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    While Guarding The Crowned Jewels...

    Thursday, May 22 2008
    Lee's plan is put into motion, Blair doesn't let Todd move back to the mansion, Lindsay seeks revenge on Nora, and Natalie tries to hide David...

    Over at Lindsay’s gallery, just as Bo asks Lindsay if RJ said something to bother her, Antonio, Talia and Eddie arrive to make sure the gallery is secure. Over talk of the jewel transfer, Antonio informs Talia that they will transfer the jewel up to the gallery once they arrive. While Talia is demonstrating for Lindsay how the metal detector works, Antonio holds onto her gun belt and discreetly slips an empty magazine into Talia’s pistol. Just then, Lee calls and tells Antonio that the armored truck is on its way! When they get the final word that the truck has arrived, Antonio, Talia and Eddie head downstairs…

    Later, when Antonio, Talia and Eddie bring the jewel up to the gallery, they show the museum curator the glass case they’ll be displayed in – just as a couple of masked men appear with guns demanding the jewel! As Antonio and Eddie fight against the men, Talia pulls out her gun and tries to shoot but her gun doesn’t work! With the Antonio and Eddie in pursuit of the men, Talia realizes that the magazine in her gun is empty!

    Shortly after, when Antonio and Eddie return, Antonio snaps on Talia and rants because the heist took place on Antonio’s watch! As Antonio calls to report the news to Lee, back at the station, Lee listens on then empties a velvet back bag to reveal the crowned jewel!

    With everyone back at the station, Lee demands that Talia turn over her weapon and her badge then says, “You’re fired!”

    When Blair and Starr hear a knock at the mansion door, they worry after Todd yells, “Blair!” As the banging on the door stops, Blair tells Starr it’ll be all right. Though they briefly wonder if Todd gave up and left, little do they know he’s still outside calling a locksmith! Suddenly, Shaun shows up, and Todd orders him to knock the door down! However, Shaun informs Todd that he now works for Blair then yells to Blair, “Do you want me to call the police?” After Todd promises Blair that he’ll remain calm, Blair lets him in, while Starr places her hands to her stomach, noticing the scratches from the fall.

    Looking at Starr, who admits she’s afraid, Todd says, “I was just trying to protect you, hunny.” After Blair asks Starr to go upstairs and check on Sam, with Shaun still present, Blair says, “Start talking.” Blair reminds Todd of how he’s manhandled Cole, Starr and Markko then says, “You’re so enraged, you could’ve killed three people on that boardwalk!” “Three people?” Todd asks. “Who’s the third one?” When Blair changes the subject, Todd reminds her how much she loves him and that soon she’ll miss him and want him to come home. “This,” Blair cries, “is not your home. Not anymore.” Blair informs Todd they are husband and wife in name only then tells him to find a new place to live! Finally, Todd agrees to leave but says, “Sure, I’ll go, but I’m taking Sam.”

    Upstairs, Starr promises Sam that he’ll be better off without Todd then worries about what Todd will do once he finds out about her baby.

    Over at Viki’s, Jared warns Charlie that he has to tell Viki the truth today or she’ll find out from someone else! Though Jared doesn’t want to disappoint the Buchanan’s, he claims it was Natalie who made him want to come clean, and that she forgave him and they’re now together. “Someone’s blackmailing us, Dad,” Jared admits. “We don’t have a choice.” Jared and Charlie talk about all the people who are going to get hurt after the truth comes out. Jared then admits he’s worried the stress will cause Charlie to hit the bottle again, but Charlie assures him he would never do that – not now, not when he’s so proud of Jared. When Jared leaves, Charlie calls Viki and says, “I need to talk to you.”

    After RJ says to Nora he’s there to tell her something about Lindsay, Nora becomes excited and prays that RJ will give her something good to go on. RJ confesses that Lindsay is the one who gave Clint the dirt to blackmail those involved in the B.E. sabotage!

    As Natalie tries to hide David in the stables, Clint comes through the door and asks, “Natalie, what on earth are you doing?” Clad in overalls, Natalie claims she’s there cleaning the stables with plans to groom ‘Whiskey’. As Clint and Natalie have a heart to heart about family, David struggles, bound and gagged, beneath a blanket. Realizing he doesn’t have time for a ride anymore, Clint heads to the office, leaving Natalie to get domesticated in the stables!

