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    Farewell My Friend

    Friday, October 06 2006
    John's family and friends attend his funeral to say a last good-bye...

    Michael Easton

    At the cemetery, a grave is being prepared for John…

    Natalie comes downstairs, and Jessica and Vicki remind her that she needs to get ready, that John's funeral is in an hour. Natalie says she's not going. Roxy shows up and smacks Natalie across the face, tells her to snap out of it, that she has to go to John's funeral. Natalie tells them that she'll grieve John in her own way. Vicki says if she doesn't go, she'll regret it for the rest of her life.

    People start to arrive at the church. Evangeline and Cris, John's fellow officers, Eve, Michael, Marcie… They stop to look at John's pictures. Antonio enters the church, overhears John's mom reminiscing about him. Rex walks through the door, wonders where Natalie is.

    Asa returns home to find Bo, Mathew, Clint and Kevin there to greet him. Asa expresses that he wasn't sure if he'd make it back there. They all make a toast to the Buchanan's. Bo makes an announcement, says that David thinks that Spencer was responsible for what happened to Asa, that he's had a vendetta against the Buchanan's. Bo leaves them with that thought and goes to the funeral.

    When everyone leaves, Nigel shows Asa the photo of the woman, asks him what she means to him. Nigel knows the woman has something to do with Spencer and what he did to Asa.

    Dorian is in the park and finds David sleeping on a bench! She asks David why he's there, why he's not in Hollywood. David says it didn't work out, that the woman just wanted his body! Dorian is surprised that David didn't take the woman up on the offer in order to become a star. David is a changed man, wants a new start. Dorian offers him a job at Craze, but David says, no, says that he's going to ask Vicki for a job. Dorian tells David that Vicki is at John's funeral. David is shocked by the news. David feels for John's family, hates what Spencer did to them. David blames himself… Dorian thinks he should attend John's funeral. David asks her to go with him.

    Bo and Matthew go to the funeral home. Nora arrives, Kelly, too. The priest tells Michael that the hearse has arrived, but Marcie asks him to wait, says that Natalie is still not there. Just then Natalie comes in with Vicki, Jessie and Roxy as everyone watches her walk to the front. Everyone stands as John's casket is being carried up the aisle. Tears, sorrow, fills the room… Natalie sits with her face forward, a lone tear sliding down her cheek. Dorian and David walk in just as the service begins. Bo delivers the eulogy, says that John McBain was a hero. The priest blesses John before Michael thanks everyone for coming to support his family. The casket is carried away, back out of the church… Everyone follows. David stops Michael and Eve, says he's so sorry, that John gave him a second chance. Eve storms out.

    At the cemetery, everyone is seated as the casket is brought to the gravesite. The flag is removed from the casket, folded, then presented to John's mother, who in turn places it on Natalie's lap. Eve kneels to the casket, sings to her son. Evangeline takes over, sings "Oh, Danny Boy," as John's body is lowered into the ground. Everyone says their last good-byes… Natalie is left alone, looking down into the grave… She starts to walk away from the grave, but suddenly stops, turns back around, sees a shadow, calls out to John…

    Next on One Life to Live: Cris accuses Vincent of setting him up, Blair goes to Todd, Nash kisses Jessica and Natalie calls out to John…

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    Posted by beck at Friday, October 06 2006 11:28 AM

    they need to bring john back he is my favorite and if they dont i will not watch it anymore

    Posted by Amy at Friday, October 06 2006 11:29 AM

    John's not dead, don't worry

    Thanks for posting, now back to my recap

    Posted by tmatore at Friday, October 06 2006 11:34 AM

    Why do you always put Natalie through losing a husband, fiance etc.. Bring him back now this is just getting out of control. Been watching since 1975 just think you abuse way too much the fans.!!

    Bring John Back now him and natalie are great together let her be HAPPY

    Posted by lizperkins at Friday, October 06 2006 11:53 AM

    AMEN tmatore!!!!!!!!

    Posted by rose at Friday, October 06 2006 12:01 PM

    ohhh good grief how much more do we fans have to go thru before they bring John back the anticipation is killing me I hate cliff hangers today Nat sees John after what she believes to be John is layed to rest. I guess its probably Nats imagination running with her or perhaps its his spirit trying to tell her not to give up that hes not dead and will come back as soon as he heals.either way he needs to hurry and heal and get his butt back Im tired of seeing Nat in pain but I have to admit the funeral was beautiful.and as sappy as it was I have to admit that I cried. which is dumb but I got caught in the moment.

    Posted by Amy at Friday, October 06 2006 12:16 PM

    Sorry, sources say that John will not return to Llanview until sometime in November...

    Thanks for posting!

    Posted by rondalee at Friday, October 06 2006 12:21 PM

    I hope Natilie founds John and they get ok. Natilie has been through enough problems she needs a break.

    Posted by rose at Friday, October 06 2006 12:39 PM

    Dear Amy,
    why did they write him off anyway?? they could of had him go to atlanta and visit his mom or him and Nat go on a romantic cruise or had him leave town to get more evidence to use against the piece of crap that killed his dad like another I witness or something?

    Posted by leslie1955 at Friday, October 06 2006 12:47 PM

    Please dont let John be dead hes my favorite on the show and natalie deserves to be happy for once

    Posted by Amy at Friday, October 06 2006 01:28 PM

    Hi Rose,

    After Michael Easton (John) renewed his contract with OLTL, he took a leave of absense from the show, which is where this storyline fits in. He'll be back soon

    Thanks for posting!

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