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    Oh, Ladies!

    Thursday, May 08 2008
    Rex does a drunken striptease, Todd begs Starr to come home, and Gigi tells Marcie that she loves Rex...

    Still at the beach, Starr can’t believe her dad is on the phone and asks, “Are you there?” Todd nicely asks if she’s okay then begs for a reason why she took off – especially after he was going to ease up on Cole. When Todd continues to blame Cole for everything, Starr almost hangs up – until Todd says, “Wait! I’m really sorry, and I’d like to prove it to you… and to Cole.” Todd admits to being wrong then says, “If you come home right now, you can see Cole anytime you want… I promise.” Todd even goes so far as to say that he’s sure Cole wants the same thing he does – for Starr to be happy. “You mean it,” Starr says. “Even if I’m…” “Even if you’re what?” Todd asks. However, Starr says, “Forget it,” then cries when Todd begs her to come home and be his little girl again, “I can’t, Dad, I just can’t.” Starr hangs up in tears and falls into Cole’s arms.

    Walking along the boardwalk, Starr admits that her dad sounded like he’s really ready to change but she still worries what he’ll do when Todd finds out that she’s pregnant! Back in Llanview, Todd plays his conversation with Starr over and over in his head. Suddenly, he remembers hearing someone in the background saying, “Look it, Lucky’s Arcade is open!” After making some calls, Todd finds out where the arcade is then places a call to have his jet ready in fifteen minutes – headed to Virginia Beach!

    Marcie arrives at the carriage house to find that Gigi and Shane are moving in there. After Marcie asks if Gigi is going to Adriana’s party, Gigi says no – and Marcie confesses that Adriana sent her over there to bring Gigi to the party, under false pretenses. As Gigi tells Marcie about what happened earlier with Rex, she admits her and Rex’s walk down memory lane led Rex to confess that he was sorry he left her back then. “Is Rex falling for you,” Marcie asks. “Are you falling for Rex?” After a bit of denial, Gigi finally admits to being totally in love with Rex! Though Marcie would rather skip Adriana’s party and chat it up with Gigi, Gigi forces Marcie to go to her friend’s party – and reminds her about ‘some’ big surprise that’s supposed to take place there!

    At Rodie’s, with a naked baby picture of Rex on display, Roxy asks the guys what they have planned for Rex’s bachelor party. Although Bo says it’ll be pretty tame, Rex arrives with booze in hand and disagrees! While Rex does shots with Roxy, Vincent and Cris, Bo privately questions Antonio about what’s going on with Talia and John. Antonio chooses to stay hushed, claims that Bo will be getting his job back soon then drops it. Back at the bar, Roxy warns Rex to ease up on the booze then says, “I gotta dash, so I won’t miss the stripper at Adriana’s party!”

    When Bo approaches Rex at the bar, he admits that the last time he got plastered was when Asa died then asks Rex what’s bugging him. Bo reminds Rex that if he’s holding on to something, he needs to let it out – before it’s too late. After Bo heads over to the pool table, Rex rushes out the door!

    From a booth across the room, Brody gets a call from Adriana demanding him to stick to their plan and to meet her at Ultra Violet in an hour… After she hangs up, back at the mansion, Dorian appears, having overheard, and suggests that Adriana postpone the wedding – due to her insecurities! No matter how desperate Adriana admits to feeling, she refuses to allow Gigi to hang on her man! Adriana finally blurts out that Rex is Shane’s son! After Adriana explains, she begs Dorian to find Brody and bring him to her bachelorette party. However, when Langston arrives home, Dorian feels the need to tend to her ‘problem’, which causes Adriana to storm off in anger! Once alone, Dorian assures Langston that she’ll be with her every step of the way – then breaks the news that she has a professional friend who can perform the abortion!

    In a limo, Snoop Dogg is on his way to Ultra Violet, where Layla and Sarah excitedly await Adriana’s bachelorette party surprise! As the driver asks Snoop if this is his first time in Llanview, Snoop replies, “Heck no, me and this town go a long way back.” Back inside Ultra Violet, Layla gets word that Snoop has arrived!

    When Marcie arrives at Ultra Violet, without Gigi, Adriana snaps then goes outside and meets Brody. After she gives Brody Gigi’s address, Adriana rushes back inside – and Rex heads in as well, running into Brody on his way! Although Adriana thinks Rex is crashing her party, Rex says, “You need a stripper, don’t you?” then goes to a pole and starts to strip in a drunken stupor!

