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    Snatched Away!

    Thursday, June 26 2008
    Jonas comes up with a plan, Jessica snaps at Natalie and Jared, and Bo proposes to Lindsey...

    When Jessica is alerted to Natalie and Jared’s presence in the church, Natalie says, “I’m sorry,” then turns to walk back out. However, Jessica screams for them both to wait – and insists that they take a seat right up front! “After all,” Jessica says, “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you two… Nash would be alive.” Though Natalie apologizes profusely ‘for the way things turned out’, Jessica looks at the crowd and says, “I have a few things to say.” After Jessica talks about what a great man and father Nash was, she says, “That’s why I need to talk about why he died.” Jessica glares at Jared and Natalie. “Why you killed him!” Viki tries to stop Jessica, but she screams that she needs closure! Jess goes to Natalie and talks about the day Nash died, on Bree’s birthday, and about how she confided in Natalie about the new baby. “I thought I’d put Bree to bed after her happy birthday, light some candles then tell Nash… For those of you who don’t know, yeah, I’m pregnant. I did get a chance to tell Nash when he was bleeding to death in the ER.”

    Aiming her anger at Jared, Jessica wonders what they were doing that morning… lying in bed? Making a fool out of everyone? Jared stands, pulls Natalie up with him to leave, but Jessica stops them from leaving and cries about how Nash had such faith in him for offering to help him with the vineyard! “He had to borrow money from that awful man!” Jessica screams. “He was already dead before you threw him over that railing!” Though Viki and Clint try to get Jess to leave, Jess calls Jared and Natalie trailer trash – and murderers – then reminds her mother that she doesn’t have a home! “They took it from me!” Jessica then savagely pulls Natalie and Jared to the casket and tries to open it – so they can see what they did to Nash! However, as Jessica loses control and wraps her arms around the casket, Viki manages to pull Jessica away and out of the church.

    When Roxy approaches Natalie to make sure she’s okay, Rex demands that Jared get them out of there – while Bo takes care of the funeral arrangements. Though Lindsay approaches Bo and tries to comfort him, Bo just wishes he could turn back the hands of time. “Nash shouldn’t be dead,” Bo says. Later, while Bo is talking to Rex, Rex believes that while Nash’s death was an accident, if only the truth was told none of this would have happened. Over talk of Adriana, Rex blames himself for letting his wife go over stupid things that happened in the past. When Lindsay rejoins them, Bo appears to have a thought and says, “There’s something I want to ask you.”

    Alone, Bo gets down on one knee and asks, “Lindsey, will you marry me.”

    Getting ready to leave the church, Antonio gets a call from Talia, who says that the break-in at her apartment was random but that Carlotta fell at the diner and needs Antonio and Cris’s help. Before she hangs up, Talia asks Antonio to have Sarah meet the insurance adjuster at their apartment.

    When Sarah arrives back at the apartment to find Talia, Talia says, “Sarah, I’m so sorry,” as Jonas walks in and places a cloth over Sarah’s face!

    Meanwhile, Antonio and Cris arrive at the diner and find it empty!

    Though Clint and Viki think it’s too soon, Jessica makes them bring her to the cottage at the vineyard. Looking around the place, everywhere Jessica looks she thinks about Nash and cries, “I’m never going to see him again.” Later, Viki and Clint beg Jessica to go back to Llanfair, but Jess insists on staying at the cottage. Finally, Viki and Clint agree to watch Bree tonight then leave Jess with her memories of Nash.

    Once alone, Jessica breaks down in tears and sobs uncontrollably, holding a teddy bear that’s wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘I love my daddy’. Jessica then looks at a photo album, remembering all of the times she and Nash spent together. However, Jessica is haunted by those who took him away from her – and the pain becomes too much… Jessica reaches to her throbbing head then collapses on the floor.

    Outside of the church, Jared promises Natalie that they are going to get through this, but Natalie can only think about the pain Jessica is going through.