    Once the coast is clear, Natalie uncovers David and tears away the duct tape from his mouth. David warns that Viki is going to be disappointed in her for keeping David hogtied, to which Natalie snaps, “I’m doing this for her!” “Doing what for her?” David asks. As David rants about all the possibilities, Natalie tells him to cool it then listens on as David says, “You don’t have to tell Viki. All you have to do is write a check then let me go!”

    Just as Natalie is about to gag David again, Jared appears and says, “Charlie’s going to tell your mom.” Jared promises Natalie that once the truth is out, David won’t be able to get any Buchanan money out of him - because Jared isn’t a Buchanan.

    After RJ leaves, Clint arrives and Nora lays into him about Lindsay Rappaport! “What about her?” Lindsay suddenly says from the doorway with Bo at her side! Although Clint doesn’t want Nora to tell Bo, she informs Bo that Lindsay was the one who helped Clint blackmail those involved in the B.E. sabotage! Clint sticks to his guns and thinks they should be thanking him and Lindsay then storms off. After Nora leaves as well, Lindsay asks Bo if he’ll ever be able to forgive her. Bo claims he’ll need some time then Lindsay leaves…

    On her way out, Lindsay finds Nora watching outside! As Nora says Bo deserves to know what a witch he’s living with, Lindsay warns Nora that if she ruined things between her and Bo she’ll pay!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Todd goes toe to toe with Blair!

    Charlie makes a shocking confession to Viki!

    Gigi rats Dorian out to Adriana.

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    Posted by biggest fan at Thursday, May 22 2008 01:33 PM

    yeah Sam is cute but I think he needs a hair cut

    Posted by BernieBaby at Thursday, May 22 2008 01:44 PM

    The Lindsey/Nora and the Dorian/Vicki 'lets see who can get the one up on the other one s/l' thats been going on for years is so juvenille. I can understand women not liking each other but these four take it to the limits. Each of these four nemesis has done something under handed to the other one over the years because of jealousy or just plain meaness - maybe with the exception of Vicki - but if I think hard enough, I could probably come up with something she has done to get even with Dorian over the years also. But the point is, I know women that I don't get along with but I do not go out of my way to find dirt on them or try to destroy them or their families. Get over yourselves!

    Stop making my Todd look like a pscho-idiot. The man loves his family. All he really needs is Blair to take the time to show him how a family should interact together. Stop shutting him out and lying to him. What attracted them to each other in the first place was the fact that they both had crappy upbringings. To me, you wouldn't want your kids to experience that same kind of dysfunctional upbringing that you had... I always was of the belief you want better for your kids.

    Posted by Vin45 at Thursday, May 22 2008 02:44 PM

    it amazes me how some people in here can like todd he is an animal what has he done rape marty how many people has he killed going way back i can remember three a cop when he was on the run from jail he blew up a boat with a nan who owned a lot of newspappers i think he was from england and didnt he kill mitch lawrence let alone what he is doing now and people in here like him and think he is a good father if you want to like anybody on the show and who is a great father thats BO who does nothing but help people all the time and is a great father no todd

    Posted by honeyjax at Thursday, May 22 2008 03:30 PM

    Let me preface this post by saying that I am a huge Todd Fan - always have been, always will be. Todd is a very complex character. Nothing ever works out for Todd the way that he wants it to, and granted, most of the time it is his own doing. I understand how frightened Todd is about Starr and sex. Let us remember that Todd's first sexual experience was raped by his adopted and abusive Father. As a result,Todd has incredible trust issues. This has led to some of Todd's most heinous offenses, including raping Marty.( remember, he and Marty were friendly and slept together before the rape. He was angry at her for "betraying" him by sobering up and not wanting him anymore) Ever notice that Todd never has any male friends (apart from Sam, who in the end betrayed him as well)? He can never trust any male, for no male has ever been loyal to him. He can barely trust any female (Nora, Blair, Tea all betrayed him in one form or another, and now the realization that Starr has as well).Therefore, how can he trust his most prized daughter to any male?
    Todd is so out of control at this point, and wracked with fear for Starr's safety. He is more out of control than I have ever seen him, which makes his character both breath taking and heartbreaking at the same time ( a mark of what a wonderful character this is). Blair does need to separate Todd from his family and put him into intense therapy. Would love to see what comes out of that.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, May 22 2008 03:31 PM

    Vin: I too have never understood people who think Todd is such a wonderful father. He is a loose cannon !