    Stripped down to his underwear, Rex demands of the girls, “It’s my birthday, say my name!” Suddenly, behind Rex’s back, Snoop appears and the girls scream, “Snoop!” and run away from Rex, leaving him confused! When he turns around, he watches as Snoop starts to perform his new song, “Sexual Seduction.”

    In Texas, hearing Moe and Noelle arguing in the kitchen, David busts through the door and warns them to stop talking about pie! When David suggests that they get a room, Noelle and Moe are speechless! Outside in the dining room, Natalie and Jared appear and Natalie tells him how Viki and Charlie fell in love there. Though Natalie says they need to leave soon, so she can attend Rex’s wedding, she admits that she’d love to stay in Texas forever. Fearing they’ll blow their first attempt to appear as uncle and niece –since Natalie found out they’re not – the couple takes a safe distance across from each other in a booth. Back in the kitchen, as Moe instructs David to get out there and help the customers, Noelle can’t believe Moe would promote David to waiter status – then Moe admits he did it so she could spend more time in the kitchen with him! However, Noelle ends up looking out into the dining room and sees Natalie. Noelle quickly runs out to greet her! Over talk of Viki and Charlie, Noelle wonders if Charlie ever found the son he was looking for, making Jared feel uncomfortable. Feeling bad for getting too personal, Noelle changes the subject and says to Jared, “You must be Natalie’s boyfriend.”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    John and Blair are closer to Cole and Starr than they think!

    Snoop Dogg rocks Ultra Violet - and is surprisingly connected to someone in Llanview!

    David has a new plan - and a new meal ticket!

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    Posted by roses4880 at Thursday, May 08 2008 12:42 PM

    Snoop is Hot!!!!! So glad that this s/l with Rex, GiGi and Adrianna is coming to head...Adrianna is so annoying.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Thursday, May 08 2008 12:47 PM

    OMG!!! Today's epi' was AWESOME!! I can't wait to see tomorrow's 'cliff hanger' Friday!!!

    REX ~~~ There are no words to give full credit to his 'strip tease!' hehehe Thank You TPTB!!!! Snoop Dog!!!!! Gigi NOT coming to the Bachlorette Party foiled Adriana's 'plan B!' hehehe It just got better and better w/ each scene!!

    Posted by Susie1000 at Thursday, May 08 2008 12:52 PM

    The scenes at the Bonjour was a 'hoot!' That last scene of David looking through the 'peep hole' at Jared and Nat' kissing was 'hilarious!' The look on his face was 'priceless!' Thank You TPTB for moving these s/l's along at a faster pace. I love the anticipation of what's going to happen tomorrow.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Thursday, May 08 2008 12:59 PM

    Todd???????? OMG!!! The race is on!!! We can only hope that John and Blair get there first!!

    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, May 08 2008 01:00 PM

    First of all, I am already sick of Moe and Noelle. I love David. The soap needs some humor and he is the one to bring it. The Buchanans are lucky David is one of them. He can show them how to let their hair down and have a good time. All the Buchanans are stuffed shirts.

    Asa was a horrible person, at times, but he never forgot whee he came from. The others inherited or came into money therefore do not know how to be down to earth.

    Posted by 33JoejoesGirl at Thursday, May 08 2008 01:53 PM

    Oh man I really got a kick out of todays Episode :> Poor Cole, did you see how Emotional Star acted after her phone call with her dad. And his face was classic

    Dang Rex has body too:}

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Thursday, May 08 2008 02:10 PM

    rex is a hottie

    Posted by SJohnson12 at Thursday, May 08 2008 02:48 PM

    I love David, he's hot & funny (great combo). But let's face it, he's a con man and no one wants one of those in their family. David himself has done exactly want Jared is doing now. David has also blackmailed people, had Clint pay him to give Jess a kidney (yes i know he gave it back) & he spends money like he has it when he doesn't so what will he do when he actually has it. I love that David is a Buchcanan but i can see why they might not be too pleased with it! Love Rex as always!

    Posted by juicyheiress at Thursday, May 08 2008 04:13 PM

    omg i hope blair and jhon find sole b4 todd does!!!!!!!!!!!
    cause if not i wonder what the hell todd will to with coles body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by jenny_latina at Thursday, May 08 2008 04:27 PM

    Rex is so hot and he has such a sexy body. I can't wait for him and gigi to get together. Adrianna turn out to be a spoiled brat just like her mother. She makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snoop Dog was off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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