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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Negotiations Begin!

    Friday, November 30 2007
    John tries to save Marty and Cole, Nigel announces Asa's son, Viki gets a call from Todd, and Marcie is almost found out...

    When Charlie arrives at the vineyard, Nash asks, “Can I help you?” After Charlie replies, “I’m looking for Jared Banks,” Nash tells Jared’s ‘old friend’ what a jerk Jared is and how he scammed part of his vineyard from him! Once Nash invites Charlie to sit down, Charlie says he’s in Llanview to make Jared a proposition then asks Nash to fill him in on Jared's current character to which Nash obliges! Shortly after, Nash tells Charlie that Jared in now living at the Buchanan mansion then finishes with, “Be careful, I have a feeling Jared isn’t the same person you used to know.”

    As Natalie walks into the living room at the mansion, Bo informs her that Nigel was about to reveal Asa's lost Buchanan son then asks Jared to leave, “This is a family affair.” After Jared leaves, with Natalie following him close behind, Clint and Bo wait patiently until Nigel pulls out the letter stating that Asa leaves one more seat on Buchanan board to his last child, Jared Banks! In shock, Bo and Clint look over the letter and accuse Asa and Jared of setting this up as some kind of sick joke! No matter how much Nigel tries to convince them that the letter is legit, Clint and Bo don’t plan on making room for Jared in their lives – not without proof!

    In the foyer, after Natalie lays on the seduction, Jared takes her in a passionate kiss – one she breaks then screams, “You dog! You just kissed me good-bye!” Once Jared claims he wasn’t saying good-bye, he says, “I’m glad you fired me,” then explains how much he admires and cares for her to which Natalie expresses, “You’re not the man Nash and Jess think you are. I know that now.” As Jared and Natalie take pleasure in another kiss, Nigel appears and summons Jared at Bo and Clint’s insistence!

    Back inside the living room, when Bo and Clint divulge the contents of the letter to Jared, Asa’s son, and how Asa left him a seat on the Buchanan board, Natalie snaps, “What!” as Jared stutters, “I don’t want to be Asa’s son! I’ve just fallen for your daughter!” After Clint and Bo claim they’re going to ‘clear this mess up,’ Jared looks at Natalie and says, “If this is true, that means you’re my niece.” Natalie looks disgusted! As Jared claims he never knew his father or grandparents, Nigel leaves to answer the door then returns and says, “There’s someone here to see Mr. Banks.”

    When Starr shows up at Todd’s office upset about Cole, he shows her a website where she can post missing people then brings up a page he made for Tommy. Todd then shows Starr a map and points to Paris Texas and talks about how Marcie and Tommy were last spotted there. Once Todd completes Starr's registration on the website, he uploads a video of Cole and watches as Cole professes his love to Starr. Later, Todd manages to get a hold of Viki, in Paris, and asks her for permission to use The Banner to find his son – Tommy! Viki is stunned and apologizes, “I’m so sorry, Todd, no one told me.” Although Viki offers to come home, Todd tells her not to but promises to call her again soon with an update. Once Todd hangs up, he posts a reward for information on Cole.

    After Marcie opens the door to find David outside, David says, “Hey, I know you.” Although Marcie denies that they know each other, David refuses to let her off the hook, looks into the grocery bag at the diapers and asks, “You got a kid in there?”

    Marcie quickly ends their conversation, slams the door in David’s face then starts to pack her and Tommy’s things! Later, with her finger to a map, looking at Paris, Texas, Marcie tries to find their next destination – one where no one will ever find them!

    At the diner, as Gigi tells Noelle about the hunk she found in Viki’s room, Viki warns them both that David is nothing but trouble! Changing the subject, just as Viki offers to check in with Gigi’s ‘friend’, to which Gigi declines, David walks in, takes a seat and tries to get Viki to give him some money! After Viki refuses, David talks about the familiar woman he saw at the motel, one he’s trying to put a name to, then dwells on it while Viki goes to get him some breakfast. While Viki is taking a call, Moe and Noelle bring David a piece of their pie to test. Later, when Viki returns, she asks David, "David, did you know Marcie McBain kidnapped Todd’s son and he’s offering a million dollar reward.” Suddenly, David perks up, kisses Viki goodbye and rushes off!

    Just as Marcie and Tommy are leaving her room, David says, “Going somewhere, Marcie?”