    Posted by BernieBaby at Thursday, May 22 2008 05:31 PM

    Thank you HoneyJax for echoing my Todd sentiments. You summed up Todd excellently. I too love me some Todd. It took me a minute to warm up to this Todd (thought the other Todd was an awesome actor) but once I did - I have to say he plays the Todd character brillantly. However, I do think TPTB have pushed him over the edge and I agree with you that he should be in some type of therapy.

    As far as Todd being a killer - practically everyone in this soap opera has killed someone at one time or other - not saying that it's alright but we don't stop liking our favorite characters because they are flawed.

    I don't condone rape but in Todd's mind at the time he didn't think his having sex with Marty was rape since she was a college party girl who slept with everybody. And besides, Todd did do time for raping her - which in my mind says he paid his dues.

    Posted by loveOLTL at Thursday, May 22 2008 07:46 PM

    For someone keeps whinning about the s/l of Todd raped Marty, it was an old dinasaus story and he did pay his time for that. Not like running loose like Linsay who was admitted of killing her ex-husband and killed Spencer and now she still can go to party, open gallary, dating and people still can breath around her. So, why can they live with an animal like Todd! Animal or not, that someone who he loves kept pushing him to the edge by keeping secret and betraying him.

    Protecting daughter for having sex wasn't a crime! until Starr was out of line. Come to the common sense, I just can't run to my boyfriend and saying 'let having sex because my father will move my family away' when I am still gotten feed by my parents. That was 'stupid' excuse and I am glad Todd at least tried to prevent it. I still blamed him didn't do hard enough, but Blair did not it so good for her teen daughter gets pregnant.

    Cool, if keeping this way for Blair to raise all Sam and Jack, she might become a grandmother again and again when her boys turns 14.

    By the way, I do love the analysis of honeyjax and BernieBaby.

    Now I feel Todd was so dumb to protect Blair all these years. He has been in and out jail so many times because of senseless woman he loved. Todd would be fine when he finally moved on. Don't let the Kramer pushes you around.

    Posted by SJohnson12 at Thursday, May 22 2008 08:21 PM

    ITA with Honeyjax, I too enjoy the complexities of Todd Manning. I think the best characters on a soap are the ones that are not purely good or purely bad, shades of gray are always great. Todd is so delusional right now and his behavior might just cost him his family but i still find rooting for him.

    It's like David, I like the fact that David doesn't know he's a Buchanan. It's karma, he did the same exact thing to Todd and now it's his turn. Yes I want him to find out sooner rather than later & I love David but i don't mind him suffering a little!

    Posted by pointofview at Friday, May 23 2008 01:25 AM


    I have been a fan of OLTL for decades....I just want to comment on Todd...

    He is OFF the WALL!!! Every time someone, especially Blair, tries to tell him his faults, he looks off to the side and rolls his eyes. He is abusive to his daughter, in total denial of all his faults, and I will tell you why.

    He is blaming Starr for the fact that she is a teenage has nothing to do with Cole, though Todd would like to kill him. It has nothing to do with Markko, though Todd thinks that a punch or two in his direction shouldn't appall anyone, even if he kills him.

    It all has to do with the fact that Todd has a teenage daughter that he cannot in his mind give respect to and control, but equates with Martie. It is not Cole that he truly hates--it is his own daughter that he thinks is so weak as to succumb to a rapist in his mind, i.e. Cole.

    Todd has never had the come to Jesus meeting about what he himself did; otherwise, he could never absolutely condemn another person for what he himself actually did. And he should at this point in time, know the difference. JMO---Peace! POV

    Posted by serwin24 at Friday, May 23 2008 05:33 AM

    Well, I'm not sure Todd needs a "Jesus" meeting, I believe he needs a break! I have watched this story since the beginning of time and LOVE TODD. JMO

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