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    Goodbye Nash, Forever...

    Thursday, June 05 2008
    Nash dies, Viki finds out Jess is pregnant, and Dorian thinks twice about revenge...

    Natalie finds Jared still in Charlie’s room and relays the news, “He’s dying…” Jared’s expression falls and he whispers, “No…” As Natalie cries, Jared reminds her that it’s not her fault – but his – except Natalie pleads, “No, it was an accident.”

    At the hospital, after Michael tells Jess and the family that they have no choice but to say goodbye to Nash, Jessica screams in pain and disbelief as Michael continues to explain the medical side of things. However, Jessica refuses to say goodbye to her husband and storms off! Shortly after, Clint and Viki follow her. With Michael’s permission, Bo and Sarah go into Nash’s room and find Nash awake. Nash says, “Bo… I’m dying… Jessica… Jessica…” Tears fill Nash’s eyes. While Sarah stays with Nash, Bo goes to find Jessica.

    In the chapel, Jessica begs God to spare Nash’s life, crying, “Please, God, don’t take him away from me!” Jessica talks about Bree, the new baby and how their life was going to be perfect then screams, “I was supposed to die! I would trade my life for his in a second. Please don’t take him away from me! Please…” Suddenly, Viki and Clint appear and try to get Jessica to go to Nash’s bedside. “Your husband needs you.” After she wipes away her tears, Jessica says, “Have someone go get Bree… so she can say goodbye to her dad.”

    In the hallway, Bo runs into Natalie and Jared and tries to stop them from going into Nash’s room – but can’t! After Sarah leaves, Natalie tells Nash how sorry she is and promises to take care of Bree and Jess. Jared then promises to spend the rest of his life making this up to Nash, Jessica and his little girl. However, it takes all of Nash’s energy to reply, “Out… Get out…” As Natalie and Jared exit the room, they run into Jessica is the hallway, who glares at them in fury! After Jessica storms past them, Sarah rushes off to get Bree, leaving Clint to ask Jared to give the family some privacy! Natalie steps forward and claims, whether it was right or wrong, she and Jared had to tell Nash they were sorry. However, in anger, Clint reminds Natalie of her and Jared’s lies – and how ‘that’s’ what put this whole thing in motion! Clint then talks about Bree and about how hard it’s going to be for Jessica and her to say goodbye.

    Inside, at Nash’s bedside, Jessica tries to remain strong. Through tears, she cries, “Hey, it’s me and I have the most wonderful news. We’re having another baby. Maybe it’ll be a son… a son for us… I’m alive today because of you. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do this without you. I love you!”

    Suddenly, Viki brings in Bree and places her into Jessica arms, who then brings her to Nash’s bedside. As Nash cries and reaches out to his daughter, Jessica explains how her daddy is hurt and how badly he wanted to see her. Shortly after, Viki takes Bree and says goodbye to Nash, as does Clint.

    Alone again, Jessica sobs along with Nash and cries, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know how to say goodbye.” With the family watching them from the window, Nash traces a heart shape on the palm of Jessica’s hand, pulls her to him for one last kiss, then falls back in bed – as the machines flatline…

    Back inside Charlie’s room, Michael tells Jared that his vitals are improving. Although Jared is happy, he cries, “What have I done…”

    At the Buchanan mansion, Nora explains the day’s events to Nigel. In regards to Jared’s lies, Nora says, “Jared couldn’t have done this alone. God help whoever else was in on his scam.” Nigel slowly takes a sip of his drink.

    As David grills Dorian about Charlie, she claims she had nothing to do with Charlie’s disappearance, to which David asks, “Do you swear you’re not lying on Adriana’s life?” Dorian quickly does, leaving David to believe she’s telling the truth. However, Dorian laughs and says, “I lied,” then withdrawals her promise to give David a large cut of the prize! Bringing up his friendship with Viki, and how she laughed in Dorian’s face when thinking David had gone back to her, Dorian finally throws David out!

    Gigi arrives home to the carriage house to find Brody on the couch with a bottle in his hand. Gigi takes the bottle, and a long swig, then says, “Tomorrow, Shane will probably find out you’re not his dad. I think Adriana is telling Rex the truth now.” Gigi talks about the note Rex found at the meeting, about how Adriana’s mother is now her new boss and how Nash came crashing through the skylight from two floors up – a mere two feet away from her! Brody realizes that Gigi is in shock as she talks about how she could have been killed tonight and how hard it was to watch Nash lying there with Jessica crying over his body. Brody comforts Gigi.

