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    For Her Honor...

    Wednesday, April 02 2008
    Cole sticks up for Starr, Antonio suspects more between Talia and John, and Nash wonders if Jess is really okay with his trip...

    As Starr walks through the hallways at school, all the kids stare and whisper. When Starr reaches Langston, Markko and Cole, she sees that she’s pregnant then realizes why everyone was staring! As Starr screams for Cole, he deserts her – then Starr wakes up from the nightmare! After Starr tells Langston about the nightmare, she rushes to the bathroom to throw up! Sighing, Langston whispers, “That’s not a good sign.” Later, Langston promises to buy Starr the pregnancy test after school then leaves in order for Starr to get ready.

    Over a meal at the diner, Sarah rants about her flight to Napa, leaving Antonio to privately question Cris, “You’re sending your girlfriend off to be alone with Nash… Are you out of your mind?” Although Cris sympathizes with what Nash did to Antonio, he assures his brother that he trusts Sarah. Once Antonio is gone, Cris smiles at Sarah – clearly still thinking about what Antonio said!

    While at the penthouse, Lee instructs his housekeeper on some things then questions her about a picture on the end table. Although the woman innocently says that she found it in one of his boxes, Lee excuses her then stares at the picture.

    At the station, John briefly reminds Cole that Starr will be back in school today then warns for him to stay away from her. After Cole leaves, John approaches Talia, who admits that Antonio walked out on her last night. Later, while John and Talia are looking through simple cases, John jokes and says if ‘this’ is Ramsey’s idea of making him suffer then he doesn’t mind – and Antonio hears him! After receiving the cold shoulder from Antonio, John leaves…

    When Talia wants to talk to Antonio in private, Antonio refuses, leaving Talia promising him that she doesn’t have feelings for John! “We’re just working together,” Talia says, to which Antonio replies, “That’s how we started out.” Again, Antonio walks away… When Lee arrives, he summonses Talia into his office and questions whether working with John is a problem! Although Lee offers to separate Talia and John, Talia assures him she’s a professional, leaving Lee to say, “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

    Back out in the station room, John confronts Antonio about he and Talia being just friends. However, Antonio asks, “Give me one reason I should trust you with Talia?” As John tries to once again reason with him, Antonio warns him to stay away from Talia then leaves again! Shortly after, inside Lee’s office, Lee informs Antonio that he tried to give Talia the option of not working with John – but she turned him down! Impressed, Antonio thanks Lee for being concerned for him. “Sorry,” Lee says. “I tried.” Later, John runs into Talia at the diner. Although Talia can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t work together, John replies, “I can think of one.”

    Starr arrives at school and comes face to face with Cole! Although Langston and Markko persuade Cole and Starr not to talk, Cole can’t ignore one of his peers when they make a nasty comment about Starr! Cole punches the kid then a fight ensues! With Starr screaming in fear for Cole, Markko manages to break up the fight, leaving the other kid to yell at a bleeding Cole, “I’ll leave you with bruises upon bruises!”

    With Starr at her locker, Markko goes to her to make sure she’s okay – and Cole approaches Langston wondering the same thing. Knowing how hard it is to stay away from Starr, Cole admits, “I’m not sure if I can do this.” Later, alone, Starr feels sick and rushes to the bathroom! Once she comes out, Langston tells Starr she’s heading to get her another pregnancy test. After Langston asks Starr what she’ll do if she’s pregnant, Starr looks over at Cole and replies, “I honestly don’t know.”

    While Nash finishes packing at the cottage, he informs Jess that he could be gone longer than a few days. Although Jess offers to grab Bree and go with him, Nash gives her all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. As Jessica playfully cries, “Napa’s our place and I wanted to go with you,” Nash laughs and says, “You’re jealous of Sarah, aren’t you?” After Jessica denies any jealousy, Nash wonders if she understands how much he wants this – and that he has no choice but to take time out to make his dream happen. Nash and Jessica come to an understanding then Nash has to quickly leave… Later, Nash meets his partner’s rep at the diner, who gives him some extra money, then gathers Sarah up for their trip! Realizing Nash forgot some of the sketches at the cottage, Cris promises to head over and tell Jessica so they can be faxed to Nash. Cris and Sarah kiss good-bye then they leave…

    Later, Cris arrives at the cottage to find Jessica in a sad mood. After Jessica puts Bree to bed, Cris and Jessica talk about the old days then about Sarah and Nash – and Napa. Cris can tell that Jessica misses Nash and comforts her by saying, “I’m sure Nash is going to get back to you soon.”

    On their flight to Napa, Sarah talks Nash’s ear off while they drink champagne. As Sarah talks about how fancy their accommodations are Nash explains how he wants to come across to the people in Napa. When a stewardess asks Sarah if she and her husband want more champagne, Nash laughs and accepts another glass! Realizing he forgot to call Jessica, Nash confides that although Jess believes in him, and in his dream, she’s worried that he’s being too risky with the vineyard. Sarah claims it’s a trait that all the Buchanan’s hold, except for her and Asa, and impresses Nash by saying she lives for the rush! Sarah and Nash toast to taking risks!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Jared tells Charlie that Natalie knows the truth!

    Nora and Lindsay resume their vendetta!

    John knows Lee set him up!

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    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Wednesday, April 02 2008 01:19 PM

    See, that's what I like about Cole. . .sticking up for his girl Starr. Too bad Todd doesn't see that, he thinks that he will take advantage of Starr, which he is not! Starr and Cole do belong together, what is Todd thinking? And Antonio there is nothing going on between Talia and John, why can't you see that?

    Posted by victorialou09 at Wednesday, April 02 2008 02:44 PM

    OMG!! i just started watching oltl since last month!! and i already the storyline for starr & cole.

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, April 02 2008 03:03 PM

    John & Talia - one word - No or about - dull, dreary, lackluster. Ok, more than one word but the result is still the same thing.

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, April 02 2008 03:31 PM

    I hope Nash isn't suckered out of his money. How well does he know this partner? I think Jessica is the smarter one. I believe she thinks this guy may try and fool Nash.

    Nash and Sarah. Oh my God, if these two sleep together, I will be surprised. Perhaps the booze will start talking and who knows what will happen.

    I think I am going to like Jared as he tries to turn his life around. He has a conscience and this is the making of a person who is trying to change his life. Natalie and Jared should get together and then leave town. I hope Nigel gets what is coming to him when the rest of the family finds out what he and Jared have done. I hope David gets what is due to him. Just because you do not like someone, does not give you the right to play God. A lot of this is going on on OLTL.

    All soaps are the same, history repeating itself.

    Posted by dennysgirlforever at Wednesday, April 02 2008 05:28 PM

    i really like one life to live when i am not in my college classes I watch everyday

    Posted by Fashion-Angel at Wednesday, April 02 2008 09:42 PM

    I thought it was cute that Cole stood up for Starr...Thats what I love about matter what he'll be there to protect her...Why can't Todd see that .....All I hope is that Starr is NOT pregnant..because if she is Todd is going to kill both Starr and Cole. Starr and Cole 4life

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