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    Shopping For Who?

    Tuesday, August 05 2008
    After a run in with Todd, Blair comes across a surprising discovery, Dorian blames Todd for Starr's troubles, and Talia makes a deal with Carlo...

    While out on a shopping trip with Jack, Blair and her son run into Todd at the coffeehouse, and Jack rushes into his dad's arms! After Jack goes to the counter, Blair warns Todd not to mention John in front of her son then listens on as Todd accuses her of encouraging Cole to sign over his rights to the baby! In shock, Blair denies any part in Cole's actions. Todd sets his bags down next to Blair's and admits that everything going on with their family is killing him. Just then, Jack reappears and Blair allows him some time with his dad before his sleepover. However, after Todd mumbles that Blair probably doesn't want to be late for her sleepover either, Blair grabs her bags, and Jack, and leaves!

    Over at Dorian's, Dorian shows Langston her latest newsletter and expresses wanting to send a 'jab' Clint's way. Though Langston suggests letting the takeover die down, Dorian's idea is much more appealing! Suddenly, Dorian and Langston find Starr in the living room, crying, watching a movie. Starr shares what happened with Cole then says, "Now Mrs. McBain can have the baby." Dorian immediately thinks Todd pushed Cole into his decision then goes off on a hunt to find out what Todd did to make Cole break Starr's heart! Once Dorian leaves, Starr confesses to Langston, "I thought we would be together forever."

    When Blair arrives home, she catches Dorian on her way out and informs her of her run-in with Todd - and mentions that she heard Viki was having a going away party. Furious that she didn't receive an invitation, Dorian tells Blair that Starr needs her then runs out! Blair immediately goes to Starr and takes her in her arms. Blair promises Starr that everything will work out then talks about all of the cool things she bought her at the store today. Blair rushes to get the bags and finds a woman's nightgown inside - one she didn't buy!

    After Clint tells Nora that he has something in store for Dorian, Cole arrives home and informs his guardian that he signed over his rights to the baby - and that he and Starr broke up! Though Nora thinks Cole did the right thing, and even agrees that Marty would think so too, she says, "This is just… all so sad." Sarcastically, Cole repeats her words and heads up to his room.

    Shortly after, Markko shows up at the Buchanan mansion with a video game, as a way to take Cole's mind off of his troubles. While playing the game, Markko tries to reason with Cole about pushing Starr away.

    At Llanfair, Natalie wants to show Jessica some pictures she has of Nash, but Viki gets home - and Jessica (Tess) has a surprise! "Close your eyes," Tess says, "and maybe I can nail you both with one stone!" After leading them into the living room, Tess reveals some decorations in the form of a going away party for Viki! Tess then asks Natalie to call Clint and Jared and ask them to come over. Tess presents Viki with a gift then informs her that she changed her itinerary - and that she's leaving town tonight!

    When Jared comes to the Angel's Square hotel looking for Charlie, Roxie asks, "What's it like living with the woman who blames you for her husband's death?" After Jared says that it was Jessica's idea for them to move into Llanfair, Charlie arrives and Roxy gives them some time alone. Charlie assures Jared that even though Viki is leaving he's doing okay. When Charlie brings up Natalie, Jared confides that he's in no hurry to go home but then receives a call from Natalie - summonsing him to Llanfair! Before Jared leaves, he gives Charlie a gift - a book containing houses that Charlie built back in the day.

    Later, Clint, Jared and Todd show up at Viki's party. Viki makes a point to ask Jared about Charlie then says, "I'm glad you two are close again." Though Jared tries to play nice with Clint, Clint assures Jared that he has no intentions of doing so! Just as Tess starts her going away speech for Viki, Dorian appears and says, "Good evening, did somebody forget to invite me?"

    In Mendorra, just as Antonio, Talia and Cris plan their escape, Carlo, Jonas and his guards appear to stop them! Though Carlo instructs his guards to kill Antonio, Talia replies, "If you're going to kill him you'll have to kill me first!" Talia begs Carlo to let everyone get on the plane and promises that if he does she'll stay in Mendorra and do whatever he wants! As Antonio warns Talia to get on the plane too, she tells him to go home - for Jamie! In tears, Talia wants to stop Carlo from causing everyone more harm, to which Antonio replies, "I hate this… He's not going to get away with this. I love you. It's not goodbye, it's till we meet again - cause we will meet again." With no choice, Antonio is forced to walk away.

    With Tina and Cris on the plane, both think of Sarah, to which Tina cries and expresses to Cris how happy Sarah was to be with him. When Antonio joins them, he says, "I'm coming back as soon as I can find a way to get her out of there alive."

