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    Wanted: Shady Contractor For Hire!

    Monday, August 11 2008
    Tess resumes her revenge, Todd preys on Marty's sympathies, and John and Blair wonder about Todd's new woman...

    At the Buchanan mansion, Clint makes a call and instructs someone to dig up everything they can on Langston Wilde. Just as Clint and Nora rant about Bo's absence, Cord appears! After a brief catch up, Cord talks about wanting to go find Sarah to make sure she's all right. Over talk of Sarah's ordeal, Clint and Nora express their worries about Bo and Nora wonders if she couldn't have handled telling Bo the truth about Lindsay a little differently. Thinking about past weddings, Cord and Clint laugh about how Tina called Max 'Cord' at their wedding and how Cord married Tina over and over again. After their chat, Cord promises they'll have dinner before he leaves then he heads out to find Sarah.

    While Cole is lying upstairs in bed, he gets a call from Starr and asks, "What do you want?" Though Starr tries to talk about school, she admits that she wants Cole back! However, Cole reminds Starr that she can't have it both ways then says, "It's too late." Cole hangs up on Starr then throws his phone!

    Out in the foyer at Llanfair, Tess calls a contractor and says, "I have a job for you. It's very small but very specialized." After Tess warns him to only call her on her cell, she makes an appointment to meet the man at Rodie's!

    In the living room with Natalie, Jared, and Sarah, Tina asks Natalie to put in a good word for her with Jessica. After Natalie agrees, she leaves Tina and Sarah alone, to which Tina admits feeling like a stranger in her childhood home. "The last time I was here," Tina says, "it was with your father." Tina then admits that Cord was the love of her life. Sadly, Tina knows that she's lost Cord forever. However, Sarah thinks her father would be happy to hear from Tina.

    At the station, although Antonio thinks the mayor made the right decision, John says, "Nobody belongs in that office but Bo." Antonio then shocks John with his first assignment as Commissioner by saying, "Accept my resignation." Antonio explains how he needs to go to Mendorra to save Talia, but John won't allow him to go alone and says, "I'm going too." However, Antonio reminds John that the department needs him here, and John finally gives in by saying, "Go kick Hesser's butt and bring your girl home."

    Todd returns home and pleases Marty with a gift of a nightgown. After he admits that it was his second choice, Todd tells Marty about running into Blair and how the bags got mixed up. After Marty questions why Blair wanted to keep the original nightgown, Todd lies, "She wanted to wear it to bed for John McBain." Wanting to get Todd's mind off Blair, Marty engages him in a crossword puzzle - until she asks the next question in the puzzle. "Old King…" After Marty finishes with, "Cole," Todd gets up and explains how he knows someone named Cole then says, "And so do you." Todd talks about how 'this person they know', Cole, was a drug abuser and how he attacked his daughter one night, to which Marty gasps, "You mean he raped her?" Todd admits that Cole didn't rape Starr but says that he stole his daughter from him, got her pregnant then got off scot-free! Todd confides how alone he feels but says, "It's been nice having someone like you to talk to." Marty is more than happy to be his friend and thanks Todd for all he's done for her as well!

    Holding the nightgown at Rodie's, Blair talks to Brody about her ex, but Brody questions whether or not Blair is still hung up on Todd. Blair quickly hands Brody the nightgown to throw away then says hello to Jessica - and her carpenter friend - then questions aloud, "I wonder what Jess is renovating." With talk back on Todd, Blair admits to Brody that, "There's this other guy… He really knows how to treat a lady."

    When Antonio and John show up at Rodie's, Antonio leaves John with Blair, who admits that she did something stupid - that involves Todd! Again, Blair talks about what happened with Todd then says she couldn't help but be curious about the woman in Todd's life. John too wonders about the woman Todd is keeping in his house!

    Talking to Brody at the end of the bar, and showing him a picture of Talia, Antonio says, "I have to find a way to get her back," to which Brody thinks of Gigi and replies, "I hear you on that one."

    At a table, Tess tells Leo about her top-secret project then grabs him by the thumb when he tries to hit on her! After a brief thumb pulling warning, Leo agrees to take on Tess's job! When Leo finally realizes that Tess is the widow of Nash Brennon, she admits that this project is in memory of her husband. Wanting to see the space, Leo and Tess head back to Llanfair.

    Although Tess and Leo have a close call when they return to Llanfair, Tess quickly pushes Leo into a bush, gets rid of Cristian before he sees him then sneaks Leo inside!

