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    Lean On Me

    Wednesday, October 04 2006
    Natalie's family rallies around her, Adriana and Rex have a disagreement and Evangeline and Todd discuss Cris...

    Erika Slezak

    Vicki, Clint and Jessica are with Natalie. Her parents offer her breakfast, coffee, anything they can do. Jessica blurts out that none of it will help, that John's dead. Kevin and Kelly show up. They all know how she feels, have lost themselves. Natalie tells them all not to pity her, that the pain will never go away. Natalie wants John backů Clint asks Natalie to let them shoulder some of the hurt. Natalie knows she has to deal with John's death, that he's gone. However, she tells her family there's something they need to know, that John planned on proposing to her. They tell her to let it out, but Natalie says she feels dead inside, that she doesn't think she'll ever feel alive again. Natalie shows them the ring that Eve gave her, further tells them about John's plans to propose.

    Cris and Evangeline look at the statue in Angel's Square, thinking of John. Evangeline wants to check in with Natalie, Michael, but Cris wants her to take care of herself, to grieve John. They talk about the boxing commission. Cris says he'll get back in the ring and make this right. Vincent shows up, tells Cris his boxing career is over. However, Cris will not give up. Vincent says he needs to cut his losses, that he is dropping Cris's contract. Evangeline promises him that they'll fight this together. Back at Cris's apartment, Cris packs up his art supplies, says they remind him that he can't paint anymore. Evangeline is there for him, tells him that his life isn't over!

    Todd brings Starr and Langston to school. Starr begs Todd to leave, says he's embarrassing her. Todd asks Starr if she's in trouble, that her teacher wants to see him. Starr questions her teacher as to why she called Todd. Todd is asked to speak to a class about his ordeal of almost having been put to death. Todd turns down the offer and leaves.

    Vincent tells his bodyguard, Shawn, that he's giving up the fight world. Shawn says he knows Vincent feels bad for Cris. Suddenly Todd is behind them, tells Vincent he should feel bad since he's the one who set him up! Vincent denies it, but Todd tells him he overheard Ted betting against Cris, that Ted's been spending money all over town ever since Cris lost.

    Layla shows up, tells Vincent that Hugh was in the accident. Todd makes terrible remarks about Hugh. Vincent warns Todd that he better shut-up about Hugh! When Layla leaves, Todd threatens Vincent to lay off of him or he'll tell Layla about what Vincent did to Cris.

    In the hallway, Starr is confronted by three snotty girls, who tell Starr that she's not in middle school, that she's either in or out. Starr tells them to stick it, and tells Langston that if they want a war they'll get one. Langston notices the girls talking to some football players, tells Starr that they should go after the guys to tick the girls off. They go to the boys, who in turn invite Starr and Langston to a party!

    Rex helps Adriana pack. Rex asks Adriana to change her mind, to move in with him. Adriana needs time, tells Rex that she needs to be on her own.

    Next on One Life to Live: Bo and Evangeline find a picture of John, Cris approaches Vincent, Michael comforts Natalie and Blair proposes to Todd!

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    Posted by rose at Wednesday, October 04 2006 12:04 PM

    I know Johns not dead and hes trying to get back to natalie I wish He would hurry up and recover The poor girl has been through enough Chistians "death,resirection,Jail term etc; breaking up with John for lieing to her about Chris then finding there way back to each other only to loose him in a car wreck. how much more does she have to go thru before shes alowed to find total happiness?

    Posted by jess_fan at Wednesday, October 04 2006 12:12 PM

    Poor natalie. I feel so bad for her. She's already been through enough. John needs to come back.

    Posted by lizperkins at Wednesday, October 04 2006 12:50 PM

    I agree they need to speed up the process of getting John back on the air. I tape OLTL while at work and for the last few days have fast fowarded throgh most of the show. If the writters don't hurry and show something or at least give a hint as when John will be back on the show, I am just going to stop watching all togather.

    Posted by misyrose at Wednesday, October 04 2006 01:02 PM

    I know John as a lot of fans but I only care about Hugh. Come on the writers left too many ways for this story line to grow. I belive it is John in the hospital bed but I donot belive it was Hugh that died. I belive the writers are playing with us to think that Josh is leaving, but, I think they are working on a big story line for the November sweeps that will bring John and Hugh back where they belong on the front burner of the story lines, besides if Hugh was suppose to die instead of John why did the writers bring in Hugh's parents from out of town. Come on OLTL give us some sign that Hugh is coming back to stay(ABC HAS NOT CONFIRM HE IS LEAVING THE SHOW AS OF TODAY)

    Posted by lindsay_tabatha at Wednesday, October 04 2006 01:11 PM

    No its not john i trully believe it was hugh who died in the crash. they didnt show us but i believe john passed on his ST.JUDE to hugh who was going to talk to his adoptive parents his real parents. there is a preview oltl shows with john talking about how can he get his family to realize he's the one in the hospital bed not hugh then it ends saying the wait is over.

    Posted by lindsay_tabatha at Wednesday, October 04 2006 01:15 PM

    natilie was on soaptalk 2 weeks ago talking about john's death she said she would turn to someone for support to help her get through this it would be the least person anyone would suppect who is it?

    Posted by Amy at Wednesday, October 04 2006 02:59 PM

    John will not be back in Llanview until sometime in November...

    Thanks for posting!

    Posted by sjpurdy at Wednesday, October 04 2006 03:15 PM

    I think john will come back after natalie is in love with someone else!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Michele720 at Wednesday, October 04 2006 03:47 PM

    How much ya wanna bet that Hugh is really John? Think about it. You couldn't see Johns face because he was burned up, and so was Hugh. They are about the same height and both have black hair. Both were in the same accidnet also. And why was Hugh on the same road anyway? I'll bet you anything that Spencer was talking to John in the hospital and that is why the person under those bandages got so upset when he heard Spencers voice.

    Posted by velma at Wednesday, October 04 2006 04:47 PM

    iam someglad that john is not dead and is still on theshow

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