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    Love And Secrets Are In The Air!

    Thursday, February 14 2008
    Starr is utterly surprised, and Nora vows to uncover Lindsay's secret.

    At the Palace, Dorian and Starr go through goodie bags for the Go Red ball. Noticing Starr’s distraction, Dorian questions her happiness, to which Starr admits her heart is being ripped to shreds! Although Dorian tries convincing Starr that Cole and Langston aren’t cheating, Starr sees Clint arrive and reminds Dorian of how ‘that relationship’ turned out!

    Across the room, Nora watches as Lindsay arrives carrying boxes with Cris, Antonio and Vincent. After thinking back to seeing Lindsay drop her secret in the Get It Off Your Chest box, Nora approaches Cris privately with hopes of finding the box! When Nora is finally alone with the box, Clint startles her just as she reaches in to retrieve Lindsay’s secret! As Lindsay appears, Nora is forced to leave with Clint to get ready – and Lindsay can’t help thinking about the disastrous secret she deposited in the box!

    While Adriana, Layla, Talia and Sarah are getting ready for the Go Red ball at the apartment, Adriana confesses to Layla her worries where Gigi and Rex are concerned. Later, when the guys arrive to pick them up, the girls are far from ready. Once they are ready, the guys’ mouths drop as the girls emerge in red gowns.

    Getting ready for Starr’s party at Ultra Violet, Cole and Langston are overwhelmed to hear that Rex booked Mary J. Blige for the party! Cole takes Langston in a happy embrace! After Markko arrives and hears the news, the three prepare to get things ready – until Markko points out the lipstick on Cole’s collar! Langston explains how her lipstick must have brushed off while she was giving Cole an ‘excitement’ hug then leaves to find Starr.

    Addie appears in the kitchen at the mansion as Todd and Blair engaged in a kiss. After she sadly admits she’s never been in love, Blair asks her mom to attend the ball. With Todd and Blair upstairs getting ready, Addie calls a mysterious person and invites him to be her date!

    Later, when Dorian and Starr arrive home, Dorian quickly takes Addie upstairs to get ready for the ball and leaves Starr with Langston – who arrives right after. Although Starr doesn’t want to go out tonight, she agrees to go to teen night at Ultra Violet. However, after Langston heads up to get ready, Starr sees a message Cole left for Langston on her cell thanking her for Valentine’s day and letting Langston know he has her earring!

    Ready to go out, Starr waits for Langston in the kitchen and admits to Todd how she can’t trust certain people in her life. After Todd suggests she confront those in question, Langston appears and the girls leave.

    At Ultra Violet, thinking Starr is parking the car, Cole and Langston closely discuss the surprise party inside – until Starr confronts them about their sneaking around! After Starr has had enough screaming, she blows past Cole and Langston, goes into the club and hears, “Surprise!” Starr feels awful for thinking the worst.

    After Matthew makes Shane feel at home at the mansion, Charlie goes to leave but is stopped by Jared – who admits he knows what Charlie is up to regarding Rex! Charlie retaliates with, “Like father like son,” then listens on as Jared tells Shane that his dad is dead too. Charlie sadly says his goodbyes, telling Jared he hopes to see him again, then leaves. Later, Shane admires the mansion and confides in Matthew his hopes to stay in Llanview for good.

    Over at Llanfair, Natalie arrives home and acts surprised when Bo tells Viki that Allison had help escaping from St. Ann’s. As Natalie tries to get more info out of Bo, Gigi appears and Natalie offers to call Jess with the news. When Natalie rejoins Bo, Viki and Gigi, Bo relays news that Allison escaped with the help of two novice nuns! Before leaving, Bo assures Viki he’ll have plenty of security at the ball. Later, after Viki and Gigi leave for the ball, Natalie makes another call.

    When Nash and Jessica arrive at Roxy’s to pick up Bree, Roxy stalls them – while Allison is around the corner holding their daughter! As Jessica takes a call from Natalie, Roxy quickly goes to get Bree. Once Jess is off the phone, she announces that Allison escaped St. Ann’s then is alerted to a crash from around the corner where Allison is! Roxy acts as though she's yelling at her new trainee then listens on as Jess claims to Nash that she has no idea how Allison could have escaped.

    After Jess gives Roxy free tickets to the ball, her and Nash leave – and Allison comes out and insists that ‘she’ and Roxy are going to the ball together! No matter how much Roxy tries to talk her out of it, Allison demands a gown ASAP! While waiting for Roxy, Allison pulls out a gun with anticipation for the night to come!