    As Jonas pulls out a gun and stops Tina from leaving Angel’s Square, he insists, “You either turn over the jewels to me or I’ll turn you over to the police!” When Tina calls his bluff, Jonas points his gun at David Vickers and threatens to shoot! Though Jonas grabs the dog from Tina, David Vickers bites Jonas – and Tina yells, “Run, David Vickers, run,” as Tina follows close behind!

    Marcie finds Gigi at the diner, filling out an application. Over talk of Nash, Gigi and Marcie can’t imagine what Jessica is going through – even with a big, loving family by her side. Bringing up family, Gigi talks about Shane and Brody, and how close they are getting, but denies wishing Rex was in the picture. Gigi does admit that she loves Rex but fears that he’ll hate her for lying – like everyone else in his life has done to him. Marcie reminds Gigi that she only kept the secret to keep Shane safe, to which Gigi wonders if there’s something more to Marcie’s ‘child talk’. Though Marcie doesn’t give Gigi the details, she tells her there might be a possibility for a private adoption, to which Gigi says, “If you have the opportunity to give that love to another child then you have to do it!”

    Walking up the stairs at Todd’s, John makes it to Marty’s room and tries to enter – but the door is locked! Suddenly, Todd’s bodyguard appears, but John demands that he unlock the door! Just then, they hear a woman’s voice and head downstairs! When ‘Keys’ tells the nurse that Mr. Manning isn’t there, John offers his help! John brings up how the nurse used to work for Lee, and how he saw her at the police station, then notices that Keys is texting someone – presumably Todd!

    Though John continues to question the woman about who she’s been taking care of, Todd arrives home to stop her from confessing – but John demands to know, “Who do you have up in that room?” Once Todd gets John to leave, the nurse informs Todd that the money he gave her was counterfeit. Todd quickly whispers, “Tina,” then promises to get the nurse the money she deserves! Outside, John peers at them through a window!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Tess appears to help Jess seek revenge - and goes to say goodbye to Nash!

    Jonas makes plans for Talia and Sarah.

    Lindsay tries to tell Bo the truth!

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    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, June 26 2008 12:38 PM

    Well this won't be worth watching tonight. Tina and that dog are making me sick. I know Sarah and Officer Dumbwit will be kidnapped by this mad man, John or Antonio will come to the rescue, but not before Carl Hessler, or whatever his name is, makes them suffer. How corny.

    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, June 26 2008 12:40 PM

    Sorry, but I do not know why it posted twice. Sometimes it doesn't even post once, today I get two.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, June 26 2008 12:40 PM

    So now Tessica is blaming Jared for Nash having to borrow money from that English guyin the 1st place? OMG, princess Tessica has gone too damn far. Nash wanted Jared OUT. I know Tessica is in pain, but gawd, she is getting on my nerves.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, June 26 2008 12:40 PM

    Talia is setting Sarah, Antonio and Cris up? What is going on with her?

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, June 26 2008 12:41 PM

    I think Tina and "david vickers" are too funny.....LOL

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, June 26 2008 12:52 PM

    Lindsay and Bo, one word.......BARF-O-RAMA!

    Posted by Miss Grace at Thursday, June 26 2008 12:55 PM

    Ya what is the deal with Talia? why is she setting them up Im so confused??

    Posted by firebird85 at Thursday, June 26 2008 01:05 PM

    Sorry, but I had to laugh when Todd said this is the best funeral he has ever been too. He was so amused with the
    drama btw Jess & Natalie & Jared.

    Posted by michelle_kanuk at Thursday, June 26 2008 01:34 PM

    I know how Jessica feels and that was right to blame
    Jared for Nash death . I like to see what tess will do
    to get revenge on natalie and jared
    I think gigi should tell rex that he is shane father and
    shane is his son before rex finds out

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, June 26 2008 01:40 PM

    Must totally disagree. Jared is not to blame for Nash's death. It was an accident and Nash did the attacking, not the other way around.

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