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    You Win… We're Through...

    Thursday, July 31 2008
    Cole finally gives Starr what she wants, Clint sees a woman from his past, and Dorian kicks David out...

    Over at the Buchanan mansion, while Clint goes to answer the front door, Cole appears with the custody papers in hand and asks Nora what his chances are of getting custody of his baby. Nora explains that to win this case, his lawyer will have to dig up all sorts of things to make Starr look bad. Cole doesn't want to cross that line and says, "I just want what's good for the baby," to which Nora understands but asks, "Do you really think that's what Todd wants?" Cole talks about family, and admits that he'll be alone if the baby goes with the McBains, leaving Nora to remind him that he has a family who wants and loves him very much then asks, "Do you really need a baby to make you feel that way?"

    Out in the foyer, when Clint answers the door, he's shocked to see his old flame Dallas, as she rushes into his arms! As Clint and Dallas catch up, he informs her of his relationship with Nora, while Dallas admits to being content at playing the field. Later, as Clint and Dallas reappear from a small lunch, they run into Nora in the living room - and Dallas introduces herself as Clint's ex!

    At Dorian's, as Addie and Dorian are arguing in the foyer, they hear music coming from the living room. As they enter, they find David, on bended knee, who then asks Addie to marry him! Although Dorian demands that there will be no wedding, David continues to sweet talk Addie, except Addie admits that dumping David was on her famous 'to-do list'. "I just never got around to dumping you until now," Addie says. "You're loads of fun, and oh that body… but you don't love me and I don't love you. The last thing on my list is to find love." Dorian screams her praises then tells David to get out!

    When Blair comes home wearing the same clothes, Starr is relieved that Blair wasn't with her father but assumes she spent the right with a man and says, "You better have used protection!" Suddenly, Starr feels her baby move, and after the excitement, Starr worries to Blair about where her baby will ultimately end up. Hearing the yelling coming from the living room, Blair comments that Dorian is about to throw David out - but Starr gets back to the issue at hand and asks, "Do you think I should keep the baby?"

    Just as Blair says that she doesn't feel comfortable weighing in on Starr's decision surrounding the baby, Dorian pushes David into the foyer! "Hi Starr," David says. "How's my favorite teenage statistic?" Addie rushes in with David Vickers the dog, tells David that Madame Delphina said that he and the dog need to stay together then David heads to the door. Once he opens it and finds Cole on the other side, he turns and says to Starr, "Papa Bear is here."

    After Addie walks David out, with a last kiss goodbye, they both think about all the fun times they shared. Once Addie walks away, David holds his new best friend and heads out on a new adventure!

    When Blair and Dorian give Starr and Cole some time alone, Cole hands Starr the papers allowing Marcie to adopt their baby then says, "You win… We're through."

    Still, in Angel's Square, after Viki informs Charlie that she's going to Africa on a tour to promote heart transplants, she assures Charlie that she's feeling absolutely fine. Though Viki feels guilty about leaving Jessica, Charlie encourages her to leave, reminds her that everyone will be there when she gets back, but says that she now must concentrate on herself. Before Viki leaves, Charlie gives her his thirty-day sobriety chip.

    In Mendorra, still in the dungeon, a man in a hooded cloak appears to help Antonio - it's Cris! Though he tries to help his brother, Antonio begs, "Stop the wedding!" As Cris helps Antonio up, Antonio says, "Wait a minute, where's Sarah?" Cris explains that he had a hold of Sarah but the force of the water yanked her from his hands! Cris blames himself for letting Carlo put her in the boat in the first place. Wanting to get out of the dungeon, Cris puts his cloak back on, covers Antonio up in a cart then tells the guards that he's a friar, who's been ordered to dispose of the dead body from the cell. As the guards joke about burning Antonio to ashes, Cris makes his move and fights against them! Once Antonio and Cris are free to move on, Antonio says to Cris, "Take your clothes off."

