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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Could It Be... Another Balsom?

    Thursday, February 07 2008
    Rex wonders if he's Shane's father, Jess and Allison make plans, and Todd goes nuts on Lee after he threatens his family...

    After Adriana tells Rex about Gigi's son, he’s shocked when she suggests that Shane is his! Rex thinks back to his conversation with Gigi in Texas and insists that if Gigi had a son she would have told him. “Unless…” Adriana says. “She didn’t want you to know.” Even though Adriana admits that Gigi denied Rex was Shane’s father, she reminds Rex of how Roxy lied all these years about his father – Charlie. “We dated in high school!” Rex screams in denial. “If I had a child, she would’ve told me!” No matter how much the truth may hurt, Adriana encourages Rex to go to Gigi and seek out the truth. After Rex promises that things will not change between them, should Shane be his, Rex leaves…

    John arrives back at his apartment to find Gigi tiding the place up. Over talk of Lee, John tells her that there’s no sign of him in Llanview – and that Todd will come forward and testify in Marcie’s favor. Suddenly, Markko shows up with takeout and informs John about the strange guy who also ordered food to Todd Manning’s penthouse! The more Markko describes this man, the more John realizes it’s Lee! After Markko leaves, John instructs Gigi to double-lock the door then rushes off!

    In Todd’s penthouse, although Lee wants to shoot to kill Gigi and Shane, Todd says, “I’m not going to let you shoot a woman and her child.” However, Lee assures Todd, “I’m not going to shoot them… You are!” Lee reminds Todd that he’ll be put back in the slammer if he goes forward and helps Marcie, but Todd still refuses to kill anyone! After Lee aims the inferred target on Todd, he turns off the lights and goes to the window with a plan for Todd to easily take aim and get away with murder! However, when Lee begins threatening his family, Todd warns, “If you go anywhere near my wife and kids, I’ll kill you with my bare hands!”

    After Gigi hears Rex at the door, she opens it and asks, “Adriana told you?” Just then, Shane says, “Mom...” and Rex stares into the apartment at the boy.

    With Todd gone from the penthouse, John sneaks in on the hunt for Lee. However, Lee is on to him and knocks John over the head with his gun! Looking at John lying on the floor, Lee says, “Opps!”

    At the diner, Lindsey is happy to see all the secrets deposited in her “Get It Off Your Chest” box! Lindsay then asks Miles and Addie if writing down your secrets really gives people peace. As Addie gives Miles a kiss on the cheek, while Lindsay takes a picture, Roxy storms in and asks, “Is everyone in this town after Miles Laurence?” Although Addie pulls Roxy aside and tries to explain that Miles is just her friend, Roxy replies, “Don’t forget, I saw him first.” With everyone around the ‘secret’ box, Addie suggests they all put their secrets in! Roxy briefly thinks back to Rex finding the letter at the hotel then says she wants nothing to do with that box!

    However, with everyone sitting at separate tables, Addie, Lindsay, and Roxy write down their secrets – but only Roxy and Addie place them in the box! Alone, Lindsay crumples up her paper then says, “Let the secrets stay hidden.”

    When Jared and Natalie arrive at the vineyard together, the two bicker about their situation… Inside the cottage, although Nash is still upset with Jessica about the stunt she pulled, he takes her in his arms and says, “I’m just glad it’s over… no more risky business.” Suddenly, Natalie and Jared barge through the door. As Natalie and Jess talk about plans to meet Viki tonight, the phone rings, Jessica says, “Hello, Mom,” and Allison asks from the other end of the line, “Are you going to break me out of this place or what!” Jessica acts as though it’s Viki, tells her she and Natalie are on their way then lies to Nash about having to help Viki prepare for the “Go Red Ball.” Before Jess and Natalie leave, Jared tells Jessica that he’s making Nash an equal partner! Jessica is eternally grateful!

    Once the girls are gone, Jared asks Nash if he wants to toast to their new partnership – and they do! After Jared says, “Too bad Jessica and Natalie couldn't stay,” Nash tells him that Viki can be very persuasive. Over talk of Jared being a Buchanan, Nash gives him a friendly warning about not intruding in his and Jessica’s life again.

    Outside the cottage, Jessica assures Natalie that if Allison acts up after they break her out, she’ll just bring her back! Though Natalie is nervous, Jess has it all under control! When the two arrive at St. Ann’s, dressed as nuns, Natalie and Jessica try to rush Allison out but they’re all stopped by a real nun! However, Allison quickly makes up a story about the new nuns from 'the other’ place', then the threesome continue on their escape route!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Lee puts his plan into motion.

    Natalie and Jessica bust Allison out of St. Ann’s!

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    Posted by Paris90 at Thursday, February 07 2008 12:29 PM

    What the heck are Jessica and Natalie thinking breaking Allison out of there, she's crazy! I don't even know why there even listening to her!

    Posted by forevergolden at Thursday, February 07 2008 03:26 PM

    Does anyone think that the big secret of Allison's, is Rex, is Mitch's son?

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, February 07 2008 03:46 PM

    Good casting with Shane. He looks like Rex. And Charlie is starting his relationship off with a big lie. Are men that hard to find that everyone wants this recovering alcholic with no job?

    Posted by jadey106 at Thursday, February 07 2008 09:11 PM

    gigi should get a test done see who shane father

    Posted by LucyM at Friday, February 08 2008 06:09 AM

    Well Ransomha, look where Vicky went to discover herself. She went to a dumb little town with dumb little people, what did you expect her to pick up?

    This big deal with Shane is getting boring. If he is Rex's son, I hope they tell us soon. This whole storyline with who is who's father is boring, yet again. Not surprising for this soap.

    I think they should get rid of Ramsey and let him take John along with him. Where is Bo? He should be the one involved in this thing. Oh I forgot, he is too busy chasing that nut from St. Ann's. Where is his son?

    What happened to Marko? The haircut he has makes him look like he is ten years old.

    Here we go again with Jessica telling more lies to Nash. That such a poor job at lying, even I could not swallow her story, yet here is her idiot husband believing her lies.

    I believe the secret could be that Rex is Jessica's brother, making them triplets or that Clint is her real father. Which ever way it goes, I hope this comes to an end soon.

    Posted by Mom4GavinSid at Friday, February 08 2008 08:48 AM

    I'm with you Forevergolden - I think Rex is Mitch's son. Didn't they say Walter Balsom was one of Mitch's deciples -the whole reason Roxi ended up with Natalie all those years ago?

    The whole Antonio/Talia thing is so out in left field. I know it's a soap, but how unbelievable is the cop-swap ordeal!

    Ramsey needs to go away-far far away.

    First time to post. Been watching all my life. I usually don't get to watch the show until the weekend, so the updates are nice throughout the week. Love reading the comments, too.

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