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    Do We Have A Deal Or Not?

    Monday, February 04 2008
    John corners Todd, Rex wants Bo to be his best man, and Dorian blackmails Jared...

    In St. Ann’s, Allison taunts Jessie about Mitch – and how his sins will come back to haunt her! Although Jessica offers her money in exchange for the secret, Allison demands her freedom and says, “If you want to know what it is, get me out of here!” When Jessica asks how she's supposed to do that, Allison says, "That's your problem - not mine!"

    When Adriana appears at John’s doorstep, she’s stunned to see that Gigi has a son. After Shane hears that Adriana knows a friend of Gigi’s, Shane asks, “Did you know my dad?” Gigi quickly insists that Shane go finish his homework, to which Adriana asks, “Is Shane Rex’s son?” Although Adriana tries putting the pieces together, Gigi denies that Shane is Rex’s son and informs Adriana that Rex doesn’t even know that she has a son. Gigi then admits she’s there to help Marcie and asks for Adriana not to tell Rex about Shane. Adriana quickly snaps, “Rex and I don’t keep secrets,” then puts some feelers out and asks if Gigi has a problem with her and Rex’s wedding plans! Gigi says she’s happy for both her and Rex then again asks Adriana to forget about her and Shane. Adriana leaves…

    In Bo’s office, when Rex confides what Roxy told him about his real father – Charlie Balsom – Bo assures Rex that he’s made a good life for himself and this news doesn’t affect who he is today. After Bo tells Rex to follow his heart where Charlie is concerned, talk of his wedding comes up and Rex asks, “I was wondering if you’d be my best man?” Though Bo says he’d love to be his best man, he asks Rex to deal with his issues with Charlie first because Rex may want Charlie to stand up for him. However, Rex reminds Bo of how much he’s always been there for him and says, “I would not be the man I am today if it weren’t for you. You have to be my best man, Bo.” After Bo says, “I’d be honored,” he tries to shake Rex's hand - but Rex insists on a hug. Bo then shocks Rex when he gives Rex the engagement ring he was going to give to Gabrielle!

    Later, when Rex arrives home, although Adriana tries telling him about Gigi, he quickly gets on one knee and proposes with the ‘real’ ring, to which Adriana happily accepts!

    Still at the Buchanan mansion, Jared is furious to hear that Charlie told Dorian that he was his son! However, Dorian makes it clear that Charlie didn’t tell her, and that she overheard a conversation between he and Charlie. Dorian then warns that if Jared doesn’t give Charlie another chance, she’s going to tell everyone that Jared is his son! Dorian continues to stick up for Charlie, but claims he doesn’t know she’s there. “Your father is a good man,” Dorian says to which Jared laughs and replies, “I get it now… You’re falling for him, aren’t you?” After Dorian denies any romantic feelings for Charlie, she calls Jared a punk and a schemer! “You are not as good as you think you are,” Dorian says. “But Charlie is desperate to make a mends with you, and I’m going to see that it happens!” Dorian then demands Jared go back to the mansion to see him!

    Viki is shocked to find Charlie at Dorian’s! After Charlie pulls her close, he invites her in. Although Viki questions why he never returned her calls, Charlie admits he was afraid he’d hurt her then really shocks Viki by admitting to living at Dorian’s! Charlie assures Viki he’s not drinking again, and that he and Dorian are only friends, then explains how he met Dorian. Of course, Viki reads between the lines as Charlie claims Dorian was trying to respect her privacy by not admitting to have known Viki. “She told me how you’re her oldest and dearest friend.”

    Just as Viki starts to protest Dorian’s claims, Dorian walks in! “Oh, my, my,” Viki says smiling. “If it isn’t my old dear friend Dorian.” Suddenly, Jared appears and Charlie stands by in shock as Viki snaps at Jared for having Jessica committed, to which Jared lets the cat out of the bag – and admits Jessica, when Tess, had him sent to prison! After Viki apologies for what Jess did during that time in her life, Dorian suggests Jared leave, and Viki quickly turns and asks Charlie to move in with her! Charlie agrees! As Viki goes to wait in the car, Dorian assures Charlie that she’ll keep his secret about Jared. Once Charlie walks out of the room, Dorian secretly plans to hold ‘her kindness’ over Charlie’s head!

    Lee meets Todd at his penthouse, to which Todd allows Lee to stay there. Although Todd appears to be heeding John’s warning, Lee reminds him it’ll only land Todd in Statesville! When John arrives, Lee quickly hides. Once inside, John wants to know if they have a deal or if Todd wants to go to prison along aside Lee! With Lee hiding around the corner, Todd talks over John’s demands to go easy on Marcie then asks, “If you keep your word and I go free, so does Ramsey… Can you live with that?” John warns Todd not to worry about Ramsey then says, “You help Marcie and you won’t go down for what happen in Texas. I’ll deal with Ramsey in my own way.” Before he leaves, John says he has till morning to give him an answer! Once John leaves, Lee shocks Todd by suggesting they kill Gigi and her son!

    Back at Llanfair, after Charlie tells Viki they were meant to be, she tries to explain about Dorian – and her past. However, Charlie takes her in a kiss and says, “We can talk about all of those things tomorrow.”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Natalie gets news about Allison Perkins.

    Charlie lies to Viki about Rex!

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    Posted by LongLegged at Monday, February 04 2008 02:58 PM

    Todd paid for most (really bad ones) crimes that he committed. Marcie needs to pay for taking TODDS son and going on the run with him. Funny how the law is bendable for one person and not the other.

    A judge said that Sam is Todds son and not Marcie's. She should have been a good mother and did the right thing. If someone took her biological child, I'd bet she would have had a different story.

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