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    Who's The Missing Buchanan?

    Wednesday, May 21 2008
    Natalie and Jared know they have to tell the truth before David does, Blair doesn't want Todd to know about Starr's condition, and RJ warns Lindsay her secrets will one day come out...

    As Jared calls Natalie from the mansion to tell her he loves her, Nora appears and wonders who he’s taking to! After Natalie replies, “I love you too,” Viki appears next to her at Llanfair and asks, “Natalie, who do you love? Natalie quickly acts as though she’s talking to Jessica then talks her way out of Charlie and Viki’s questions!

    Back over at the mansion, Jared does the same damage control in front of Nora and Clint! As Jared is leaving, Clint tells Nora he’s heading down to the stables to go for a ride! Jared quickly spins around and snaps, “Clint, you can’t do that!” Jared then claims he needs Clint to take a conference call for him, to which Clint gladly agrees. Once Jared is gone, Clint asks Nora, “Did he seem nervous to you?” After sharing a laugh, Nora informs Clint that John plans to bring Cole home today.

    In the Buchanan stables, gagged and hogtied, David tries to break free but only manages to knock over the chair he’s sitting in!

    Later, Natalie arrives, helps David back up then rips the duct tape from his mouth! When David asks who the missing Buchanan is, and says they can’t keep him quiet forever, Jared appears with a pitchfork in hand and announces that he plans to kill David! However, David says if they just write him a check he’ll leave and close this chapter in their lives forever. Jared and Natalie don’t believe them and realize they have to tell everyone the truth before David does. With a kiss goodbye, Jared heads out to give Charlie the heads up! As Natalie is trying to hide David under a blanket, Clint appears outside the door!

    Jared then goes to Llanfair and tells Charlie, “I need you to tell Viki that I’m your son.”

    At Dorian’s, Addie reads a Sun article recapping Adriana’s wedding – and the craziness that led up to their vows! Just then, Blair, John, Cole and Starr arrive home, to which Addie says, “There’s going to be another Cramer in the family!” Panicking, Blair asks, “You know? Who else knows?” Langston and Markko explain how they had to tell Dorian the truth, and how Addie overheard. When Markko asks, “Where’s Mr. Manning?” Blair replies, “He’s in jail because I had to put him there.” After Blair says that Todd has no idea about Starr and Cole’s baby, John and Blair warn everyone that they plan to keep Todd in the dark as long as possible! John then pulls Blair aside, suggests she get an order of protection against Todd then announces to everyone that Cole needs to head home to talk to Nora. Blair promises Cole that he can see Starr anytime he wants then Cole and Starr say their goodbyes…

    Blair thanks Markko and Langston for being there for Cole and Starr then promises Starr that everything is going to be okay. However, Starr worries about what Blair plans to do with Todd comes home. Blair tells Starr to leave Todd to her then asks, “What do you want to do about the baby?” to which Starr replies, “I’m still thinking about it.” Blair promises they’ll think about it together then holds her daughter close. Suddenly, both are alerted to heavy pounding on the front door!

    John brings Cole to the mansion where Cole has no choice but to admit to Nora that Starr is pregnant! As Nora listens to the story, in shock, John informs her of Todd’s arrest and how they plan to keep the truth from him for as long as possible. Although Cole apologizes to Nora for letting her down, Nora promises to always take care of him.

    In bed, after Cris and Sarah talk about Rex and Adriana’s wedding, Sarah brings up Antonio and Talia – and how she never thought they’d fall apart so soon. Cris gives her a sideward glance then says, “I’ve been lying to you.” Cris confesses the truth surrounding Talia, John and Antonio and says how Michael is in on it too – and that Jamie is fine! Sarah thanks Cris for telling her the truth.

    When Antonio enters Lee’s office, he overhears a conversation where Lee is telling someone not to worry – that he’ll have their money soon! After Lee claims his personal life is none of Antonio’s business, Antonio reminds Lee of his offer to help him make some easy money. Lee then confides that the crowned jewels of Mandorra are being shipped to Lindsay’s gallery and says, “If you want in, make sure those jewels don’t make it into that gallery.” Lee explains that they will be appearing to guard the jewels after picking them up from the airport but that he’s to ‘allow’ them to be stolen! Though Antonio questions if Lee is setting him up to take the fall, Lee replies, “Sahid will take the fall!” Antonio claims that he doesn’t have a problem setting Talia up, but tries to remain cool when Lee says he’ll handle the details!

    Outside in the patrol room, John calls Talia to check in, to which Talia informs him that Antonio is in with Lee as they speak. John tells Talia to be careful and to keep him posted. Just then, Lee calls Talia into his office and gives her information on a special assignment that she’ll be working on with Antonio! Just as Antonio and Talia head out to pick up the jewels, Lee sends Eddie with them – and Antonio can’t fill Talia in on the plan!

    Over at Lindsay’s gallery, as Lindsay thanks Bo for arranging to have the crowned jewels of Mandorra shipped into the gallery, she says, “I don’t know how to thank you!” to which Bo replies, “I do.” Bo takes Lindsay in a kiss! Bo admits that at Rex’s wedding, when he laid eyes on her, it was as if he was doing so for the very first time. Just as Bo kisses her again, RJ appears in the doorway!

    After Bo gives Lindsay and RJ some time alone, RJ makes it apparent that he’s hurt – and that he thought they had something between them! When Lindsay asks him to respect her and B’s relationship, RJ reminds Lindsay of all the secrets she’s keeping! Ones that Bo would not approve of! After RJ leaves, Bo can see that Lindsay is clearly upset.