    Once Marty and Cole are shoved into a van, Cole comforts his mother. Suddenly, over Cole’s shoulder, Marty sees John who puts his finger to his mouth for Marty to stay quiet. In the bushes, although Lee is ecstatic at seeing the men he’s been chasing for years, John warns him to think of Marty and Cole’s safety! Just then, Simon pulls Marty from the van, wraps his hand around her throat and demands information! When John and Lee rush the men in an attempt to save them, they too become victims! As one of the men lifts a gun to shoot John, Marty screams, “No!!!!” as John states, “Wait, I think I have what you want.”

    With a gun to John and Lee’s head, John talks about a computer chip he has but says they won’t get it until Marty and Cole are released. “You’ve been holding out on me,” Lee snaps! However, John ignores him then asks Simon, who’s willing to make a deal, to talk to Marty and Cole alone. After John is allowed to talk to Marty and Cole, telling them to stay calm and promising he’ll get them out of this, Simon says, “We’re going to do this my way. Marty will call you with the time and the place of the exchange.”

    Just like that, the men leave with Marty and Cole to which Lee reminds John, “They could be dead the minute that van rounds the bend!” After Lee knocks out the man left to watch over them, he rushes after the van and begins shooting out its tires, ultimately causing it to veer off the side of the road and drop over the edge!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Marty begs John to save Cole first!

    Dorian overhears Jared & Charlie talking.

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    Posted by LucyM at Friday, November 30 2007 12:53 PM

    Big deal. John is the only one to figure everything out. He got his hint through a poem. I hope they all go to hell. I am so sick of John and Marty.

    If Charlie is Jared's father, the poor little brat will get exactly what he deserves, NOTHING! Charlie is a nice guy. I would prefer that Nash is his son, not to say, he is better, but he is a better person than Jared. At least Nash has feelings.

    Posted by jaksoaperfan at Friday, November 30 2007 03:02 PM

    Hurry David ... get some rope; tie her up and don't forget the gag. Call Todd and get him down to Paris ASAP and get this storyline over once and for all !!!!

    Marcie needs a jail cell next to her husband. About time they paid for what they have done.

    Posted by SoapStarWannabe at Friday, November 30 2007 05:08 PM

    I am so sorry of all of the story lines right now. If they don't begin to wrap them up soon, this will become the 2nd soap on ABC that I stop watching!

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Saturday, December 01 2007 04:37 PM

    Yikes! I guess some folks can't ever be pleased. I for one have been loving One Life lately.

    The only thing that’s a stretch for me is Agent Lee. He's a really hard sell as Mr. FBI guy to me. Just start shooting at the van who cares if he hits the hostages, yeah that’s believable. lol. I believe Johnny Mac’s gonna lay some pain on Agent Lee after all is said and done, with FBI man Lee now causing the death of Johnny’s loves to his bravado.
    So we get the cliffhanger (heehee) on monday eh? The whole save Cole first in the scene has me thinking uh oh, so much for this Marty (just when I was getting to be able to handle Chambers as Marty)! Maybe Susan will be back if they bring Marty back to life.

    Man folks are harsh on Marcy. All I can say to that is put yourself in her shoes. You've adopted this beautiful boy whom you've come to love & care for him deeply over the couple-three (who knows how long its been in soap time) years he's been in your life. Then suddenly he’s being ripped from your arms, and the person who's ripping him from them is a known rapist, with who know how many attempted murders under his belt, he wanted to kill Margret when she was preggers with TJ fer cripes sakes. I don't blame her for taking off with Tommy-Aaron-Billy. Is it right, not really, but I understand it. I’m actually a huge Todd fan, he’s always had that good Vicki side to him lingering underneath all that nasty great bad self he portrays. I love it when he goes after someone who’s wronged him or his family. He’s very protective. He was very cute with Star yesterday setting up the web site for Cole, even watching the video where Cole professed his love for Star, I thought he handled that well. I have no doubt, that Marcy’s going to be caught probably sooner than later, now with David knowing who she is and with Todd putting up the million bucks for TJ’s return. It’s going to be dicey now from here on out for her.

    I think that call from Todd got Vicki thinking she’s gots to get home to Llanview, that even though she can’t do much for Todd’s situation, she realizes she show be home with her family. If anyone from Paris (all of whom I love, they are all great characters) follows Vicki to Llanview, my bet is Gigi and her son.

