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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Transfer Granted!

    Tuesday, January 15 2008
    Talia has to take the job in Cherryvale, Antonio gets a new partner, and Cole & Langston are ordered to go to grief counseling...

    At the station, after a bit of flirting, Talia and Antonio talk about the McBains and John possibility getting his job back to which Antonio admits, “It’s good to have you back.” However, when Bo arrives to hear that Talia decided not to take the transfer, Bo replies, “Well, Talia, I’m afraid that’s not up to you.” Though Antonio and Talia try to sway Bo, the decision is out of his hands.

    Just then, there’s a knock on Bo’s office door and it’s Antonio’s new partner, Oliver! As Antonio listens to Oliver ramble, and hears he was on prior geek patrol, he’s not thrilled at this news. Needing to get to court, Bo wishes Talia luck then leaves Antonio with his new partner – and his transferred girlfriend! After asking for some time alone with Talia, geeky Oliver leaves Antonio to assure Talia, “This is a temporary setback.” However, not wanting to make Bo look bad, Talia has no choice but to take the position in Cherryvale.

    Nora pays Cole a visit in his room at the mansion to find he hasn’t unpacked yet. Although Cole thinks of the place as ‘just a place to sleep’, Nora is determined to help him through his grief. After Nora brings up group therapy, Cole doesn’t want anything to do with it. However, as he listens to Nora’s reasoning, and her begging for him to go to 'just one' session, Cole finally gives in to her request.

    Upstairs at Dorian’s mansion, Addie goes into Charlie’s room and wakes him up by saying, “Rise and shine cowboy! Time for you to saddle up and teach me how to ride!” Charlie is in shock when Addie opens her robe!

    As Langston comes downstairs at the mansion in her new rockin’ outfit, Dorian makes a couple adjustments to make her appear more conservative! Over talk of her new friend Charlie, Dorian discreetly folds up a newspaper with the headline: Viki Freed! Over juice, Dorian gives Langston some advice, "Keep your enemies close." Although Langston wants to head out to find Starr, Dorian informs her that she has a grief meeting.

    Suddenly, Charlie appears and insists someone broke into Dorian’s home – and that the perpetrator is in his bed! As Dorian and Langston listen to Charlie’s description of the woman who was straddling him, Addie appears, laces her arm in Charlie’s and says, “Bed buddy! There you are!” As Addie admits she flashed Charlie, the doorbell rings and Dorian heads to answer it. However, Langston stops her and refuses to go to grief counseling! After Dorian explains it’s mandatory by social services, she pushes Langston to the door – where her driver awaits outside. When Langston opens the door, she’s surprised to see Cole, who is looking for Starr, but relieved to hear Cole is on his way to group therapy as well! The two agree to meet at the diner for pre-therapy breakfast.

    Returning to the living room, Dorian quickly grabs the newspaper from Addie as she announces that Todd found his son! Once Addie leaves, Charlie informs Dorian he’ll be meeting Jared Buchanan for lunch at noon to which she insists Charlie go for a ride with her now – because she’s in need of his contracting skills! Although Charlie doesn’t want to miss his lunch with Jared, Dorian assures him they’ll be back in time but secretly hopes to keep Charlie out of public sight – and Viki’s! Suddenly, Addie reappears wanting to catch a ride to the polar bear club!

    When Sarah arrives at the diner upset about what could’ve happened to Viki, Cris pulls her in an embrace. Sarah admits her Aunt Viki is everyone’s ‘rock’ then rants about her mother, Tina, not returning any of her messages. On a lighter note, Cris and Sarah make plans to reschedule their date later – since Cris is covering the diner for his mother. Just then, when Markko appears, Cris picks up on his cash flow problems and offers him a job at the diner – if he can handle covering for him for an hour! Markko agrees.

    After Cris and Sarah take a seat for breakfast, Markko heads into the kitchen… Cole and Langston arrive and take a seat at the counter. Over talk of the grief counseling, just as Langston says, “I really don’t want Markko to find out about this,” Markko overhears – and is jealous of Langston being with Cole!

    RJ meets Lindsay in the courtroom and tries to convince her she’s better off living with him. However, Lindsay clearly hopes to be placed in Bo's care. When Nora appears, she brings up Lindsay ‘getting’ Bo – and exactly what she’s wanted! As RJ warns Nora to back off, Bo arrives and the judge calls court to order! “I’m prepared to deliver my decision,” she says as Nora glares at Lindsay. “The court awards legal guardianship to Bo Buchanan.” Afterwards, while RJ congratulates Bo and Lindsay, Nora reminds her, “I’m keeping an eye on you, Lindsay.”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Jess and Natalie arrive in Texas!

