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    A Day At Foxy Roxy's!

    Wednesday, February 13 2008
    Roxy begs Allison to stay quiet, Viki gets word of Allison's escape, and Gigi is invited to the Go Red Ball...

    When Michael and Marcie arrive at their apartment, Marcie frantically asks, “What happened to Tommy’s things?” Michael explains he boxed them up so Marcie wouldn’t be reminded of the pain. As Marcie cries about wanting to see Tommy’s things, Michael reminds that they have to start letting this go but agrees to go through Tommy’s things together. Michael goes downstairs to collect the box he left for Roxy to donate to charity.

    Back at Foxy Roxy’s, as Roxy tells Allison to leave, Allison threatens Roxy with a pair of scissors and refuses to go! Suddenly, Nash arrives and Allison instructs Roxy to get rid of him! With Allison hiding around the corner, Nash is holding Bree and questions Roxy about the woman who entered the shop with her. Although Roxy describes Allison as her trainee, Nash is late for a meeting and leaves Bree with Roxy to watch! Once Nash is gone, Allison appears from around the corner and insists on holding ‘Tessica’s’ baby!

    After Allison changes Bree’s diaper, she taunts Roxy with talk of how important it is to know one’s father. Although Roxy aims a pair of scissors at Allison, Allison grabs Bree as a shield! As Allison talks about Bree’s grandpa Mitch, and starts to tell Roxy what she wants from her, Michael arrives! After Allison introduces herself as Laura Mitchell, Roxy hands Michael the key to the storage area to retrieve Tommy’s things to quickly get rid of him.

    Back at the apartment with Marcie, Michael helps her go through all of Tommy things – as a way to say good-bye…

    Just as Jared drops his secret into the Get It Off Your Chest box, Natalie appears at the diner. However, when Jess arrives, Natalie rushes to her as the girls worry about where Allison is! Just then Rex and Adriana show up, to which Natalie brings up Charlie being Rex’s dad. Although Jessica pulls Natalie aside, Jared approaches Rex and questions him about Charlie Balsom being his father!

    When Nash arrives for his meeting with Jared, he apologizes for being late then notices Jessica and Natalie. Although Jessica and Natalie try to make a quick escape, Nash wants to know what they are up to! After Jared gets a call and informs Nash their meeting has been canceled, Nash talks about a dress he bought for Jessica for the Go Red ball and suggests they go home. Agreeing to meet up after they tie-up loose ends with Jared and Natalie, Jessica warns Natalie not to call Uncle Bo then leaves with Nash.

    Alone, Jared asks Natalie, “Anything you want to get off your chest?” However, Natalie claims she has nothing to get off her chest then leaves…

    Arriving at Roxy’s, Nash and Jessica ask where Bree is – unaware that their daughter is around the corner in the arms of Allison Perkins!

    Todd goes home to find Blair reading to Sam. After Todd tells Blair that he bailed Marcie out, Blair is stunned and wants the whole story! Todd goes on to talk about John’s blackmail then confesses how he and Lee held Gigi and her son hostage in Texas. With John’s blackmail explained, and his night in jail confessed, Blair is shocked to hear that Lee wanted Todd to kill Gigi and Shane – and that he threatened to hurt Blair and the kids! Though Todd thinks Blair won’t forgive him for his latest screw up, Blair is happy that Todd was honest with her and says, “The old Todd is gone.” Todd takes Blair in a kiss.

    In Bo’s office, although Bo tells Talia she’s reinstated, he reminds her and Antonio about their fraternization at work policy. Suddenly, Lindsay appears with Bo’s tux for the Go Red ball. After Antonio and Talia leave, Nora enters Bo’s office to talk about Marcie’s bail. However, someone else wants to talk about her bail – the mayor – who also wants answers and threatens Nora’s job! As the mayor demands that Nora get a conviction in Marcie’s case, and compares her handling of it to the Colson Case, Nora refuses to talk about this in front of Lindsay! After Nora stands her ground with the mayor, she leaves – then the mayor brings up Bo shacking up with a murderer and says, “Undo this damage quickly. You work for me, and you can be replaced!” Later, having overheard the mayor’s threat, Lindsay offers to move out – but Bo won’t hear of it! Just then, Bo gets a call and has to rush off…

    Later, Lindsay goes to the diner, writes down her secret – that she faked her insanity – then drops it into the Get It Off Your Chest box… As Nora watches from outside the diner!

    Still at Llanfair, Charlie and Viki are excited to get a visit from Gigi and Shane. Although Viki reveals that Charlie is Rex’s father, Gigi laughs and says, “That’s impossible.” Gigi says how Rex mentioned a man named Wally to be his father then accepts Charlie’s explanation about how Rex’s mom never told him she was pregnant with his son. Later, over talk of why Gigi is in town, because of Marcie, Gigi let’s Viki know that Todd bailed Marcie out. As Shane admires Viki’s house, Viki invites Gigi to the Go Red ball then offers up pick of her daughter’s wardrobe!

    Bo arrives wanting to talk to Viki privately just as Gigi agrees to go to the ball. Viki then instructs Gigi to go upstairs and pick out a dress, and Charlie offers to take Shane over to stay with Nora and Matthew – not realizing that they live at the Buchanan mansion! Once alone, Bo tells Viki that Allison has escaped from St. Ann’s!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Bo gives Viki details about Allison's escape.

    Starr is utterly surprised!

    Nora vows to uncover Lindsay's secret.