    Charlie is in for a rude awakening when it comes to his son Jared. I don’t think in the end he’ll pull this off. As I’ve posted before, Clint-Bo-Nora & Charlie and eventually Nigel and Renee’ (not to mention Nash-Jess-Nat) will not let this kid, who I posted earlier is a horrible scammer, he’s just not believable;” I don’t want to be Asa’s son!” I was laughin so hard during that scene just thinking, your (Jared) stirring up a bee hive that’s gonna get you stung boy! I look forward to seeing that go down. Anyway enough rambling for today. Thanks for the great updates Amy.

    P.S. On a side note, I post on the Days Daily Update also, & I just want to say what a pleasure it is to post here where its not a melt down 100+ posts a day chat fest between 3 or 4 people. Its no fun for me over there anymore cause it’s been highjacked and ruined by endless chat. So Thanks One Life Folks. That being said, we could use a couple more comments in here! lol ;~P

    Posted by csews at Saturday, December 01 2007 06:00 PM

    Funny how everyone says the soaps are moving way tooooo slow. Do you think ABC told the writers on AMC and One Life to slow things down?

    Posted by sharonski at Saturday, December 01 2007 07:45 PM

    BillyDelyon thanks for your intelligent comments. now for my (hopefully intelligent) two cents worth....

    i know Chris and folks weren't shown on Friday but i just have to get this off my chest! i am the only one who thinks it rather nasty that Chris seems to working his way thru the Buchanan women- Jessie, Natalie, and now Sarah! yuck! Renee and Norah to come up after things with Sarah don't work out? writers, either bring Evangeline back or please find someone new! thanks!

    will Charlie let Jared go thru with his "Buchanan" heir scam? if Vickie comes back to Llandview and sees Charlie, how will she explain how she knows him when Dorian met him in Texas and Vickie has been in Paris France all this time? hmm.. how long will the writers drag that out?

    now about Marcie and TJ, Tommy,or whatever name Marcie has for him today. yes it is absolutely heartbreaking to have a child you have come to care for ripped from your arms by someone with a less than stellar past. (even if Todd had been father of the year, the pain would have still been horrible) but for all his faults, Todd does love his kids and he will love this one despite how TJ came to be and it's wrong for Marcie to have taken the child away. the writers have let this story line drag out far too long (along with the whole "who killed Spencer" business). i think that Todd was willing to share TJ until Marcie took off with him. now, not only will Marcie not be allowed to see Tommy, she'll have to spend some time in jail- Todd will see to that.

    with the Marty and Cole stuff.... hmm.. save Marty first and have Marty racked with guilt if something happens to Cole or have Cole be an angry young man (and be and an orphan to boot) if his mom is killed. hmm.. which to choose? writers, how's about saving both and letting folks be happy for a change. nah, that would be too much like right!!

    finally, Amy thanks so much for the updates! you write it so well, it's the next best thing to seeing it live!

    Posted by Amy at Sunday, December 02 2007 05:05 AM

    Hi everyone,

    I'm just popping in with my morning coffee to say thanks for all the great comments about the show! I'm glad you're enjoying my recaps!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    OLTL Editor

    Posted by serwin24 at Monday, December 03 2007 06:04 AM

    YEP, I'm betting that Charlie lets Jared go on with his fantasy because he feels he owes him.

    P.S. Just saying thanks to Amy for her awesome re-capping. I haven't been able to replace my broken recorder for months now and some times my husband has something else on T.V. so I can't view the evening shows. So, thanks to your good reporting, I don't feel as if I have missed a thing.

    Posted by Amy at Monday, December 03 2007 06:23 AM

    Awe, serwin24, you're very welcome However, I'm sorry you haven't been able to watch the show

    Hope you have a great week!
    OLTL Editor

    Posted by LucyM at Monday, December 03 2007 08:55 AM

    sharonsky you said it. Todd may be many things but he loves his children. If that idiot Marcie would have let Todd talk to her, they would have come to some agreement, but noooooooooo, the idiot takes matters into her own hands. Todd was willing to share custody. Now does that sound like a evil guy? He was smart enough to figure out he may lose custody of his son and was willing to work with Marcie, however, Marcie being the emotional idiot started thinking with her heart instead of her head. I know how hard it was for her, however, she could have worked out an agreement with Todd.

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