    Cole & Langston form a closer bond.

    Antonio & Talia work to overcome obstacles in their relationship.

    Gigi tells Marcie she has no regrets!

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    Posted by naala at Tuesday, January 15 2008 12:28 PM

    Why do I have a feeling that Natalie is to put her paws on Oliver? and I hope that Thalia and Antonio make their relationship work. Chris and Sarah are cute too.
    I don't about Langston and Cole.

    Posted by ksmakela at Tuesday, January 15 2008 01:39 PM

    Re Oliver and Natty. I don't think he's into girls. Does Llanview PD have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy? Maybe I am getting the wrong impression by only reading the update instead of watching the broadcast.

    Whoa!! Addie!!! If this doesn't sober Charlie up, he's in trouble!!
    Now won't Charlie be Ticked Off at Dorian for not telling him that Viki was a hostage and nearly died? Of course she'll lie her way out of that one, as usual.

    With Sarah on the show so much, maybe Tina and their whole fam will re-emerge on the show! That might be pretty cool.

    I liked Nora with Bo. I have no proof that Clint can dance with her like Bo did. She should make up her mind. Lindsay has been through, and gotten away with, too much to take a back seat and Nora's left-overs. Lindsay should be someplace that will further her recovery, like DORIAN's!!

    Ha. I crack myself up.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Tuesday, January 15 2008 01:48 PM

    Hi Everyone,

    Today's epi was less exciting as previously, but still good. The highlite was when Addie flashed Charlie in his bed!! Then her 'polar bear club' outfit was a hoot!! ) I can't wait for Charlie to catch onto Dorian's scheme. I enjoy any time Dorian gets her dues! ) Hated Talia had to leave just as her and Antonio were starting to bond. Oliver?!?! What can you say? We did need a little humor added to the storyline! ) I don't know about him being Natalie's new love interest. She does have a soft heart for the 'underdogs'. (ie.Miles!) So, she may take him under her wing, but would be surprised if she took him into her bed! Cole and Langston together? They do have a lot in common and seem to be drawn to each other. Starr and Marco's attitudes may push them even closer together. Starr has turned into her mother's daughter! And, Marco seems to be jealous of Cole being friends w/ Langston. Time will tell!

    Posted by daughterinlaw at Tuesday, January 15 2008 06:01 PM

    I am so glad the Marcie thing is over. Things just take to long and get on my nerves. Mother says she likes Nora with Bo better also but Bo thought he had to have younger women. Too bad!!! Mother says it is funny how you can make us love a character one time and hate them another time. Marcie needs to go to Saint Ann's. I did not know about Clint being such a womanizer. I thought he was a nice guy when he was with Vicki. Then he went to Doran and that lost my vote. Nora deserves better.
    Charlie, Charlie, hope you will be true to Vicki. Doran has you in her cluthes oh my!!!

    Posted by keboyd at Tuesday, January 15 2008 08:55 PM

    I was so sad for Marcie and Micheal but I'm glad it is over and not so happy Tommy is Todd's son but the child does have a right to be with his real family. Let Vicki and Charlie be a couple and leave Dorain in the dust. Jess is playing with fire and she might just get burnt.

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, January 16 2008 07:00 AM

    Marcie does need mental health services and Michael will be there for her.

    Dorian is mad at Clint, therefore, will keep the secret about Jared and Charlie. I cannot stand when Dorian does this.

    I really do not care if Officer Dumbwit and Antonio get together. I think Cris is too mature for Sarah, and frankly do not care about Natatlie/Jessica/Jared storyline.

    As I said before, this new year does not prove any different from any other year. It appears there will be more boring/dragging storylines in our future.

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, January 16 2008 09:21 AM

    Officer Dumbwit messed up with Antonio. Now she has to leave. Who cares? She jumped the gun and now has to face the consequences for her actions.

    Cole and Langsto? I wonder. That would send Starr through the roof. I'd like to see that. She is just a spoiled brat. She is the only who is going to throw these two together. Cole nor Langston move me as far as making me feel sorry for their loss. Then again I really don't like any of these characters. I used to like Starr when she was younger. She had so much spunk in her. All she does now is complain and whine. I am sick of her.

    I liked the outfit Langston had on but after Dorian got through with her, she looked so goofy. Dorian playing mother, now there's a new concept.

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