    RJ goes to the Buchanan mansion and says to Nora, “I have something to tell you. It’s about Lindsay.”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Blair doesn't let Todd move back to the mansion.

    Lindsay seeks revenge on Nora!

    Natalie tries hiding David from Clint.

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    Posted by shepmajor at Wednesday, May 21 2008 01:24 PM

    Natalie needs to be reminded how SHE felt when she found out that her rightful identity had been taken from her and kept secret all her life. How DARE she turn around and do that to someone else?!!

    Posted by Paris90 at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:08 PM

    Natalie and Jared are acting stupid, I can't wait to see the fallout from this. When the family sees he's not a real Buchanan, there going run him out of town, and her too, so she better choose her side wisely. Her family or this lying punk. I can't wait until Marty comes back so that she can put Todd in his place. But, I think her and Todd are going to be on the same side when they find out about this baby.

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:09 PM

    David calling Jared, "Jar Jar" - precious!

    I hope Sarah leaves with Nash; Cris so belongs together with Jessica!

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:17 PM

    Natalie is a jackass.  She has to be honest.  I guess she forgot where she came from and all the lies she told.  Jared needs to go away.  He is truly boring.  I have always felt that Natalie and John are the ones who should be together.  Who do these two think they are?  I guess everyone likes to play God.  David has a right to know the truth.  Natalie and Jared are no better than David.  At least David admits when he is after a meal ticket.Starr is a brat.  Blair should be a little more like a mother and not a friend.  Starr just wants to be near Cole and I can understand first love, however, just like Todd, Starr and Blair are going too far.  Blair knows how Todd is and yet she acts surprised when he acts out. So now Todd is in jail, yet again, and Blair and John are making plans of keeping Starr's secret. Why are these two acting like two idiots, especially John. Secrets have a way of coming out.

    Lindsay and Bo are too boring as well as Antonio, Talia, and Ramsey. Of all these boring storylines, this is the one that I want to come to an end.

    Then it appears writers want to bring back Carlo Hesser or whatever his name is. Why? Why? Why?

    If Marty must come back, please tptb, bring Patrick back from the dead.

    Posted by biggest fan at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:24 PM

    no rexianna so upset any way if adrianna will be replace in the future I would suggest Lindsay Hartly (Theresa from Passions) she is very cute and I will really miss Adrianna she's my favorite.

    Posted by biggest fan at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:30 PM

    I was wondering how long is David back for, his character brings fun and excitement to the show. Hopes he stay 4eva

    Posted by BernieBaby at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:58 PM

    Shepmajor I guess to Natalie what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander. I agree she is the last person on earth who should want to keep someone from their birth right. She came from a poor background and has "almost" expired to a somewhat decent person - what makes her think David isn't worthy to see if he can do the same? At least David is forth right with what he wants and makes no bones about it. Natalie and Jared know the truth yet they are tip toeing around telling the family that David is Asa's son. Apparently Asa wanted his rightful heir to share in the Buchanans legacy whoever he was. Let the truth come out already.

    I really don't think Blair keeping Todd out of the loop on Starr's pregnancy is a good idea. If we think he's been acting psycho before - just wait. I think she should sit down with him as a parent and talk about their daughter's dilema and discuss what they need to do as a family to get thru this obstacle called life.

    Posted by shepmajor at Wednesday, May 21 2008 03:34 PM

    Hey BernieBaby!!

    Right there with ya on the Jared - Natalie mess. As far as the Starr mess? I'm not usually one to advocate for keeping the truth from a parent, but in this ONE case? Given the way Todd is acting, it might be wise to continue keeping him in the dark - at least until Starr actually makes a decision regarding her pregnancy. Once that is decided upon, then maybe just MAYBE Todd will have calmed down enough for them to trust him with the truth - though I doubt it, given the future spoilers surrounding him. I dunno... the way they've painted Todd into a corner these past few months, it's just not safe to trust him with Starr's problem. Although... I would LOVE it, I mean love, love, LOVE it, if the news snaps Todd out of his psychotic behavior and he surprises everyone by just wrapping his arms around Starr, assuring her that he loves her and will stand behind whatever decision she makes and promises to behave himself FOR HER SAKE as well as Jack and Sam's. Not that it'll happen, of course, but...

    *le sigh*

    Posted by shortie240 at Wednesday, May 21 2008 09:55 PM

    Natalie is too desparate for me. How can she and Jared be in love when they don't know anything about each other. It's all lust.

    I wish they would do something more with this storyline.

    And why are they dragging this storyline with John, Talia, Antonio, and Ramsey out. End it already.

    There are just way too many secrets on this show. Blair keeping the truth from Todd and Natalie keeping the truth from her family. WHen will these ppl realize that the truth ALWAYS comes out and then it bites them in the butt.

    Posted by cerh52 at Thursday, May 22 2008 12:52 AM

    So what I can't believe is that one minute Blair is telling Starr we can't let your father know and the next she is hugging her telling her no more secrets. Blair is the master of pushing Todd over the edge and she has to know that this will do it.

    I love Jared, but am ready to see that story go somewhere.

    John is getting on my last nerve, he always sits in judgement of Todd and he does the same things. Todd kept Jack from Blair, John kept Sam from Todd and is know keeping the little grandbaby a secret. He has no place in this situation and I can't believe that Blair is allowing him one. John acts like he is the all knowing and whatever he deems right is right and ANYONE that doesn't agree (Nat.) is wrong and how dare they.

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