    Later, when Cord arrives at Llanfair to see Sarah, he pulls his daughter close - but is shocked when Tina appears from the living room!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Rex and Gigi desperately try to reunite!

    Todd confesses to Marty his feelings for Blair.

    Tina and Cord come face to face!

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    Posted by juicyheiress at Monday, August 11 2008 12:12 PM

    looks good wonder what tess has in store for jared and natalie
    hope todd gets busted by non other than jhon mcbain the new police commisner and he drags him to jail himself.
    what do you think about tina and cord possibly another wedding
    will gigi save rex in time
    well to find out i guess ill have to tune into oltl

    Posted by juicyheiress at Monday, August 11 2008 12:13 PM

    will starr eventually get back together with cole

    Posted by firebird85 at Monday, August 11 2008 12:41 PM

    Why is Clint investigating Langston?

    Nice to watch Brody interacting with other Llanview residents

    Marty & Todd s/l is getting way too weird

    Posted by Susie1000 at Monday, August 11 2008 12:56 PM

    Happy Monday Gals ~~~ I like that the s/l is moving forward w/ all the characters.

    I cringe w/ every lie Todd tells to Marty! I was hoping Keys would reveal the hidden woman's identity to Blair and John. It's still too soon to rule that out! hehehe

    Congrat's to John on being made 'interium' Commish'! A little more power w/i the ranks can't hurt!

    Cord/Tina ~~~~ OH MY! Will the 4th time be the charm? hehehe

    Jess/Tess ~~~~ This scheme will probably take a few months to play out. I figure it'll take Vicki coming home to resolve Tess' scheme to get even w/ Nat and Jared. JMO!

    Once Marty is found ~~~~~ What will that do to the relationship between John and Blair? OH MY!

    I'm w/ you juicyheiress! I have a lot of questions also, and I'll keep tuning in to OLTL for the answers! hehehe
    Later, Susie

    Posted by BernieBaby at Monday, August 11 2008 12:57 PM

    Just curious - how old is Sarah? If Cord was born in 1968 or 69 according to this "back to the future/past" unbelieveable s/l they are fostering upon us - that would make him either 39 or 40 now. If Sarah is at least 21 years old (since she works at Capricorn which is a bar) then he and Tina had her when he was around 18... I may be wrong but I thought he and Tina were "older" than that when they got married the first time around? And if Sarah is any "older" than 21, the writers have really made a huge booboo IMO! However; if she is any younger than 21, Capricorn's new owner, Blair (who hasn't been there since she bought the place) should be shut down for having a minor being served alcohol and working there...that is when Sarah does go to work.

    LLanview is the place I want to live in my next life - no one works there and they still manage to live high on the hog as my mother would say. Isn't it strange that Natalie and Jared haven't even looked for a job since Dorian took over B.E., Jessica hasn't worked in about a year, Rex hasn't had a case in months, who knows when the last time Todd visited the Sun, and the list goes on and on. LOL

    Please make the Tessica s/l hurry up and go away. This Sybil impersonation doesn't play as well as the Vicki/Nicki Smith split personality did. Nicki's split was believeable and I'm sorry - this like mother like daughter D.I.D theme doesn't do it for me. Come up with original storylines writers...this one is over done.

    Posted by TKAY at Monday, August 11 2008 01:32 PM

    I like the Tess/Jess s/l. I love it when Tess comes out because she always does exactly what Jessica should have done from the start.

    I think Clint wants to know all the dirt on Langston so he can blackmail Dorian in order to get BE back. (All of Dorian's "girls" business is already out there so why not target the young and innocent)

    Cole should not take that little girl back! Why would she want to give her child to Marcie??? Marcie has a history with her family and she already knows that seeing that woman everyday with her child will break her heart leading to....wanting her child back! We all know where the s/l is leading!

    Todd...he is crazy

    Posted by JGrzeca at Monday, August 11 2008 02:21 PM

    The Todd thing is getting old! Just bring back Marty already!

    Posted by jumps at Monday, August 11 2008 03:35 PM

    I have learned that it is best to NEVER comtemplate the ages of charaters on soaps. It will only lead to a major headache.......

    Posted by jumps at Monday, August 11 2008 03:36 PM

    I hate that Natalie has turned stupid now. I know she wants Jessica to forgive her and Jared and that is why she must be turning a blind eye to everything that Tessica is doing these days. BUT, today when Tess did that click-click noise when talking to her and Natalie did not even blink an eye at something that is so Tess, I just threw my hands up in

    Posted by jumps at Monday, August 11 2008 03:37 PM

    Todd is just a disgusting human being. Lies, lies and more lies.

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