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    Posted by shepmajor at Wednesday, February 13 2008 01:12 PM

    Yes, losing a child is the most horrible thing any parent can go through... even Marcie felt that way about someone stealing Todd's son... UNTIL she found out that SHE had Todd's son, of course. Then she couldn't be bothered to worry about how much pain HE was in anymore. All she cared about was herself. Not Tommy/Sam, not Michael, not Starr, Jack, Viki - NO ONE but herself.

    Posted by fightmaster at Wednesday, February 13 2008 02:17 PM

    I like marcie and complely understand how she feels.Im so ready to know the secerat that allison is saying she knows.ALso i dont like gigi i think she is going to be trouble for rex

    Posted by natty at Wednesday, February 13 2008 03:08 PM

    Thanks for the update JGR1 I think I understand whats going on.I don't understand why they named him sam tough. Tommy was just fine. Thanks again

    Posted by flutterbye48 at Wednesday, February 13 2008 03:12 PM

    I like Marcie and I like Todd, In spite of their failings. I have to disagree with shepmajor. Todd wasn't in pain because he loved his son. Todd felt he lost something that was his. I feel Todd will grow to love Sam and he is already growing to love Sam but I don't feel that the pain he experienced is anywhere near the pain Michael and Marcie feels. And I do feel Sam's whole life would be better had he stayed with Marcie. There were a couple of times that Todd questioned himself but Blair encouraged his hunt for his son. I don/t know why because I am not sure she will ever be a real mother to Sam. I hope so but I don't think so.

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Wednesday, February 13 2008 04:49 PM

    If u Are a big fan of Kristen Alderson (Starr).
    I made a Fan Club of her she joined it and many others so try to get a hold of me at
    Or u could leave a comment on here and ill try to get a hold of you

    Amy great job on todays Episode

    Posted by shepmajor at Wednesday, February 13 2008 07:31 PM

    Sure Todd lost something that was his - his son! First because of Spencer and then because of Michael, Rex, AdriYAWNa, John and finally Marcie. That doesn't mean he doesn't or didn't love his son. I think he realized that he COULD and did love his son inspite of who his mother was when he couldn't bring himself to kill Margaret.

    Todd can be a real jerk sometimes, but no one can say he doesn't love his children. Also, it wasn't up to any of those people who decided to play God and keep Todd from his son - supposedly for the child's best interests.

    I mean, seriously... Was it in that poor baby's best interest to be dragged all over the country, to be put at risk of accident or death while Marcie sped around trying to evade capture? To be left with perfect strangers who VERY WELL could have done something unspeakable to him?

    Of course Todd questioned himself - that shows how much he DID care. The fact that he is in turmoil over the pain and confusion Sam is now suffering is further evidence of that - and what Sam is going through now? That is ALL on Michael, Rex, AdriYAWNa, John and Marcie - and Lindsay too.

    I felt for Michael and Marcie in the beginning. It sucks that Spencer put them in that position and at the time - NO they didn't deserve it. But the MOMENT each of them made a conscious decision to STEAL someone else's child? Not as much. Then when they went to the lengths they went to? All sympathy dried up with each passing day.

    Marcie DID feel like Todd had a right to his child and that no one NOT EVEN TODD deserved to have their child stolen from them - her attitude changed when she found out that SHE had Todd's child. Before that? She was all for Todd getting his son back.

    Posted by shawnie at Wednesday, February 13 2008 07:33 PM

    Is it because of the writer's strike that this show has become more awful than it already was? Jared is Asa's long lost son. Marcie won't go to jail for kidnapping. Charlie is pretending to be Rex's father. Gigi & Shane who?? Bo is Linday's guardian and she's gotten away with murder. Her only punishment was a few months in a mental institution with her make-up properly applied everyday.. Must I go on? Nothing about his show or it's characters make a darn bit of sense.

    Posted by Chrisfan at Wednesday, February 13 2008 11:24 PM

    Then sadly your missing out Chris is a very good actor. I thank the writers are writing Michael as a wimp. In one Chris movies i really want to see(amy i hope this is ok) I wont say the name of the movie(in case it isn't) but he plays a real bada$$ the bully of the main guy. He's has a gotee and Looks real hot with it. so again i'm sorry your missing out. thats ok.

    Posted by LongLegged at Thursday, February 14 2008 05:19 AM

    Too named "Tommy" Sam after Sam Rappaport....Lindsay's ex-husband. Todd said that he was the only "man" that every believed in him. That is where the name Sam came from.

    I am sorry, no I am not. I DO NOT feel Marcie's pain. My mother when I was young ran a Foster Home. She was to adopt a child that she got when the little girl was only 3 weeks old. CPS came and got tht child a week after Christmas well after that baby was a year old. It hurt my mother to death to give that baby up but she did, thankfully, only because the next baby she got was me and now I will be 32 this year.

    My point is, in being a parent, a parent has to make tough decisions for there children, even meaning to give them up, if that is what is called for. Marcie was just selfish and deserves some punishment. I won't respect her character until she accepts responsibility for her actions and does something about it.

    Posted by truthbetold at Thursday, February 14 2008 11:42 AM

    I feel for Marcie. She knows exactly what kind of environment she will be handing Tommy over to. This is not an unknown stranger come to take his child back, but TODD MANNING - a man with an unscrupluous character, a mean spirit and who is quiet capable of committing the most terrible deeds if it means he will get his way in the end or that he will hurt some innocent person. I would definitely be upset to hand any child over to a person like that. Marcie has made me regret watching this show at times but I do feel her pain.

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