    While Cris is looking out the window, he suddenly screams, "Stop the plane! Sarah!" Cris runs outside then reappears moments later with a dirty, but alive, Sarah!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    A fortune falls through David's hands!

    Bo is faced with a tough decision!

    Tina and Viki come face to face!

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    Posted by Miss Grace at Tuesday, August 05 2008 12:38 PM

    I'm so glad Sarahs alive I love her and Cris together!!!!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, August 05 2008 12:52 PM

    How come no one has noticed that loony Tess is back? Why is Clint trying to be Asa...whatever!
    This soap is really starting to get on my nerves. Maybe its time for a break

    Posted by Melissia at Tuesday, August 05 2008 12:55 PM

    I am so glad that Sarah was okay but i already knew she was fine. I cant wait until all of them get back to lainview and one piece. Cant wait til they figure out that Tess is back

    Posted by Melissia at Tuesday, August 05 2008 12:57 PM

    I agree with you Blesseddiva I guess Bo do think he is Asa LOL... I like it though its funny to me

    Posted by biancabear403 at Tuesday, August 05 2008 01:12 PM

    This soap is really crazy. I really hate that the writers broke up the relationship between Todd and Starr. I think the s/l of making Starr preggers as something symbolic to the real-life drama of Jamie-lynee Spears was a bad idea. They are spending to much time with it. I understand Cole's postion as to why he broke up with Starr I mean she wants to give away her first child to be raised by other people and wait until the are older and get married and have another child. I really wish this s/l didn't exist. The show called the "secret life of an America tennagers" portrays teenage pregnancy way better than this show.It's a little more realistic

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, August 05 2008 01:35 PM

    Viki must be deaf, dumb and blind if she does not notice the change in Jessica. OMG, I can't believe it has even occurred to her that Tess is back, after what Jess went thru with Nash dying and all.

    Posted by lovellagrey at Tuesday, August 05 2008 06:05 PM

    I kind of like Sarah and all, but I was slightly disappointed to see her board the plane.

    Why haven't anyone noticed anything about Tess? IMO, this party is just tacky. But what is even more tacky is the fact that Dorian showed up! Ugh! At least Todd is there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Todd who made the discovery about Tess last time? If so, maybe he figure her out.

    I agree that the writers never should have broken up the relationship between Todd and Starr. Personally, I think that Blair spends way too much time shopping, sleeping around and thinking about herself to give Starr the attention that she needs. Todd would've given her (and the pregnancy situation) much more attention, in his own way! Nevertheless, I like the s/l.

    I agree biancabear, about "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"---it's pretty realistic. And I love being able to see our "Ben Davidson", even though he's a cheating dog!

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, August 05 2008 07:27 PM

    Clint really needs to get over himself. I HATE the way he is treating Natalie. And I hate the way Natalie is grasping at every little thing as hope everyone is forgiving her and Jared. Get your backbone back Natalie.

    Posted by chicknlil at Tuesday, August 05 2008 07:31 PM

    Wow...Jack is getting quite a mouth on him. I can't believe that Blair lets him get away with giving her so much lip - oh wait, we are talking about Blair, who is never around for her kids, never mind. It was good to see Jack on the show today though.

    Todd was right on the money calling things as he sees them from Blair's seemingly uncaring attitude about Starr's baby to questioning Natalie about the brakes failing on her car.

    Viki's going away party was a little tacky. It's so sad that there are so many people in Viki's life right now that don't see eye to eye. Dorian crashing the party will be interesting to see tomorrow.

    I wonder how long it will take Antonio to regroup himself to get back to Mendorra to rescue Talia. It would be great if Talia was able to rescue herself. She has been fairly weak during the whole Mendorra storyline and escaping on her own would be a great way to redeem herself. I did think that what she did today - sacrificing her happiness to allow her friends to leave that awful country - was a very brave thing to do. If I was Talia I would want to put as much distance between myself and Carlo as possible. It was so great to see Sarah back on the show. I can't wait to hear her survival story.

    The best part of today's episode though was that Jared was on...finally!! I really missed his character these past couple weeks. I loved his scenes with Charlie and Roxy.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, August 06 2008 06:38 AM

    Wow, so now it is all on Blair that Jack has a mouth on him? Gee, all that damage in a couple of weeks. Let's just forget all the years of influence that Todd had on the boy.

    And yes, Blair must be a bad mother for loving her daughter enough to care what she thinks. It seems Todd cares more for a baby that is not even here than his own flesh and blood daughter.

    And IF Todd really loved his kids, I think he would be back in court fighting to get them back. But, no, he is too busy brainwashing Marty and using her AGAIN.

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