    Upstairs in the castle, after Carlo points out Tina and Cain's scam, he introduces Jonas and Talia as the new King and Queen. Tina and Cain admit to their scam and try to remind the people of Mendorra of what a monster Carlo is - and rant about how he killed Tina's daughter. However, when Carlo suggests that Tina and Cain be put to death, the people cheer in agreement!

    With the wedding ceremony in full swing, as the minister asks Talia if she'll take Jonas to be her husband, Talia snaps with a smirk, "Hell no!" Carlo briefly pulls Talia aside and warns her, "If you don't take your vows, you'll end up with Rogan and Tina on the chopping block." With no choice, Talia goes back to Jonas' side and is pronounced his wife - and the Queen of Mendorra! Suddenly, Antonio and Cris appear, still hidden in the shadows, where Antonio says, "We're too late."

    When a woman appears behind Asa (Bo) at the Bon Jour Café, and slaps him, Bo sees Dallas (Clint's ex) but is shocked to hear that she's really Renee - in 1968! While Rex finds the situation humorous, Renee (Dallas) lays into her man for making too many promises that he never intended on keeping! Though Renee (Dallas) claims that she's over Asa (Bo), she reminds him of Emma Bradley and asks if he plans to take care of his illegitimate son! Just when Renee warns about 'something' Emma is going to do to Asa (Bo), a stoned Jeremiah (Moe) calls her to the counter to give her something to take the edge off!

    In the kitchen after Renee (Dallas) and Jeremiah (Moe) indulge in some 'happy brownies', Renee admits that she wishes she could get Asa Buchanan out of her mind.

    Back out in the diner, Bo fills Rex in on his childhood and admits, "People think being a Buchanan is a free ride, but nothing could be further from the truth." As Jeremiah and Renee emerge from the kitchen, Renee apologizes to Asa (Bo) who says, I want to do right by you, Renee." Just as Renee tells Asa (Bo) to do right by Emma, Emma (Gigi) appears in the diner - and makes eye contact with Rex!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Todd continues to bash John to Marty.

    Cole breaks up with Starr.

    Antonio and Cris work together.

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    Posted by Marcie-GiGi-Blair Rule at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:39 PM

    what is up with the 1968 storyline, I find it pointless and stupid. Finally Cole agreed with Starr about giving the baby up for adoption to the McBain's. I know Marcie will be a great mother to that child. Cole or Starr are not ready to be parents anyway.

    Posted by Melissia at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:44 PM

    Cant wait until tomorrow!!! I know that Cris and Antonio is going to get away. I hope that Sarah be ok. I hope that Starr make up her mind and keep the baby maybe by Cole breaking up with her that will change her mind.LOL that was so funny how Addie broke up with David!!! I think that it is so funny how Rex and Bo are stunk in 1968 I wonder what Bo going to do to make thing better. Asa might be coming back if Bo change everything David might not be their brother I think its going to get CRAZY!!!!!

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:45 PM

    I wish Antonio would tell me to take my clothes off!

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:46 PM

    I am loving the 1968 sl. It is GREAT! And I betcha in the end we will find out some interesting facts.

    Posted by Melissia at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:47 PM

    Marcie.... I dont agree with you about Starr and Cole they were ready to have sex, they both know the result of having unprotected sex so I feel that they should take care of their baby

    Posted by TGF DVRs at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:47 PM

    You know, you just gotta love David. His scenes are so funny. Please hurry with the Mendorra stuff, lets get back to LLanview. Bo & Rex still too funny, one more week and that will be enough 1968. I am dissapointed in Cole, but he did not need to be on Todd's side. This should force Todd to disclose Marty sooner rather than later!

    Posted by Melissia at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:49 PM

    I agree with you JUMPS he can tell me to take mine off too!!!! YOU SILLY LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Melissia at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:52 PM

    Why Marcie and Mike cant have a baby of their own? He a doctor why he cant do nothing to help her hold a baby.

    Posted by Melissia at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:53 PM

    I think Marcie kinda CRAZY!!!!

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, July 31 2008 12:56 PM

    Marcie can't get pregnant.

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