping for since I found out that Cord was coming back! Am I hoping in vain? hopefully not!

    Posted by Apple1001 at Tuesday, August 12 2008 12:32 PM


    I have to agree with you. As much as I dislike Todd's character I do find the actor incredibly appealing and I have enjoyed the FEW moments with Marty where he has been somewhat caring and concerned.

    Posted by scorpio1120 at Tuesday, August 12 2008 12:47 PM

    I don't think there was ever a chance for Cord and Tina to reunite because the actor that plays Cord only agreed to come back temporarily. I wonder what Cord, Kevin, and Joey are doing in London since Dorian now owns BE.

    Posted by ksmakela at Tuesday, August 12 2008 12:56 PM

    If you had seen the original stuff about what Todd did to Marty years ago, it would turn your stomach to think of them getting together romantically. Though I love Todd, he is a sick puppy.
    I will be interested how they resolve the 1968 s/l.

    Posted by LucyM at Tuesday, August 12 2008 01:06 PM

    Todd is extremely HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Susie1000 at Tuesday, August 12 2008 01:17 PM

    Hey Scorpio1120 ~~~~ You brought up a very good question that I hadn't thought to ask b4. What is Cord, Kevin and Joey doing in London, since Dorian now owns BE? As for Tina and Cord reuniting the 4th time? There's still chemistry between them, but is it enough to overcome the past? As we've seen in the past, being a 'short term' character doesn't mean anything as far as what happens while they're on the show. I plan to keep tuning in to see how it turns out. Later, Susie

    Posted by ShannieB99 at Tuesday, August 12 2008 01:19 PM

    I totally agree with you toytoy83. Todd is hot. I love this Todd so much more with Trevor St. John playing him than when Roger Howarth played Todd. Trevor St. John brings Todd to a more human level. Todd has so many different facets to him.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Tuesday, August 12 2008 01:45 PM

    I'm liking this 1968 s/l. It is a little 'weird' seeing all our regular characters playing the duel parts, but, it's still fun and humorous. I'm getting antsy waiting for them to all get back to 2008.

    That was sooooooooo cute when Moe proposed to Noelle.

    I would NEVER want to see a romantic union between Todd and Marty! UUUGGGGHHHH! Todd is decieving Marty w/ all his lies about her past, the part he played in her past, Blair and the Kids, John,and Cole. I don't know what it's going to take for Marty to get her memory back, ( maybe seeing John or Cole?), but I sooooooooooo want Todd to be there when she does remember. I want to see the look on his face when she confronts him w/ all his lies. Todd's character has been the 'bad boy' the whole time he's been on the show. He's never shown any remorse for any of his actions, no matter how low down they were. And, I doubt he'll show any remorse for what he's doing to Marty. He'll place the blame on John and Blair for his actions. I just hope John and Blair find Marty b4 it turns into a physical relationship w/ Todd! YYYYUUUUUKKKKKK! JMO! Susie

    Posted by toytoy83 at Tuesday, August 12 2008 02:51 PM

    What if the writers make todd confide everything the whole truth to marty and for some reason she understands and forgive him they would be a super couple!! blair would die!

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