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    Hi, Baby, It's Me... Tess!

    Friday, June 27 2008
    Tess appears to help Jess seek revenge, Jonas makes plans for Talia and Sarah, and Lindsay tries to tell Bo the truth...

    In Angel’s Square, Natalie insists on rushing over to Jessica’s to apologize, but Jared stops her and asks, “Do you want to make this worse?” Jared reminds Natalie that Jess doesn’t feel the same way about her now and suggests she give Jess space. Jared then blames himself, and his lies, for Nash’s death – and for Natalie’s loss of a sister! Just as Jared says that her family would have been better off knowing that David Vickers was the long lost Buchanan heir, a dog appears, and Natalie scoops him up! “What’s his tag say?” Jared asks, to which Natalie gasps, “David Vickers!” Jared finally convinces Natalie to go back to the hotel, but Natalie asks, “What are we going to do with David Vickers?”

    Still at the cottage, Jessica is lying on the floor but finally wakes to the ringing phone. Jessica explains to Viki that she must have fallen asleep while looking at pictures of Nash then says, “They made me feel better… They really did.” After Jessica hangs up, she looks around the place then goes to a mirror… As if panicking from her reflection, Jessica begins wiping the sweat from her face.

    Suddenly, Jessica starts taking out her earrings, removing her coat, unzipping her dress, and letting down her hair. Standing in her bra and panties, she turns to grab a paperweight then throws it at the mirror – shattering her image! Just then, Jessica’s reflection in the mirror disappears…

    Later, back at the church, Nash’s casket is opened. “Hi, Baby, I’m here… It’s me, Tess,” she says, looking down at Nash’s lifeless body!

    After Bo proposes to a shocked Lindsey at the church, she slowly backs away from him and explains that this is the last thing she expected today. “If only,” Lindsey cries. “You really want to marry me?” After Bo asks, “Is there a reason why I wouldn’t,” Lindsey thinks back to her secret, but Bo brings her back to reality by talking about Nash’s death – and how life can be over in an instant. In tears, Lindsey admits that she’s never gotten over him then listens when Bo admits, “I want to live my own life and I want to live it with you – now – I love you.” Though Lindsey loves him too, she worries that marriage will ruin what they have now – and worries about the baggage she has surrounding her. Feeling guilty, Lindsey says, “There’s something you don’t know about me.” After Bo replies, “I know,” he beginnings listing all the bad things Lindsey has done but assures her, “You’re not a bad person. All those days… They’re all behind you.” Finally, Lindsey says, “Yes, I will marry you.”

    Clint arrives back at the Buchanan mansion and explains to Nora that Jess wanted to be alone at the cottage. Clint worries about the pain Jessica is going through – and how his other daughter caused it! Nora thinks that some good could have come out of it, and says that Jess finally was able to get her feeling off her chest. As Nora pushes aside the B.E. files she was going through, Clint thanks Nora for always being there for her, tells her how much he loves and needs her then takes Nora in a passionate kiss.

    At the diner, Cris and Antonio begin to worry after not finding Carlotta – especially when Carlotta walks into the diner and has no idea what ‘fall’ they are talking about! Suddenly, Antonio picks up his cell and calls Talia! Though Antonio can’t get a hold of Talia, Cris calls Sarah – but doesn’t have better luck.

    Tina arrives back at Cris’s studio and hurries to hide the jewels! Holding a picture of Sarah that Cris sketched, Tina is sorry for bringing her daughter into this mess but is happy that she’s now safe – and in a church! Thinking of David Vickers, and how he’s missing and alone, Tina says, “I have to find you.”

    Over at Talia and Sarah’s apartment, after Jonas chloroforms Sarah, Talia begs, “Why did you do this?” However, Jonas replies, “I didn’t do this… You did!” Though Jonas reminds Talia that she lured Sarah there, he doesn’t allow her to answer a phone call from Antonio – unless she follows he’s instructions! “And we both know what will happen if you don’t choose the right choice!” When Talia doesn’t answer the phone, Jonas informs her that she will now help him deal with Sarah!

    When Cris and Antonio arrive at Talia and Sarah’s apartment, they find the place empty, and Cris finally confesses to Antonio about Tina – and how someone is after her and the crown jewels of Mandorra! Cris then admits, “I’ve been hiding her at my studio.” After Antonio snaps at Cris, he talks about the man after Tina, Jonas, and Antonio demands that Cris take him to Tina – now!

