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I'd Like To Make A Donation!

Wednesday, August 06 2008
A fortune falls through David's hands, Tina and Viki come face to face, and Bo is faced with a tough decision...

At the airport in Llanview, sneezing over his dog, a nun tells David, "God Bless You", which gives David an idea. Whispering to David Vickers the dog, David says, "It was good enough for Todd's son it's good enough for you." David places the dog on the table before the nuns and says, "I'd like to make a donation!" After the nuns agree to take him, David heads off.

On the plane in Mendorra, when Cris brings Sarah onboard, everyone is excited that she's alive. After Cain appears as well, the plane takes off and Sarah rehashes her tumble over the falls. "When I came to, I was lying on the shore. I started walking then I heard cheering…" Sarah talks about following the noise to a celebration at the palace then looks around and asks, "Where's Talia?" Antonio briefly explains what happened then tells Cris how happy he is that he has Sarah. While Cris comforts his brother, Tina and Sarah reconnect - then notice Cain holding the crowned jewels! Tina thinks back to hiding the real jewels in David Vickers the dog's sweater then allows Cain to hold on to the jewels but suggests when they arrive in Llanview they give them to charity! Later, Cain puts on a parachute, claims the jewels are more important to him than Tina then jumps off the plane! Though Sarah assures her mom that she'll find someone else better than Cain, Tina talks about not needing a man - but wanting to be reunited with David Vickers the dog the second she gets back to Llanview!

Dorian crashes Viki's going away party at Llanfair and is quickly reminded by Clint that she's not welcome. Just as Dorian continues her rants, Jessica (Tess) brings up Dorian's part in Nash's death and calls her a witch! After Dorian blames Todd for all that Starr's going through, Viki thanks Dorian for saving her life but says she'll never forgive her for the hell she's caused her family as of late! Laughing, Dorian asks, "What are you going to do, call on one of your alters and lock me in the room in the basement?" Which gives Tess an idea! Before Dorian storms off she gives Todd a final warning to stay away from her family then leaves the party to Viki's family.

Viki makes her rounds and says her individual goodbyes. Though Viki reminds Jessica to call if she needs her, Tess tells Viki her car is outside waiting for her then practically pushes Viki out the door! After Tess, Natalie and Jared tell Clint and Nora goodbye, Tess urges Jared and Natalie off to bed, as she thinks back to Dorian's reference to the secret room in the basement!

Later, at the airport, Viki runs into David, briefly tells him of her journey then the old friends say their goodbyes - each going in another direction!

When Viki sees Cris, Sarah and Antonio getting off their flight, she's shocked to hear that they were in Mendorra - and even more shocked to hear that it was because of Tina, who Viki sees walking through the door next!

When Blair arrives at Todd's with the strange nightgown in hand, she tries to head upstairs, but Keys stops her and says, "There's no woman here." Blair begins seducing Keys with her charm, but Keys grabs the nightgown and suggests, "You could try this on for me." Just as Blair tries on the nightgown, and does a spin for Keys, Todd arrives home and catches them!

In 1968, while Bo is talking to Jeremiah, Rex tries to get through to Gigi but is cut off - and has a low battery! Rex quickly tries again - as Jeremiah tells Bo that Rex's cell phone is the portal back to the future!

During their first day at work at Rodie's, Gigi hands Brody her purse to put behind the counter then heads off to tend to her first customer - Layla. Once at the table, Layla taunts Gigi a bit about Adriana until Gigi walks away. Back at the car, when Brody sees that Rex is calling Gigi's cell, he doesn't answer it - and doesn't tell Gigi about the missed call! When the phone rings again, Brody takes Rex's call and claims Gigi is in the shower - and he's on his way to meet her! After Brody warns Rex to stay away, he deletes Rex's calls from Gigi's phone!

Rejoining Bo and Jeremiah in 1968, Jeremiah reads from a book by Professor Del Fina and informs them that according to the book if Bo doesn't go across the street and sleep with Emma they'll never get back to the present! After Bo explains to Rex that Emma is not really Gigi, and the sooner Bo gets to the hotel the sooner Rex will get back to the real Gigi, Rex snaps, "Go, but don't talk about it afterwards!"

When Jeremiah leaves Rex with Professor Del Fina's book, Rex makes the connection between the brilliant professor and Llanview's psychic - Madame Delphina!

Back at the table at Rodie's, when Vincent joins Layla, she begins ranting about him not being around as a boyfriend. Just then, a woman shows up, hears Layla referring to Vincent as her boyfriend, then claims she's Vincent's girlfriend! Stunned, Layla demands answers, as the other woman, Julianna, talks about her affair with Vincent, who finally admits to Layla, "She's right, I've been hooking up with the both of you." Although Vincent tries to justify the affair by saying that Layla wasn't there for him, Layla cries, "I trusted you, I loved you and you did this to me! I don't want to see you anymore!"

Brody quickly rushes to Layla's defense and throws Vincent out while Gigi assures Layla, "I know how you feel." After Gigi praises Brody for being so kind to Layla, she heads to her next customer and asks, "Can I take your order?" However, the woman from behind the menu replies, "Isn't it the other way around?" It's Madame Delphina!

Next on One Life to Live:

Tess has a new plan!

Todd and Blair fight over Todd's 'new woman'.

Bo and Rex worry when they can't get back home!

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