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    Tina brings Death To Llanview!

    Thursday, June 12 2008
    Tina surprises many with her return, Todd comes across something shocking, and Starr opens up to Marcie...

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    Posted by KiSsMeXoXo546 at Thursday, June 12 2008 03:40 PM

    oh no im scared for marty! Today was a good episode

    Posted by terrylee45 at Thursday, June 12 2008 05:26 PM

    wouldn't it be a hoot if todd and marty bond and become friends and blair gets green with jealousy over the "good friends"

    Posted by lelamarie at Thursday, June 12 2008 05:50 PM

    thanks so much for your indepth updates. I was interupted again today in the middle of the show. Always happens when something good is going on! Anyway, glad to hear that Lee is gone, just sad I missed it! Love the way the s/l is going. Promises to be a great summer!! Can't wait for the anniversary shows. I've watched since the very first one, although some years were off and on, with kids and work, etc. But there are alot of characters they could bring back for a short visit...Dr. Larry, Marco Dane, Karen Woleck, just to name a few..Ah, memories..

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Thursday, June 12 2008 06:07 PM

    Good epi today, wow Lee's end came really quick. I cant stand Star she is such a spoiled brat, things have to be her way all the time, she is her daddy's girl, she acts a lot like him, that apple didn't fall for from the tree.

    Posted by caribbean black at Thursday, June 12 2008 07:36 PM

    shoot just today oltl was tha bomb and teh darn cable was giving problems but it sure sounded good intresting. shoot

    Posted by chicknlil at Thursday, June 12 2008 07:41 PM

    I loved today's episode. Did anyone else catch the headline of the newspaper that Lee died on? I think the headline was "Another one bites the dust". That was very clever...

    I can't wait until Rex and Shane learn the truth about their relationship. I don't think that Rex will be angry at Gigi for keeping this secret. She was doing what she thought was right for her kid. I think that Rex will be more upset at himself for being so selfish back in the day. He just picked up and left town not even giving Gigi a second thought.

    It would be nice for Todd to get Marty to the hospital for the treatment she needs and then reunite Marty and Cole but that won't happen. This is Todd we're talking about after all. Most likely he is going to keep Marty away from Cole for as long as possible. Cole is not Todd's favorite person right now so I can't see Todd doing him any favors anytime soon.

    I was so proud of Marcy today when she told Starr that Tommy is gone. That must have been very hard for her to admit and then to say it outloud (things are always so much more real when they are spoken aloud rather than thought). Though Starr did irk me a bit today, apologizing to Marcie for hurting her by her actions in the past while her present actions (asking Marcie to help out with Sam) were just as painful to Marcie.

    I loved it when Todd's bodyguard called Todd on his crazy behavior - telling Todd he would call the police if Todd got out of the limo to take Sam away from Marcie. It's good that Todd finally has someone in his life that can reel him in when he gets close to going over the edge.

    Posted by keboyd at Thursday, June 12 2008 10:10 PM

    So Long , Farwell Ramsey guess he did go out with a bang.A big bad dead bang, and not to soon. Now Todd will try to use Marty as a way to break up Cole and Starr or something like that I'm sure he will try to use her being alive to his advangage. Gigi had the perfect chance to tell Rex the truth but of course she blew it. She could of told him how after he left her with no way to reach him that Brody was willing to be a father to Shane and when he died she thought it was better to have her son believe his father died than just ran off not leaving a way to reach him to tell him she was having their child. But no she just made nice with him which is not in her best interest when the truth comes out and it will.

    Posted by CrystalDawn1 at Thursday, June 12 2008 10:36 PM

    Keyboyd... did you cathch Gigi going on about "poor Shane" when she was carrying on with Rex about Brody. She did have the perfect opportunity to tell Rex and come clean. Get real now she want's to keep him around because "poor Shane". He has a wonderful father uh, Duh, standing right in front of you. I think Shane would deal with the fact that his Dad is not some Army Seal Hero or whatever and be very excited that his real Dad shares his loves and passions (comics, baseball, his mom, etc., etc.). This keeps getting lamer. GiGi has every reason for comming clean and no reason not to. I'm not buying it. Is she really going to let them all (Rex, Shane, Brody,) go thru Father's Day with this dark cloud of lies looming.. I am really getting annoyed at GoGi. I really like the charachter, but Thanx again writers for changing charachter IOMO. Just frustrated. Big story, (Adriana"s shenanigans resulting to her departure), Bigger let down . Just me being frustrated....................

    Posted by Amy at Friday, June 13 2008 02:45 AM

    Morning lelamarie,

    Awe, sorry the show was interrupted for you Glad you're enjoying the updates!

    Have a great day!
    OLTL Writer

    Posted by da_kid at Friday, June 13 2008 06:36 AM

    I think Starr is acting like the typical 16 yr old who has made a stupid mistake. The writers are trying to point out how teens don't need to be doing adult things because they are not ready for the consequences. I am sooooooooooo glad that Ramsey is dead. I am sick of Gigi. I was in her corner, and I thought that yesterday was the great opportunity for her to tell Rex the truth.I'm glad Adriana is gone. Too bad she couldn't take her mother with her.This entire show is getting on my nerves because there are too many loose ends. something needs to be resolved, especially what Dorian did to Charlie.

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