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Tina brings Death To Llanview!

Thursday, June 12 2008
Tina surprises many with her return, Todd comes across something shocking, and Starr opens up to Marcie...

Leaving the airport, although the Ambassador suggests to Tina that they go to the police, to see about the stolen jewels, Tina says, “There’s only one man to see… and he’s not one of the good guys.” Arriving in Llanview, Tina takes her dog’s paw, which she’s named David Vickers, and waves to Llanview!

In his limo, Todd screams for the driver to stop – as he sees Starr and Cole in the park. Hearing Sam’s cries, Todd screams out the window for a nearby Shaun to do something, but he doesn’t hear him. As Todd tries to get out of the car, his bodyguard stops him, reminding Todd about the restraining order! Todd finally realizes the man is right and watches from afar…

Suddenly, another limo pulls up – and Todd sees Tina! “What the hell. That redhead… That’s my sister!” After the car drives off, Todd wonders, “No, that couldn’t have been her,” but then orders the driver, “Hey, follow that limousine!”

In the park, Starr begs Marcie to help her calm Sam down. Although Marcie tries to steer clear, she can’t leave Starr to fend for a screaming Sam and walks over to help. Talking softly, Marcie is able to calm Sam. At Starr’s request, Marcie picks Sam up and totally makes everything all better. After Shaun takes Sam to play in the sandbox, Marcie gives Starr and Cole some tips. When Marcie gets choked up, she tries to leave, but Starr stops her to apologize for hurting Marcie during the custody battle. Marcie sadly says, “Sam isn’t Tommy… Tommy’s gone. I wanted him back, but I do think the judge made the right decision.” Starr talks about what a good mom Marcie is and how unfair it is that she’ll never be able to have another chance at it. While Starr thinks of her own child, and make references to the baby, Marcie thinks she’s talking about Sam. Luckily, Shaun appears with Sam, Marcie leaves for the hospital, and Cole insists to Starr that they’ll be great parents too.

Lying in bed at Lee’s penthouse, Marty begs Lee not to leave and says her head hurts. After Lee, gives her some pain pills, he promises that after today they’ll finally have what they’ll need to make her better. Marty smiles at Lee and agrees that he only wants what’s best for her. When Marty asks, “What’s going to happen when today’s all over?” Lee promises he’ll bring her back to those who love her – and hopes the FBI will take him back for his good deed!

Still in the surveillance van, John gets irritated when all he hears through the bug planted at Lee’s is a TV show Lee’s housekeeper is watching. John calls the penthouse, pretends he’s with the satellite company and persuades the housekeeper to turn off the TV. Suddenly, John hears Lee come downstairs to tell the housekeeper that he’s given their guest some sleeping pills and that she won’t be waking up anytime soon. Lee gives the housekeeper the rest of the day off.

Arriving at their destination, although the Ambassador wants to accompany her inside, Tina says she’ll be fine, “I have David Vickers with me.” Pulled in behind them, Todd sees that it really is Tina and thinks maybe she’s at the penthouse to see him. “What till she sees that Ramsey lives there,” Todd says but wonders, “Maybe she could be here to see him. Let’s find out!”

Upstairs at Lee’s, Lee welcomes the Princess to Llanview, to which she says, “Cut the crap, where are the jewels!” After Lee shows her the jewels, and Tina shows Lee the money, Tina says, “My country thanks you, Mr. Ramsey!” While Lee’s counting the money, Tina takes her dog into the bathroom to get a drink.

From inside the surveillance van, John perks up and jots down everything he’s hearing! Suddenly, John hears a knock at Lee’s door then hears gunshots! Little does he know, two men have pushed into the penthouse, have shot Lee repeatedly then begin ransacking the place looking for ‘something’. All this time, Tina hides in the bathroom, as Marty is woken up by the gunshots!

Just as Tina peeks out of the bathroom, John busts through the door, screams, “Freeze, police,” and shoots both men! Tina creeps back into the bathroom, and whispers, “God, help me,” as John is distracted by a sound coming from upstairs. Marty has fallen out of bed! John heads up the stairs with his gun drawn… Taking a chance, Tina rushes out the door, causing John to come back downstairs and follow her! When John reaches the limo, he demands for them to stop! Suddenly, John sees a gun appear from the limo’s window, but it’s too late – John is shot and wounded, as the limo drives off!

Stepping off of the elevator, Todd and his bodyguard walk into the massacre at Lee’s. Todd checks Lee’s pulse then is alerted to a noise upstairs. When he enters the bedroom, he sees a woman lying on the floor. Turning her over, Todd is shocked, as the woman cries for his help. “Marty!” Todd gasps.

When Rex runs into Gigi at the hospital, he tries to leave, but Gigi doesn’t let him. Rex remarks about having lost his wife and father, and Gigi finally persuades him to open up. Gigi informs him that she ran into Adriana and knows about the separation, to which Rex reveals that Adriana was lying to him – and that he asked her for a divorce. “But we need space… To figure out what’s next,” Rex says. “No wife, no dad.” Gigi tries to cheer Rex up and says, “A little time away from each other and the two of you will realize that whatever’s keeping you apart is nothing at all.” It’s then that Rex admits, “It’s about Brody. He only came to Llanview because Adriana brought him here.” Rex explains what Adriana told him to a stunned Gigi – and how Adriana paid Brody off to come to Llanview! Gigi worries about Shane’s heart getting broken then asks Rex to find out how much Adriana paid Brody – so she can find a way to match it in order to keep him in Llanview! Knowing Adriana is the cause of this, Rex insists on helping Gigi keep Shane’s hero dad around – no matter what it takes!

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