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    Back In Court!

    Thursday, May 29 2008
    Todd faces the judge at Sam's custody hearing, Viki can't locate Charlie, and Nora vows revenge on Lindsay...

    When Viki wakes up and finds Todd in her living room, she’s happy to see he’s okay, given the car accident, but Todd says, “It just might’ve killed me.” After Todd tells Viki that Sam was taken away from him, and that he needs to be in court today, he begs her to plead his case – to Blair! However, Viki refuses to come to Todd’s aid and calls him selfish! Todd talks about Sam and says, “If you can’t help me, help him! He’s with strangers… I can’t believe you’d do this to me! You and Blair can go to hell – or anyone else who tries to get in my way!” Todd storms off… Viki tries to call Charlie again and worries as to why he never came home last night!

    At the mansion, with a summons in his back pocket, Cole tells Nora goodbye then leaves her alone with Clint. Once he has a chance to read the summons, Cole says, “I’m so screwed.” Back in the living room, Nora tries to forgive Clint for what he did with B.E. but can’t get over the fact that he worked with Lindsay – and kept it from her. Suddenly, Bo walks in and says, “She did it for me. Do you have a problem with that?” Bo explains that Lindsay did it for the company then heads for the office, leaving Nora still ranting at Clint – and Clint suggesting, “If you can’t end this vendetta with Lindsay then…” Not able to agree on Lindsay, and all of her wrongdoings, Nora finally says, “Fine, I’ll deal with my enemy like you deal with yours… I’ll dig up dirt on her then bring her down!”

    Upstairs at Dorian’s, when Charlie starts to come to, Dorian quickly gives him another sedative – just as Blair comes in! However, after Blair thinks Dorian is hiding David under the covers, she leaves Dorian to her boy toy – then Dorian covers up Charlie with a smile! Dorian then tells a sleeping Charlie that she plans to keep him quiet for as long as necessary and until she’s sure his secret will cause the most damage!

    Downstairs, after Starr and Langston read about Todd’s accident online, Markko shows up with a summons to go to court – to answer questions about Todd! Just then, David appears with summons for both Langston and Starr as well! Cole shows up momentarily with a summons of his own then is alerted to David’s presence. Once Starr hushes Cole from talking about the pregnancy, she finds Blair in the foyer and fills her in about Todd!

    Shortly after, when Blair questions what David is doing downstairs, Dorian quickly comes to his side and claims he came down after his shower. Once Blair is gone, David demands to know why Blair thought he was in her bed – and wonders who is? David thinks back to the men he saw in the house last night, references their involvement with ‘the body’ upstairs, then asks, “Is it the foe Buchanan? Is that who’s been sleeping in your bed, Mama Bear?” Dorian denies it then says that today is the annual B.E. board meeting, the first since Asa’s death, and admits that she’s the reason for all of B.E.’s recent troubles! After Dorian sends David off, she makes a call and says, “I hope everything’s set for this afternoon. We cannot afford to have a single thing go wrong.” Suddenly, the doorbell rings – and it’s Viki!

    Back upstairs, David attempts to break into Dorian’s bedroom, as Charlie sleeps soundly inside!

    Over at the gallery, after Lindsay screams at RJ for telling Nora that she was involved with Clint’s scheme, she says, “What’s it going to take to keep your mouth shout?” to which RJ simply replies, “Break it off with Bo.” After Lindsay says, “Bo isn’t mine to give up,” but expresses that she’d like to regain what she and Bo had, RJ admits his threat was a test. Clearly upset that he and Lindsay are really ‘over’, RJ leaves the gallery.

    Michael arrives at the diner, just as Marcie wraps up a meeting with a child custody lawyer, and has to remind Marcie that “Tommy” is now “Sam” with a family of his own. However, Marcie plans to testify against Todd in court today and asks Michael to do the same!

    Lindsay meets Bo at the diner, assuming that he asked her there to break up with her, but Bo surprises her with his forgiveness. Lindsay again says she did it for Bo and his family, to which Bo says, “If you promise not to hide anything from me, I think we have a shot.” However, he does warn that they’ll be over should she hide anything again. Bo then leaves to meet Clint for their board meeting.

    Just then, Nora shows up and extends an olive branch to Lindsay, suggesting that they be civil for Bo and Clint’s sake! Lindsay just thanks Nora for having a hand in helping Bo and Lindsay get back together then leaves gloating!

