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    The Secret Lingers On...

    Friday, February 01 2008
    Inside St. Ann's, Allison Perkins holds a family secret over Jessica's head, Viki and Charlie come face to face and so do Adriana, Gigi and Shane...

    At the mansion, Clint and Nora approach Jared and tell him he’s being evicted – immediately – for having Jessica committed! Just as Nora warns Jared he has an hour to get out, Dorian appears and says, “I’m here to see Jared. I want to talk to him about his father.” Easing Jared’s nervousness, Dorian claims she’s there to write a story on him for her magazine. As Jared rants about Nora and Clint throwing him out, Renee walks in and objects! Although Clint reveals that Jared had Jess thrown into St. Ann’s, Jared spins the truth and regains Renee’s trust. “If he goes,” Renee says. “So do I!” Through tears, Renee reminds them all how much Jared has helped her through her grief then suggests she and Jared set up rooms at the Palace. However, Clint refuses to allow that then leaves with Nora – who taunts Jared with the notion that he’s still not welcome there!

    Alone with Dorian, as Jared gets comfortable – and ready for their interview – Dorian breaks the ice and says, “I'm here on behalf of a friend of yours… Does the name Charlie sound familiar?” After Dorian takes full responsibility for Charlie missing his meeting with Jared, she asks him to give Charlie a second chance. “That’s not going to happen,” Jared says, to which Dorian replies, “Then I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell everyone in this house who you really are.”

    Over at Llanfair, as Natalie is feeding Bree, Nash and Viki wonder why Jessica wanted to stay at St. Ann’s. When Miles arrives hearing the words ‘St. Ann’s’ Nash fills him in about Jessica’s situation. Suddenly, Addie comes through the kitchen door wearing a baker’s hat! Addie starts to vent to Viki about all the things going on over at Dorian’s... This wonderful man – but stranger – who Dorian has taken in, the fact that Sam misses his adoptive parents as well as her worries for Blair and all she’s going through. Wanting to help, Viki rushes right over to see Blair!

    When Viki leaves, seeing that Nash is worried about Jessica, Addie assure him that everyone at St. Ann’s will take care of his wife. Later, when Miles apologizes to Natalie about all the trouble his brother caused her family, Natalie reminds him that she and Jessica turned out just fine.

    In the dayroom at St. Ann’s, Jess takes a seat next to Allison and demands to know ‘this secret’ of hers. However, Allison snaps, “What’s in it for me, Tess?” As Jessica promises to come back and visit Allison once she gets out, and bribes her with weekly treats, Allison asks Jess to come close then whispers, “It’s about your twin sister Natalie.” Just as Jess perks up, Allison laughs and reminds her about the ‘other secret’ she revealed about Natalie being her twin sister then claims Natalie has nothing to do with her current secret! When Jessica threatens to leave St. Ann’s and never come back, Allison stops her and claims that what she knows is the biggest secret Jessica’s family has heard in three months! “It’s about your daddy, Mitch,” Allison says excitedly. “The secret didn’t die with him… It’s still very much alive!”

    When Rex stops into Bo’s office, he panics and says, “My life is over.” Just then, not seeing Rex, Adriana storms in and yells to Bo, “You need to help me save Rex!” As Rex comes out from behind the opened door, Adriana blurts out that Todd almost killed Rex and that Charlie Balsom saved him! After Rex leaves to check on a problem at Ultra Violet, Bo reminds Adriana if they go after Todd, he may do everything he can to put Rex away for keeping Tommy’s paternity a secret. Knowing Bo’s right, Adriana changes the subject to her engagement to Rex then Bo brings up Marcie’s ring, to which Adriana admits that he bought it from his ex-girlfriend.

    After Roxy barges through Dorian’s door, she tells Charlie she needs a favor then states, “My son needs a father… and you’re it.” Although Charlie doesn’t want anything to do with Roxy's confession to Rex, she informs him she’s already told Rex that he’s his father! “I don’t want to lose my son.” As the protesting goes back and forth, Charlie is upset to hear how ‘down on herself’ Roxy is but still replies, “I can’t do this.” Roxy then tells Charlie that Rex already thinks the world of him and asks, “Wouldn’t you like a son like that?” After Roxy claims, “It’s life and death,” she tells Charlie to think about it then leaves. Later, Rex appears outside Dorian’s door…

    As Charlie is heading upstairs, he’s stopped by a knock at the door. When he opens it, it’s Viki!

