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    Mary J. Blige Rocks Ultra Violet!

    Friday, February 15 2008
    Mary J. Blige performs at Starr's surprise birthday party, Lindsay is one step ahead of Nora, and Allison hunts for Jessica...

    Realizing that Langston and Cole had been planning her party all along, Starr feels awful for thinking the worst and says, “I’m so sorry. Do you guys hate me?” After all is forgiven, later, outside Ultra Violet, Markko is star struck and tells Cole that Mary J. Blige has arrived! Back inside, as Starr is gloating over a collage that Cole and Langston made her, it is announced that Mary J. Blige is there!

    With utter excitement, Starr and her friends dance and party as Mary J. rocks Ultra Violet!

    In bed at the vineyard, after Jessica confesses that she helped Allison break out of St. Ann’s, Nash demands to know all the details! Although Jess says she’d do anything to protect her family, Nash reminds her that if Allison wants to get to them bad enough nothing will stop her! With talk of what was hidden in the crypt, Nash says, “You have to tell Bo about this.” Once Nash promises to guard Bree, Jess heads to the Palace…

    At the Go Red Ball…

    Gigi confronts Todd about how he wants to shoot her… Watching Gigi and Todd, Rex can’t hold back and leaves Adriana to help Gigi out! Leaving Adriana with Layla and Vincent, her friends get her goat by talking about Gigi’s kid! Rex joins Todd and Gigi just in time to hear Gigi threaten Todd with bodily harm if he ever goes near her son again! Once Todd leaves to find Blair, Gigi thanks Rex for coming to her rescue – and Adriana picks this time to join them!

    While Cris and Sarah are looking at all of the Get It Off Your Chest art pieces, she realizes that her new music lyrics are engraved on one! Although Cris thinks Sarah is upset that he shared them with the world, she is touched and says, “Wanna get out of here?” Cris and Sarah quickly take off!

    Back at the apartment, Cris and Sarah slow dance as Sarah serenades her new song to Cris.

    As Jared taunts Charlie about his secret regarding Rex, Charlie reminds him of his own secret and warns him to cool it! Seeing how Jared is looking at Natalie, Charlie warns if Jared wants to be a Buchanan then he better stopping looking at her like that! Charlie refuses to allow Jared to hurt Natalie – at all costs. Although Jared claims he’d never hurt Natalie, he reminds his father that if he tells Natalie the truth it’ll be over with him and Viki! Amazingly, Charlie is willing to sacrifice his relationship for Jared’s happiness then says, “If you really care about her, you better tell her the truth.” When Jared brings up his childhood, and his mother, the men engage in a very heated argument, to which Charlie again apologizes for what he did. Just as Charlie begins apologizing for ‘something else’ he did, Jared cuts him off and says, “I will never talk to you about that!” However, Jared does revisit that time in his life and talks about how Asa’s wife Pamela, his mother’s friend, used to visit them and show him pictures of Asa and say, “One day you’ll be just like him.” Thinking back to how his mother’s boyfriend used to beat them, Jared confesses how he was determined to one day be just like Asa!

    After surviving a chat with Dorian and the mayor, Viki tends to Natalie who needs to talk. Suddenly, Natalie and Viki come across Jared and Charlie and Charlie claims he and Jared were just getting acquainted. Although Viki tries to excuse herself, to go talk to Natalie, Jared begs to speak to Natalie in private – and Charlie and Viki leave them alone. Although Natalie reminds Jared that they are now family – and have nothing romantic to say – Jared asks, “What if we weren’t?”

    Just as Bo informs Lindsay, Nora and Clint that Allison has escaped from St. Ann’s, Allison gawks at her old acquaintances from behind a curtain and tells Roxy she’s not leaving, “Until I have my fun!” After Nora takes a jab at Lindsay, she takes off with Clint, leaving Lindsay worried about Allison. When Antonio and Talia enter the Ball, Bo quickly approaches, questions them about being a couple then demands to speak with them privately – and warns them about Allison Perkins!

    Roxy tries to get Allison to leave by saying, “I swear, nobody needs to know anything.” Although Roxy gets on her knees and begs, Allison replies, “The truth will set you free, Roxy.” After Roxy closes her eyes, seconds later, Viki and Charlie appear and say, “Roxy?” Once Roxy realizes she’s alone, she goes in search of Allison.

    Later, alone with the mayor, Bo is handed a letter of resignation and instructed to sign it - unless he agrees to get rid of his murderer of a houseguest! When Bo refuses, the mayor fires him and Bo is forced to turn over his badge!

    With Viki and Dorian at the podium, Dorian thanks everyone for coming to support heart disease… Thinking everyone is distracted, Nora goes over to the locked box in the other room, containing Lindsay’s secret, and ends up accidentally knocking it over! As Nora is digging through the secrets, which are now all over the floor, Lindsay catches her red-handed! Back inside, when the mayor takes the stage, he announces that Bo is no longer the commissioner – then introduces his replacement, Lee!

    When Jessica arrives at the Palace and follows Allison to the terrace, she screams, “It’s over right now,” to which Allison pulls out a gun, aims it at Jessica and replies, “You’re right about that, Jessica!”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Allison holds Jess at gunpoint!

    Jared professes his love to Natalie!

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    Posted by bigame at Friday, February 15 2008 01:15 PM

    We all no Tessica is going to get away from Allison, I was kind of hoping that she got shot or something. I can't stand Tessica or Mash. They really can leave the show anytime now. I'm glad they are getting rid of Allison I am sick and tired of her popping back up in the picture I hope she die this time.