    Across the diner, Sarah tells Cris that although she’s still mad at her mom she tried to call her. “I got a recording,” Sarah says. “’This number is out of order’. It’s like she fell off the face of the earth.” Though Cris suggests hiring Rex to find Tina, Sarah wonders if it would just be a waste of time.

    In the courtroom, as Todd’s lawyer is trying to talk some sense into him, Marcie shows up with Michael and claims she’s there to make sure he never gets custody of Sam again! Suddenly, Blair and kids show up! Once court is in order, many are called to the stand… First Marcie, who explains how she found Sam at the accident… Next Markko, who recalls to the court how Todd beat him up on several occasions! Then Langston, who talks about how she overheard Todd threaten to kill Cole Thornhart. On to Cole, who admits he ran away with Mr. Manning’s daughter – and how Todd knocked him out cold then pushed his daughter down the stairs in Virginia! Having heard enough from Cole, the judge says, “Now I’d like to hear from Starr Manning.”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Todd snaps at Blair in court!

    Jessica gives Natalie some news.

    David encounters Addie!

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    Posted by Paris90 at Thursday, May 29 2008 12:24 PM

    I'm proud of Viki today because she's right take responsibilty for you own actions for once, if your so big and bad then why do you have to keep running to your sister to get you out of trouble. I can't believe he told her to go to h*ll today after everything she's done for him after all the things he's done to her friends, Marty and Nora and there are a lot others. She stands by him and defends him and he talks to her like that. Sarah and Cristian are so boring!

    Posted by Melissia at Thursday, May 29 2008 12:27 PM

    I hope that this teaches Todd a lesson

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Thursday, May 29 2008 12:28 PM

    I agree with Paris90 regarding Viki standing up against Todd, and she is now taking responsibility cuz she is tired of her brother running to her everytime. I hope Todd loses everything for being an arrogant jerk!! Sarah and Cristian are the cutest couple besides Markko & Langston, and Starr & Cole. Which Todd had no right messing with them in the first place, give yourself up Todd you are now officially in trouble.

    Posted by firebird85 at Thursday, May 29 2008 12:43 PM

    Viki - watch out Llanview, this woman has had enough!

    Todd - his going down, down, down

    David - is great just being "David"

    Posted by umustbkidding at Thursday, May 29 2008 12:52 PM

    Vicki is not the woman she once was.

    The Vicki I have watched over the years would never choose a man she obviously barely knows over her family. I don't blame Todd, I would have told her to go to ****, too. Vicki should know, men come and go, (Clint,Mr. Carpenter, etc.) but her family is there to stay.

    Can't wait to see, how she welcomes Tina back?

    All of you wishing Todd the worst, I pray you are never faced with losing a child, it is absolutely the worst feeling,you wouldn't wish it on anyone, not even an enemy.

    I can't wait to hear what the spoiled brat will testify about. I wonder if she will be "woman enough" to admit that she is pregnant.

    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, May 29 2008 01:02 PM

    I did not know that one kiss from Bo make Lindsay and Bo an item. I cannot wait until Nora gets her. Then I will laugh at Bo for being so foolish.

    It doesn't look good for Todd, however, he escaped execution so maybe there is hope. I don't care how people trash him, he is the reason I watch OLTL. When he leaves, I stop watching. Blair is quick to judge Todd, but does she not remember the ordeal she went through with Spencer and what she put her kids through? It's the kettle calling the pot black.

    Posted by shawnie at Thursday, May 29 2008 01:34 PM

    I have been sick of Marcie for months now and am still sick of her and Michael needs to stop walking around like a wus and tell her to snap out of it---Sam's isn't hers dang it!!!

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Thursday, May 29 2008 01:45 PM

    Wow, folks still obsesses with Marcy..

    Did you not watch the show today?

    Where she said she knew Sam would never be hers, but that she promised him that she would watch over him for the rest of his life??

    Get a grip, the woman cares about the boy she thought was her child for 2 years.

    She's a wonderful actor, and a great character. Get over it.

    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, May 29 2008 01:50 PM

    An after thought. Todd runs to Vicky because for years, he's done that. She is always there especially when he is in trouble. There have been many times when he has not confided in her and she tried to get him to open his mouth. Either you are there for him or you're not. We've got a Todd in our lives. My brother has been in trouble ever since I can remember. Yet when he gets into another mess, he comes to me. I comfort him and help him. We cannot change people most of the time all we can do is try to him them.

    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, May 29 2008 01:51 PM

    I meant help them. I have to try and proof read things. After it has been posted I realize all the dumb mistakes.

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