    Once Antonio and Cris are gone, Jonas and Talia reenter the apartment and again Jonas reminds Talia that she’s going to help him – or else! Jonas picks up Talia’s phone and makes a call.

    Antonio and Cris arrive back at Cris’s studio and inform Tina that Sarah is missing – along with his partner Talia! Just then, Antonio’s phone rings and it’s Jonas! After Jonas patronizes Antonio briefly, he hands the phone to Talia. When Antonio asks what Talia is doing with Jonas, Talia replies, “Antonio, I’m so sorry but my - ” However, Jonas takes the phone from Talia, tells Antonio that Sarah is with them as well, then demands that they not tell a living soul – especially Lt. McBain – then hangs up!

    Closing Talia’s cell phone, Jonas looks at his watch, commenting that ‘it is time’ then says to Talia, “And he can’t wait to see you again!”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Tess seeks revenge on Natalie and Jared!

    Mel pays Dorian a visit from the grave!

    Tina tries to make a deal with Jonas.

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    Posted by Miss Grace at Friday, June 27 2008 12:41 PM

    ***Spoiler Alert***mixed in with my comment on Today

    OMG its all starting to make sense now I was reading the spoilers on another site and it says that Carlo Hesser is Talia father like WHAT...Totally didnt see that one coming but from the looks of it she doesnt really like him at least I hope she doesnt because I love Talia and Antonio together I will be so sad she was playing everyone all this time...

    Posted by loveOLTL at Friday, June 27 2008 01:22 PM

    Honestly, I already had the feeling since yesterday about that guy who forced Talia did things for him AS HER FATHER!!!

    I bet the s/l would turn Talia and Antonia around by her lying and he will leave her for Jessica. Geez, I wish I was wrong about this b/c I don't want Antonio back to Jessica.

    Bo proposed to Linsay??? Give me a break. That smart guy has been acting stupid since he was no longer a commisioner!

    Posted by Paris90 at Friday, June 27 2008 01:44 PM

    No, get little David Vickers away from those two!

    Posted by purplestar at Friday, June 27 2008 02:14 PM

    I like Natalie and Jared,but really tired of Jessica I feel bad for her but don't like her right now.I hope they don't play the s/l over where Bo is getting ready to get married to Linsay and Nora stops it! Been there done that!

    Posted by sidebyside4ever at Friday, June 27 2008 02:30 PM

    I am so upset about Bo and Lindsay. How stupid is he? And I know it would be repeating history but if Nora doesn't stop the wedding -- someone better!

    I love Tess.

    Posted by forevergolden at Friday, June 27 2008 07:21 PM

    Is it me, or did it really need to take the entire hour, for Jessica to turn into Tes. Why is it that Bo can always forgive Lindsey and want to marry her after everything she did. But he can't give that same forgiveness to Nora. Did Layla and Vincent leave the show?

    Posted by soapwatcher101 at Saturday, June 28 2008 07:37 AM

    I can't believe that Carlo Hesser is Talia's father now isn't that a unique s/l. So Talia being keeping a little secret from Antonio, he doesn't like liars. Tess is coming and people better batten down the hatches. Bo and Lindsey getting married yuck!!!!!!

    Posted by btucker519 at Saturday, June 28 2008 08:11 PM

    I think Todd is nursing Marty to a recovery because is truly sorry that he raped he all those years ago. His guilt caused him to overreact with Starr & Cole. He's trying to turn her against John because he's mad at John's interfence with Starr & Cole. Yeah, Marty will sleep with both Todd & John. I think Talia has been playing them...she knows she is Carlo Hesser's daughter. Someone mentioned Carlo Hesser's daughters name (Charlotte, maybe). Either Talia is not her real name or he has another daughter too. I think Rex may also be Carlo Hesser's son. Or, Rex could be David Vickers' (the gigilo vs. the dog ) son...but Roxie hinted that Rex's father is a bad guy. Good point about Tessica killing Jared...yeah, other than being Charlie's son, he has no use anymore...then Tessica will be in St Ann's until the baby is born...

    Posted by tandika at Saturday, June 28 2008 09:34 PM

    i feel so sorry for jess, she lost her husband, her unborn child is never going to have a chance to see her father and the return of tess.

    Posted by bluemonday at Sunday, June 29 2008 10:07 AM

    hey Amy
    What happen to my post ---was there yesteday?

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