    Over at the loft, after Rex demands the truth from Adriana, she says, “All right! I’ll tell you everything!” After Rex warns her not to talk her way out of this with more lies, he talks about Nash’s accident and how he was with Gigi, to which Adriana admits, “I lied because of Gigi and her son!” Adriana reminds Rex how perfect they were before Gigi arrived in town and admits she’s jealous of Gigi. “I was so afraid of losing you,” Adriana says. “I’m the reason Brody came to Llanview.” Adriana explains that she thought she was doing Gigi a favor and in turn wanted Rex to focus on their wedding. Though Adriana doesn’t think it’s a big deal, Rex accuses Adriana of being just like her mother! “Is this really where you want to be and where you want to stay,” Adriana asks, to which Rex replies, “What we had, it was real, but you stopped believing… you wrecked it.” Although Adriana begs Rex not to leave her, he does…

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Jessica lashes out at Natalie.

    Todd plans to fight back!

    Adriana disowns her mother.

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    Posted by Amy at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:11 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I can't tell you how hard watching today's show was. Even though I've known for a while that Forbes would be leaving the show, I cried my head off through writing the entire recap

    Forbes will be missed...
    OLTL Recap/News Writer

    Posted by nypenny2001 at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:16 PM

    It's not Natalie's fault it's all Dorian?Vendetta gets no one anywhere.Jessica Please forgive your sister.Family is everything.

    Posted by renzo at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:36 PM

    Amy, you're right,it was a very difficult episode to watch. Don't know how you held your composure to write the recap but thank you.
    I'm also sorry to see Forbes go. He was a really good actor. Hope he was noticed and gets another acting job soon.
    OLTL is the greatest!! the acting is superior to probably all other shows on TV. Bree Williamson deserves an Emmy for today's performance. I'll be sorry to see "past" under Forbes March's name on the cast list.
    Love this show!

    Posted by bebeheaven at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:40 PM

    OK that was really sad today. i was in tears teh whole show. Just thinking about how he died. This seemed like teh worst soap death i have ever seen. They usually do not show it so graphic liek they did.

    Does anyone understand what happened with Rex and Adrianna. I did not hear her confess to anything or did i miss that part. I am trying to figure out what she admitted to lyeing about for him to leave.

    Posted by gojasam 4ever at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:41 PM

    jess was a good todat
    poor natalia she will have to pay for what dorian didto the familiy agaun because jared and nat was gona tell everybody the turth about Jared so now that put the buchana familiy at each other

    Posted by dimps4ever at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:58 PM

    WOW Amy thanks, I have no idea how you got this recap or even remebered what to write. I could not hold myself together at work reading this imagine just watching I am going to be a mess. I will wait until no one is home to watch LOL! this is going to be a mess, go one writers. I have to pat them on the back because people are quick to trash them when they do something they do not like but not quick to say good job. And Bree Williamson is doing an awesome job she really pulls you into her emotions.

    Posted by Auntieconnie at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:58 PM

    Today's show was so sad. My heart was breaking. I havn't cried so hard over a show since Jesses Brewer on GH little girl Nancy died years ago.
    Watching Jess was so heart breaking.

    I will miss Forbes he is a great actor. Hope the best for him.

    Posted by sharonski at Thursday, June 05 2008 12:59 PM

    Amy thank you for the post. you do an excellent job recapping the episodes and i don't think you're thanked enough!!! THANK YOU!

    i never liked Nash's character but i'm sorry that TPTB chose to write him off the show in the manner that they did. it seems that once they got him and Jessica together they didn't know what to do with him but they didn't have to kill him off!

    No spoiler but i have a definite feeling that Dorian is going to be truly sorry that she lied "on Adriana's life"- omnious words that i think will come back to haunt her. also i wonder what she's going to do when it's revealed that David is the missing heir.

    well Rex you woke up too late. the apple didn't fall too far from the tree when it comes to little Ms. Adriana. she is indeed just as scheming as her mother- poor baby. now if she performs true to form like her mother, don't think she is going to let you just walk away!! oh no! Rex trouble is coming your way- big time. my sympathies are with you for getting mixed with Adriana and her crazy a mother.

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Thursday, June 05 2008 01:03 PM

    Poor nash and jessica and their kids they dont deserve this !!
    grrr i understand why jessica would be mad at Jared and Natalie cause all they had to do is tell everyone the truth another time b4 Dorian!Gosh i non stopped crying dont get me wrong when Jessica and Anotonio were together i didnt like Nash but all along i new that jessica and nash belong together aleast they got to live some life together and happy to bad the it took Nash dying for the truth to com out

    I miss and ♥ Nash already ...ive always ♥ Nash atleast he found out Jessica was pregnant Nash and Jessica have so much Chemistry i am going to miss him

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Thursday, June 05 2008 01:04 PM

    I told my mom i wasnt going to watch todays show cause it was so sad but i ended up watching it to see the sad good byes

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