    Although Natalie told Viki she was sick, to get out of going to the ball, Jess tells her she has to go! Back at the vineyard, Jessica admits to Nash that she broke Allison out of St. Ann’s!

    At the ball, with everyone clad in red gowns, Viki and Dorian hope the night goes off with no surprises! As Blair and Todd arrive, Addie calls Miles to say, “Hurry up and get here.” Rex and Adriana are startled to see Gigi at the ball… Jared and Charlie clash once again… And Roxy and Allison arrive – with Allison's gun in a red gift bag!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Mary J. Blige performs at Starr's surprise birthday party!

    Lindsay is one step ahead of Nora!

    Allison hunts for Jessica!

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    Posted by bigame at Thursday, February 14 2008 01:13 PM

    As much as Starr gets on my last nerve, I don't want to see Cole and Langston hook up, Cole and Starr deserve to be together.

    Go Allison give Tessica hell, I hope she makes her life a living hell for the time that she is on the show.

    Be glad when Jared get busted he is really full of his self, and Charlie is a damn fool for lying to Vikki about his son.

    Lindsey need to tell the truth before it slaps her in the face, especially when it comes down to Bo. I don't blame her for killing Spencer he deserved it. But I hope Nora do discover that she was faking her insanity, she needs to pay for messing with the justice system. She gets away with to much sh!t.

    I hope Dorian never be happy with anyone, she is one lonely bitter old lady. Dorian could never compare to Vikki that's why she is always scheming towards Vikki. Charlie just don't know what he is getting into between Vikki and Dorian but he will learn.

    Posted by Amy at Thursday, February 14 2008 01:19 PM

    Hi bigame,

    As a reminder, as per our guidelines, do not use symbols to type profanity. Next time, I will not hesitate to delete the entire post.

    Thank you!
    OLTL Recap/News Writer

    Posted by bigame at Thursday, February 14 2008 01:40 PM

    Hi Amy,

    Sorry for writing the BooBoo word the other way. I will try not to do it again. If I do go ahead and do your job don't think twice delete. Thanks for the warning.


    Posted by Amy at Thursday, February 14 2008 02:06 PM

    Hi bigame,

    Thanks! I didn't want to delete such a great long post because of one mistake. I knew you'd understand

    Have a great night!
    OLTL Recap/News Writer

    Posted by tigger1135 at Thursday, February 14 2008 06:00 PM

    Did anyone catch that comment that allison made yesterday about being good at changing babies! wonder what she meant by that, unless something happened a long time ago that I just did not see when I quit watching OLTL. Thank goodness I don't have a daughter like Starr, she is just one big miss prissy spoiled brat!! I wish Nash and Jess would just leave the show, I don't like either one of them, what a waste of people in a soap.(MO) Most of the story lines on OLTL are getting a little boring.

    Posted by damiensmom at Thursday, February 14 2008 06:30 PM

    hi tigger1135. this is my first time posting but in regards to your question about Allison's comment. this goes back quite awhile ago to the mitch laurence s/l, but I believe that Allison kiddnapped Jess as a baby(i could be wrong but i think i remember it being mentioned a while back.

    Posted by Verona at Thursday, February 14 2008 07:00 PM

    Mitch took Jes after birth. Alison went to Vicky's and switched Nat and exchanged her with Jes because Mitch wanted his little girl to have everything. Alison and Mitch later deposit Nat with Roxy.

    Posted by Verona at Thursday, February 14 2008 07:02 PM

    I like Starr, she turned out great for having such dysfunctional parents.

    Posted by keboyd at Thursday, February 14 2008 07:27 PM

    I like Starr and Cole together, not Langston and Cole.
    Vicki and Charlie are so good together I hope he can save face with her and stay together. Wasn't Dorian married to Vicki's dad before??? She is so easy to dislike always tring to ruin Vicki's life.
    I really love Gigi and Shane I hope that Rex is his father and they can all be together. I hate Lee and I hope John brings him D O W N!!!!!!

    Posted by Zion at Thursday, February 14 2008 08:01 PM

    I think Starr is nice young girl who has gone trought a lot and she deserve happiness with Cole. I don't blame her for flipping out , it happens.
    Charlie & Vicky make an honarable couple I hope they get to enjoy it. To make it happen he need to come clean with Vicky (his true love)the whole truth otherwise he'll lose her. Let's face they both deserve eachother, life is too short.
    Jared need to fess up or get exposed. And please bring David Vickers/Buchannan back for his role.
    I can't leave without making this comment; some strong carachter had left the show and it seems to be strungling
    could please bring some of those carachters back especially Renee Elise Goldsberry.
    Thank you.

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