    Roxy needs to get busted for all her lies and scams she has done too. Rex don't even know who his father is and that a sad shame. I hope Gigi and Rex hook back up and raise there son together cause we know it's his, so writers please get on with this s/l.

    Can't wait for Adrianna to leave to paris or were ever she is going, see ya!!

    That's what Bo gets I don't feel sorry for his punk self, shacking up with a murder and got nerves to down Nora for what she did with Sam. It's o.k for Lindsey to kill people and he forgives her. I hope she plot on him next stupid azz.

    This s/l with Jared is taking to long to come to an end, and if Nigel gets fired that's what he gets. Renee is going to be devesated when she finds out her percious jared is not who she thinks he is.

    Go Mary J !!!!!!!!

    Posted by neil2 at Friday, February 15 2008 01:34 PM

    mary j blige is hot
    allison perkins is a stuid woman
    i love antiono and taila together
    thank god jess is out of his life

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Friday, February 15 2008 01:58 PM

    Agent lee...

    Oh my.. what a joke s/l.... So ohhhh... I'd love to get nasty but I know this post would just disappear.

    Agent Lee is the worst thing to happen to this show in a long time. I can't believe the people that write this show think this would be a good way to go s/l wise.

    Sad day for OLTL IMO. Suddenly the mayor (in one week) is a big s/l on the show, and this guy thats been a BAD guy (and s/l) since he showed up on the show is now the commissioner?


    Posted by tigger1135 at Friday, February 15 2008 03:45 PM

    How many secrets does Roxy have, and what are they, as I said yesterday, I stopped watching OLTL a long time ago, and just now started watching it again. Been watching for about 8 months now, used to watch about 23 years ago, when Jessica was first born.

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Saturday, February 16 2008 12:14 AM

    Whatever secrets Roxys got hidden away, I think Allison is about to make them all come to light. Doesn't look good for Roxy.

    Was so upset by the ridiculous s/l about Commissioner Lee earlier (Oh jezzzussss...)
    I forgot to mention, I really dug Charlie sticking up to Jared about Nat. He was not having any of Jareds BS. I loved it. It was about time Charlie stood up to his scam artist of a son. The nerve of that kid lecturing anyone while he at the time is being a lowdown dirty person all round.
    And how classic was Nora getting busted by Lindsey on the ground looking for Lindsey's secret. Classic.
    I've had it with meddling Dorian. When is she going to get some misery.

    The party for Star was way cool. All the stars everywhere. Even though I know they are steering us towards heartache with the Star/Cole, Langston/Marco s/l. It was very cute of them to put that together for Star. She's been a great Character for years, and watching her grow up in front of our eye's has been a privilege for these fans. She seemed pretty sorry to have had those thoughts about her best friends.
    Also love Cris and Slash getting together, her singing to him was cute I thought.....

    Commissioner Lee... Mercy to I hope this doesn't last long. Not long at all.. The mayor introing him after knowing what he'd done what, yesterday. was just well, a joke. To bad they thought they needed to do this. I hope Johnny plays dirty and take Lee out in the future. Todd will be a night mare for him with his paper maybe. That would make me grin.

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Saturday, February 16 2008 11:54 AM

    What was Jessica thinking? The real reason that Allison wanted to get out so she could kill poor Jessie. Leave Jessica alone, Allison! I also like Talia being with Antonio, and also Langston already has the love of her life, Markko Rivera and she should leave Cole alone with Starr or she really never forgive her ever again.

    Posted by forevergolden at Saturday, February 16 2008 02:54 PM commissioner? What have the writers done?

    Posted by Sophia Rose at Sunday, February 17 2008 10:05 AM

    bigame - if you don't like any of the story lines or the characters - why do you watch the show?

    Anyway - I can't wait to see where all this is going with Alison Perkins - I think she is doing a wonderful job and hope to see her character around for awhile. I want to know her secret - I have some ideas, but can't wait to find out.

    Love, love, love Charlie standing up to Jared, and Nora digging through the secrets - what a hoot!

    Lee Ramsey as the commis. Look out Llandview.

    Posted by brookeluvridge4life at Sunday, February 17 2008 12:45 PM

    wow bigame is there anything or anyone you like in the show.....but as for nash and jessica they started out cute but became one of the most annoying couple really fast, as for antonio and talia well im not feeling the love yet but who knows..Bo and nora need to find their way back to each other so does clint and vicki

    Posted by Gemini Women at Sunday, February 17 2008 12:50 PM

    I think the secret allison has is that mitch is really rex bolsom dads. She want to tell jessica she has a brother or maybe mitch still alive wouldnt be the 1st time someone comes back from the dead. And charlie just wanna throw everyone off for jared I believe charlie knows he's not rex real dad.

    And can someone let me know what's the deal with ramsey. Last this I remeber he hit john over the head with a gun. I don't get to watch often. Why is he so evil?

    And if cole leaves starr it shouldn't be for langston she hasn't been in the cramer family long enough for them to except her lying an being a skank. And if she goes out with cole that's what she gona look like. And plus starr needs langston and vise verse.

    I think they should bring david back so him and dorain could be together an so she could leave vicky men alone. Vicky hasn't been really happy since ben.

    And I waiting for tessica and nicky to come back and go off together or maybe the both of them will go after allison??? Who knows what's gona happy with all those different personalities in one room. Will allison try to take bree?? She loves taking kids!!!!!!

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