    Rex goes back to Bo's office and wants to talk about his father!

    At John’s apartment, John explains Lee’s part in Marty’s death then convinces Gigi that Rex digging around is the least of their problems. Over more talk of Marty. Gigi says, “I’m so sorry… I couldn’t imagine if someone I loved was killed.” Suddenly, Shane appears and asks, “Didn’t you love dad?” Gigi quickly replies, “Of course, I loved your father,” then scolds Shane for asking John about his dad. Once they are alone again, John makes sure Gigi told Rex not to let on that she’s in town, to which Gigi admits that Rex doesn’t know about Shane – or that she even has a son. Before John leaves to check on something concerning Todd, Gigi asks, “I don’t get it… Viki is such a great person. How can she have such a horrible brother like Todd?”

    Shortly after John leaves, Gigi hears a woman calling out to John from outside his door. When she hears it’s Adriana Cramer, Gigi cracks the door a bit and Shane calls out, “Mom, who is it?” Adriana repeats, “Mom?” to which Gigi fully opens the door and says, “Yes, here's my son.”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    John corners Todd!

    Rex wants Bo to be his best man.

    Dorian blackmails Jared!

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    Posted by Paris90 at Friday, February 01 2008 02:10 PM

    I can't stand Jared he doesn't care about anyone but himself, putting the family through this especially Renee who keeps going around defending him when their still mourning Asa. I wonder who Rex's father is, and then there's boring, whining Adriana, and was Gigi even supposed to open the door, I thought she wasn't suppose to let anyone know she was there. And why is Jessica even listening to Allison, the woman is crazy! You can't believe a word she's saying, just go back home to your dull boring life!!

    Posted by LaceyLee at Friday, February 01 2008 08:25 PM

    i think nora needs to back off lindsay, look wwho she killed, everyone in town wanted him dead, and if they are going to date bo and clint they need to come to some kind of agreement. and roxie should just tell rex the truth, he will find out, after all he is a PI.

    Posted by jcodog at Saturday, February 02 2008 07:02 AM

    Love Addie! she and Roxy should become friends and throw Miles in the mix. I can't believe Dorian!! and why would Clint and Nora let her stay, they should have thrown her out, that would really have been worth watching. Adriana is getting on my nerves she's getting whiny and still very immature. Ok, what have they done to John! Isn't he the tough guy who doesn't want to talk about his they have him opening up to a virtual stranger! How can he find so easy to talk to Gigi and Marty but could never with Evangeline and Natalie. Confuse me! I like Gigi and i think she and Rex will eventually end up together. Jared needs to go, he's another Spencer type of character. I think Rex is somehow Bo's son, which would explain why they've always had that special connection.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, February 02 2008 11:41 AM

    I thought Roxie wasn't Rex's birth mother? Is that right? On soap net, Todd describes his character as a man/child. I totally agree. And Dorian showing up at Nora's house is a joke! What nerve...but Dorian sure has a lot of that!

    Posted by shepmajor at Sunday, February 03 2008 10:49 AM

    LaceyLee - What Nora feels for Lindsay has almost nothing to do with Spencer Truman, and everything to do with the things Lindsay has done to hurt her, Matthew and Bo over the years - not to mention the others she has hurt.

    Posted by oltfan2007 at Sunday, February 03 2008 05:02 PM

    okay about time viki met up with charlie and as for jessica why is she listening to a crazy allison again do we have live through yet another secret of hers geeesh so tired of that one thank you very much writers i do how ever love the idea of rex finding out his family history though interesting thought there wonder if mitch is his father hmmmmmm maybe

    Posted by LucyM at Monday, February 04 2008 10:04 AM

    I cannot stand Adriana and her whiny self. Marcie is annoying, John is too busy helping helpless women, and this whole thing with Jared, is too boring. Tell me where is the good storyline? This this with Rex is not a good storyline, Nora/Clint/Lindsay/Bo is too immature. I am so tired of this soap. I do not watch it on weekends to catch up. Amy is the one who keeps me informed. Nothing new I see. Amy, I also, thought Roxie wasn't Rex's biological mother.

    Posted by Amy at Monday, February 04 2008 10:10 AM

    Hi LucyM,

    'As far as we know', Roxy is Rex's biological mother

    Have a great day!
    OLTL Recap/News Writer

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