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    I Know Something You Don't Know!

    Friday, January 25 2008
    Allison Perkins confronts Jessica, Rex's Aunt Corrine pays him a visit, becoming Sam's mother does not come easy to Blair, and Jared is hired back on at B.E....

    When Nash shows up at Roxy’s, he confides that he took her advice and got tough with Jessica. After Nash tells her about St. Ann’s, Roxy scolds him for going to such measures then warns that while it’s easy to get someone thrown into St. Ann’s it’s a lot harder to get them out!

    After Nash leaves, Miles arrives and apologizes for hurting Roxy. Though Roxy finally realizes, “I get it, you’re just not into me,” Miles wonders, “What I don’t get is why you’re so into me?” As Roxy and Miles talk about all the bad deeds they’ve done, talk of Mitch comes up and Miles wonders, “How well did you know him?” Roxy quickly claims, “Not much at all,” then changes the subject to Natalie and how she’s having such a hard time getting over Jared.

    Jessica abruptly wakes up at St. Ann’s and finds her door is locked! Frantically, she starts banging and screaming, “Somebody help me! I’m Jessica!” Although a doctor comes in and drills her with questions, Jessica again tries to explain she was pretending to be Tess, but the doctor refuses to release her – and doesn't allow her to call Nash! “If your treatment goes well, you can be home with your family by spring.” Jessica is stunned, grabs a hold of the doctor’s shirt then starts shaking him. After he leaves to get Jess some medication, Jess takes the phone she stole from the doctor and calls Viki – and is able to get the words ‘St. Ann’s’ out before the doctor comes back and takes the phone!

    At the Palace, after Viki says the man she’s looking for is named Charlie B., Adriana comments about Rex just meeting a Charlie! Viki thinks it isn’t possible that ‘her Charlie’ could be in Llanview but goes to show Rex his picture! However, Viki is stopped by the call from Jessica and leaves…

    Later, Rex’s Aunt Corrine arrives for lunch. After he introduces her to Adriana, they briefly talk about Rex’s past girlfriends to which Corrine admits that Rex broke Gigi’s heart when he left town! Changing the subject to their wedding guest list, Rex starts grilling his aunt about their family. Adriana quickly takes the hint, says her goodbyes, leaving Rex to ask his Aunt Corrine, “What doesn’t my mom want me to know?” Finally, Rex’s aunt admits, “I’m not sure Walter really was your father. Are you happy now?”

    When Viki arrives at St. Ann’s, Jessica starts explaining what happened and says, “My own husband wouldn’t even back me up.” Just then, Nash appears and forces Jess to tell Viki she was pretending to be Tess – and Viki agrees that Nash did the right thing! After a brief scolding session, Nash agrees to go sign the papers to get her out of St. Ann's – and Viki goes with him to retrieve Jessica’s clothes.

    While Jessica is waiting, Allison Perkins walks by, sees Jessica standing with a nun then taunts, “I know something you don’t know!”

    As Todd walks in the bedroom at the mansion and hears Blair screaming, “I hate you,” she explains, “I was yelling at Margaret!” Blair then admits that she’s been seeing Margaret since they brought Sam home and worries if she’ll ever be able to love his son. When Todd wonders if what Blair’s been hearing from her visions of Margaret are really her own thoughts, Blair realizes that her thoughts may stem from issues surrounding her and Todd. Blair talks about their initial marriage arrangement then claims she feels like a five million dollar nanny. Though Todd says, “You’re more than a nanny and you know it,” Blair replies, “If you wouldn’t have found your son we’d probably be divorced by now.” Wondering what Todd can do to make Blair believe there’s more to their marriage, Blair replies, “The best thing would be for you and Sam to pack up and move out.”

    As Charlie vents at Dorian’s about the dilemma he’s in, he vows to find a way to be a father to Jared – even though Jared is pretending to be another man’s son. Just then, Addie comes bursting in and asks Charlie to help ‘zip her up’! After Dorian warns Addie to stop doing these things, Charlie confirms, “There is someone else.” Shrugging her shoulders, Addie says, “All the good ones are gone,” then states she’s going blond today. “I’ve heard they have all the fun!” Though Dorian offers to take Addie to her hairdresser, Addie insists on going to Foxy Roxy’s. Once Addie leaves the room, Charlie deliberates whether or not to contact Viki, but Dorian tells him about Viki’s heart transplant then suggests he doesn’t do anything to ‘break her heart’.

    Jared arrives at B.E. and asks Natalie if he can come back to work. Although Natalie worries about them being in such close quarters, and snaps for him kissing Jessica, she admits she can’t stop thinking about him. “You working here would make things worse.” However, Jared wants to try a news way of connecting, not just as family – but as friends. With a little persuasion, Natalie rehires Jared at B.E. Just when things appear to be going well, Natalie gets a call from Nash saying that Jared had Jessica committed!

    Later, when Dorian brings Addie to Roxy’s, Roxy is introduced to Charlie ‘Balsom’, causing Roxy to blame him for the family doubts planted into her son’s head! While the group is arguing, Addie goes to Miles and says, “I know you from somewhere.”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Rex wants answers from Roxy.

    Todd longs for Blair to be his 'real' wife.

    Charlie pleads for Jared's forgiveness.

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    Posted by sharbrownie at Friday, January 25 2008 01:43 PM


    I agree, Blair will love this little boy just as he was her own. Jared is getting on my nerves. I believe it is about to be a big show down in Llanview.

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Friday, January 25 2008 11:59 PM

    Allison looked totally crazed when she blurted her line out...

    Thought Jess was pretty classic in St.Anns through out todays episode. I was shocked when Nash went along with Jared's plan yesterday. That was crazy. Hope Nigel was serious the other day and he pop's Uncle Jareds Asa Jr fantasy soon.
    Loving Addy. She's been great. So fun to see her character set free!
    Dorian better get her's for doing this to both Charlie and Vicki. Low down dirty.... GRRRRR.
    Blair and Todd are gonna get busy soon I'm thinking. Blair will love Sam like her own in no time.
    Look forward to seeing what Roxy's been hiding. Wonder if Rex is someone we all knows son in lanview... Or what is roxy hiding.
    Loving the show. Keep up the good work Writers.

    Posted by maziemaee at Sunday, January 27 2008 02:55 PM

    Hi, this is lea, just have a question who is allison perkins on one life to live? I know i have seen her before?

    Posted by caseyr at Monday, January 28 2008 07:06 AM

    alison perkins is nashes exgirlfriend she is kind of obsessed with him. When she came on the show at first she stalked him and jessica like she was trying to brake them up or something like that. I know because I watched that episode.

    Posted by babygurl101 at Monday, January 28 2008 08:37 AM

    Ok. Charlie and Jared need to reunite as father and son so he can stop messing with the Buchanans and be with Natalie. True, he is a complete jerk, but Natalie would be happy with him (possibly, if she can get over the fact that he lied about being her uncle). Things just need to work out for Natty.

    Posted by Amy at Monday, January 28 2008 08:54 AM

    Sorry, Allison Perkins is not Nash's ex-girlfriend. You're thinking of Claudia Restone. For those who want to read up more about these two characters, please visit our Cast List page to the left.

    Have a great day!
    OLTL Recap/News Writer

    Posted by LucyM at Monday, January 28 2008 11:47 AM

    Amy, you never answered my question on how Jared knew about Jessica writing that letter that if Tess came out, she should be committed.

    Posted by Amy at Monday, January 28 2008 11:50 AM


    I answered you under Friday - or Thursday's recap

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