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Marty Dies!

Tuesday, December 04 2007
John cannot save Marty, Marcie reaches out to Michael for help, and Charlie lies for Jared...

Although John tries to get Mary loose from the rumble, she screams in pain then begs him to find Cole! When Marty doesn’t get an answer after screaming out Cole’s name, John explains that he must have been thrown from the van – along with Simon! At Marty’s persistence, John stands up in the van, shines the flashlight around the vicinity then spots Cole motionless on the ledge of the cliff! Although John doesn’t tell Marty what he saw, he promises to go take a look around. Before he goes, Marty confesses that she’s always known John was a man she could trust… With a kiss to her hand, John jumps out then heads up the cliff to Cole – without noticing the gas seeping from the van’s gas tank!

After John reaches Cole, he explains how he needs to get back to the van to get Marty out. Just as Cole promises to stay put, there’s an explosion! As Cole screams, “Mom!” John rushes toward the van, with Cole close behind, but neither can get close enough to the flame-engulfed vehicle, leaving Cole screaming, “No!”

When Jared goes back into the mansion, Bo and Clint grill him about the man he sent packing. Although Jared claims the man came looking for money – and that he knew he spent time in prison – Bo and Clint continue to think Jared targeted the Buchanan’s the minute he got out of jail! However, Jared expresses wanting to make it on his own – and how shocked he is about being a Buchanan. Suddenly, Jared turns his attention on Nigel and asks, “Great timing, Nigel. Why now?” As the rest chime in with Jared, Nigel explains that he had no idea who the lost son was and that he thought everyone had the right to view the letter.

With their attention focused back on Jared, Bo says, “I think you knew exactly what was in that letter!” As everyone continues to point fingers, Natalie suggests a DNA test to which Jared quickly agrees, and even urges Bo to take a sample now! Jared briefly thinks back to pulling David’s hair then asks, “Will hair work?” After Nigel brings in an envelope, Jared pulls out a piece of hair, shows everyone then puts it in the opened envelope Nigel is holding – one that already contains David’s hair sample!

Later, in the foyer, Jared tells Natalie that he had no idea about being Asa’s son to which she replies, “I believe you,” but admits she can’t be around him right now. Alone in the living room, Clint and Bo anticipate the DNA results – and finding out what Jared’s agenda is!

At Rodie’s, although Charlie tries to hold back the urge to drink, he orders a vodka. While waiting for his drink, Charlie thinks back on how Viki saw him, as a man who’s turned his life around, then gets up to leave. However, on his way out of Rodie’s, Charlie remembers Jared’s rejection then goes back to the bar and accepts his drink.

As Michael takes Marcie’s call, he's shocked to hear her ask him for a million dollars! When Marcie tells Michael that ‘someone’ is blackmailing her, Michael reminds her that everyone close to them is being watched then begs her to allow him to bring her and Tommy home! After Michael tells Marcie about losing his job, through tears, he says, “I can’t help you. I won’t help you… What you’re doing to Tommy…” Suddenly, Marcie breaks down in tears, allows the minutes to run out, the phone to go dead, then slides to the floor in tears.

When Michael returns to the bar, he downs a shot, which causes Charlie to ask, “Are you okay?” As Michael and Charlie briefly talk about losses, Charlie assures Michael that whatever is going on in his life will turn out to be okay, causing Michael to take another drink...

In Texas, as David eats some of Tommy’s baby food, someone knocks on the door. Thinking it’s Marcie, David answers the door but is shocked to see Viki, who says, “David, what are you doing here?” After David implies he’s having a ‘thing’ with Gigi’s friend, Viki sees Tommy’s playpen and wonders how this woman could leave David – a stranger – alone with her baby? Although Viki pushes her way inside, and looks down at a sleeping Tommy, she doesn’t recognize him but expresses her worry to David about ‘poor Todd’ and his loss of Tommy! Sitting on the bed, David listens on as Viki talks of Marcie and how hard it must be for her. When Viki even goes so far as to say she understands why Marcie ran away, David questions, “But doesn’t he belong with the father?” Realizing she’s late for work, David turns down Vik's offer to talk to Moe about a job. Viki then smiles and says David is destined to do good things then leaves him with, “One day you’re going to make me so proud.”

After Viki leaves, Marcie returns, says she can’t get the money then starts handing David her jewelry. Although Marcie promises she’d give him the money if she had it, David finally stops her and says, “I’m not going to turn you in.” As hard as it is to believe David is being sincere. David then tells Marcie to be careful – and to trust no one – and says, “Your secret is safe with me.”

Later, when Charlie gets a call from Viki, he ignore it, lifts his drink to Michael, cheers, “Here’s to fathers and sons,” then takes a sip!

Next on One Life to Live:

Cole returns to Llanview and grieves Marty's death.

Marcie finds herself at a standstill.

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