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Lee's Secret Houseguest Revealed - Marty!

Wednesday, June 11 2008
Marty is alive, Tina Lord Roberts returns to Llanview, John, Antonio and Talia spy on Lee, and Charlie and Roxy are confronted by Rex...

In Lee’s penthouse, the woman accidentally drops the picture from her hand and cries, “Oh, no.”

Hiding out in a surveillance van, Talia, Antonio and John prepare to listen in through the bug planted in Lee’s penthouse. Suddenly, they hear Lee asking the woman how she’s feeling today – and the woman responding with, “Help me…” John sits up a bit and listens intently. They listen on as Lee talks about how much better she’s getting and how there are a lot of people who want to see her. Suddenly, Lee gets a call from an Ambassador to inform him that the Princess of Mandorra is on a plane to Llanview – and that his department better find the missing jewels now! After Lee hangs up, John, Talia and Antonio listen as Lee says to the woman, “I think the people of Llanview will be surprised to see you. The person who will be the most surprised - ” Suddenly, Lee’s housekeeper appears inside the room, interrupts Lee, and takes away the tray – leaving John, Talia and Antonio frustrated! After Antonio and Talia leave, John replays the taped conversation over and over again, hearing a familiarity in the woman’s voice!

Back inside the woman’s bedroom, at Lee’s, Lee talks about the woman’s favorite picture then tells ‘Marty’ to rest up!

At the Llanview airport, in comes the Princess of Mandorra – who insists to the Ambassador, with a devilish grin, “You can call me Tina.”

Rex barges into Charlie’s room, saying, “Hi Mom. Hi Dad!” He talks about how he lost his father first – then his wife! Though Charlie and Roxy try apologizing for their lies, Rex snaps at Roxy for having pawned him off his whole life then demands to know, “Why did you do this to me?” Rex thinks that they did it in order to get a cut of Jared’s scam, the Buchanan money, then asks Charlie, through tears, “How did it feel when I called you dad?” to which Charlie admits, “I felt ashamed, but I also felt proud.” Rex doesn’t take any comfort in Charlie’s words then turns his anger on Roxy, demanding answers! “I was getting close to whatever you were hiding in that porcupine in that hotel,” Rex says. “If Walter Balsom wasn’t my father than who is he?” However, Roxy refuses to tell Rex, causing Rex to say, “You’re not my mother – not anymore. I never want to see either one of you again!” When Rex is gone, Roxy tells Charlie that Rex would suffer a lot more than he is now if he knew the truth about his father.

In the park, Brody plays basketball with Shane then takes a rest to spend time with Gigi, to which Brody praises how well she raised him. However, Gigi worries that Shane will hate her once he finds out about Rex. Suddenly, Shane reappears and asks, “Now that Dad’s here… Shouldn’t I be using his name?” Brody helps Gigi out by saying, “You should be proud to have your mom’s name.” Shane then requests some alone time with ‘his dad’, and Brody promises to have him home by five.

After Gigi leaves, Shane confesses to Brody that he thought of him every single year for Father’s Day then expresses his excitement that they’ll finally be together this year! Although Shane asks to spend the day with Brody, Brody worries about what his mom would want but ultimately agrees.

Although Marcie thinks Adriana stopped by to collect her wedding guestbook, Adriana, says, “Actually, I didn’t come for that. I came to say goodbye.” Adriana explains her and Rex’s troubles and how she lied to the man she loves – and ruined their marriage. She then apologizes for treating Marcie badly over the last few months and admits she did it because, “You were Gigi’s friend, and I didn’t want you to be mine anymore.” Marcie forgives Adriana then tries to comfort her, as Adriana rambles about how upset Rex is that Charlie is not his father – and how she wonders if he’ll fall in love with Gigi while she’s gone.

Just when Adriana tells Marcie that she plans to fight for her marriage, Gigi shows up – but stops dead in her tracks after seeing Adriana! While Gigi stands in the doorway, Adriana hugs Marcie goodbye then tells Gigi that she didn’t tell Rex about Shane. “I took care of my own lies,” Adriana says. “You’ll have to take care of yours.” Once Adriana’s gone, Marcie fills Gigi in on Rex and Adriana’s relationship then says, “Rex knows you love him… Maybe he’s free to love you now.” Gigi insists on changing the subject, to which Marcie shares her good news – that she and Michael reconnected!

At the airport, Adriana looks at a picture of her and Rex and promises, “I’m going to win you back.”

When seeing Cole and Starr with Sam at the diner, a woman assumes the baby is theirs – and starts ranting about young people and all the troubles with teenage pregnancies. Although Cole snaps at her, Starr appears to take some of the woman’s advice to heart. After she leaves, Starr tells Cole, “I think she’s right.” When Starr admits she’s scared, Cole promises to always be there for her. The couple then takes Sam to the park.

In the park, Cole’s friends approach him asking to play some ball. Although Starr tells him to go, Cole insists on staying with Sam and Starr. Later, Cole confesses that he’s been thinking a lot about his mom lately, and how he thinks she would eventually be happy for them. “Sometimes I can feel her,” Cole says. “Like she’s with me. If our baby’s a girl… I would like to name her after my mom.” When Sam becomes fussy, Marcie walks by, and Starr and Cole beg for her help!

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Tina surprises many with her return!

Todd comes across something shocking!

Starr goes to Marcie regarding Sam.

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