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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Trapped By The Past!

    Friday, November 16 2007
    Marty tries reassuring Cole, Natalie uses Chuck to make Jared jelous, and John & Lee set out to find Cole & Marty!

    Driving in the night, Blair tells Todd they are sixty miles from Paris, Texas! Although Todd thinks John is sending them on a wild goose chase, Blair has more confidence in John. Suddenly, Todd is happy they don’t have to deal with John and says, “Now we don’t have to play by his rules. If I find Marcie, I’m going to chain her to the radiator then take the kid!” Todd briefly calls to check on Starr and tells his daughter not to give up hope - that Marty and Cole are probably together. “If they’re not home when your mom and me get back,” Todd says. “I’ll personally hunt your boyfriend down.” After Todd hangs up, he blames Marcie for not only taking away his baby –but for taking him away from Starr! Suddenly, Todd and Blair arrive in Paris, Texas – and see a diner! “If they’re serving,” Blair says. “I’m buying!”

    At the diner, after Charlie claims all his friends call him Charlie B., he admits to Viki that he’s an alcoholic. Once Viki gets over the feeling of prying, Charlie says he’s been sober for ten months and that he hasn’t always been fun to be around. However, he’s taking it ‘one day at a time.’ Knowing how Charlie feels, Viki says, “I’d be a fool to turn down another date with you.” Happy, but feeling as though he has to explain himself more, Charlie compares ‘Charlie with a last name’ to be a bad guy, but says that ‘Charlie with a B.’ is a pretty decent man. “If that guy comes back,” Charlie says. “I want you to walk away because you don’t deserve him. But if you really want to know my last name, I’ll tell you.” Viki then introduces herself as Viki D. and shakes Charlie’s hand.

    Back in the kitchen, Moe tastes Noelle’s pie as they talk about the upcoming bake off competition to which Moe claims, “I know who’s going to win this year… me!” As Moe says he already filled out his entry form, Noelle vows, “It’s war!”

    When Alex, David and Dorian arrive at the ranch, Nigel panics at the sight of them! Knowing he has no choice, Nigel appears to have Dorian immediately ask for Clint! Before Nigel can answer, Alex starts drilling him about what everyone received in the will then introduces David as her husband! Shocked, Nigel is again confronted by Dorian and informs her that Clint and Nora are off on a ride – giving Alex a chance to take a jab at her rival! Focusing back on David, Nigel asks what brings him to Texas to which David says, “I have no idea.” As Dorian storms off to the stables, Alex allows David to run after her so she can have a word with Nigel.

    Although Nigel tries to leave the room, Alex tells him to can it and says he knows darn well why she took back the name that was rightfully hers – Buchanan! As Nigel denies it, Alex simply states, “My husband David Vickers is Asa Buchanan’s son!”

    In the sables, as Clint and Nora prepare to saddle up, they joke and laugh about memories of the past. Seeing Nora is still nervous about riding a horse, Clint helps her up on a saddle, gives her some pointers then says, “Now get down and do it again!” As Nora goes to get down, she falls into Clint's waiting arms! Once Nora settles her footing, she decides not to go for that ride and shares a drink with Clint over talk of Lindsay and Bo – and how they started out as friends… When Clint gets serious, Nora wonders if Clint is talking about Bo and Lindsay's relationship at all! Suddenly, Dorian arrives in the doorway of the stables – just as Clint takes Nora in a kiss!

    Sitting outside by a fire, Nash and Jessica are joined by Jared and Sarah who bring them some blankets. However, when Natalie and Chuck show up, Jared appears anything but pleased! As everyone sits down, Natalie talks about all the places Chuck has shown her on the ranch, throwing their affair in Jared’s face! When Jared can’t take it anymore, he snaps, “So basically you’ve been nasty all over this ranch!” After a bit of bickering, it is clear the only person who has a problem with Natalie sleeping with Chuck is Jared! Having had enough, Sarah tells Jared to lose her number then leaves – and so does everyone else, giving Jared and Natalie the chance to battle it out once and for all!

    Once alone, Jared and Natalie lay it all on the table to which Jared claims, “All I want is my life back before Tess! I wanted for us to climb to the top together!” When Natalie realizes Jared and her have a lot of life experiences in common, she finally admits, “I didn’t sleep with Chuck.” After Natalie admits to having feelings for Jared, Jared takes Natalie in a passionate kiss!

    In Llanview, after Lee takes off John’s handcuffs, they share info about Patrick Thornhart’s case to which John thinks the same people who killed Patrick have Marty and Cole! Reluctantly, Lee admits that he’s been trying to bag these people for years to which John asks, “How bad do you want it? Bad enough to leave my sister-in-law alone, bad enough to help Marty and Cole?” Once John promises to give Lee the lead he has on Marty, Lee agrees to join forces with John! Just as Lee says he’ll make arrangements for them to fly to Ireland tonight, Michael appears and asks, “You’re giving up on Marcie?”

    After Lee leaves the brothers alone, Michael begs John not to abandon his wife! Although Michael fears what Todd will do to Marcie, John assures Michael Todd won’t hurt her because he wants Tommy then insists he did all he could by getting Lee Ramsey off Marcie’s trail. Suddenly, Lee reappears and the two men leave for Ireland!

    As Marty is praying for someone to help her, suddenly, the door to the darkened room is opened and a man throws Cole in! After the man quickly closes the door, Marty and Cole exchange stories about what happened to them. Though Marty claims they are somewhere in Ireland, Cole demands, “Who are these guys? What do they want with us?” As Marty explains that John knows she’s missing – and promises that he’s going to find them – a man outside the door holds a gun!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Todd shows up outside of Marcie's motel door!

    Nigel enlightens Alex to 'some' details of Asa's will.

    Gigi finds a wanted poster - with Marcie on it!

    Charlie & Viki continue to bond.

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    Posted by lovethesoapsforever at Friday, November 16 2007 02:15 PM

    In earlier comments, people have been complaining about the story line. I love the story lines! And who cares if they get away with things you normally couldn't in real life. It's all a fantasy anyway isn't it? And I have seen some the characters watch television. I love that Vicki is away from her "normal" life, I wish I could do that in "real" life!

    Posted by unwisedebra at Friday, November 16 2007 02:44 PM

    I guess we have just gotten used to a higher standard from OLTL. It just seems so blah right now, the majority of the viewers have become bored and lost interest in the current s/l and TPTB will hopefully take note and wrap it up and move along. Those of us that have been watching forever will still watch we just are not happy right now. The proof is in the comments, GH daily comments hit at least 100 every day... OLTL is getting an average of what 15?

    Posted by princess_of_soaps93 at Friday, November 16 2007 07:33 PM

    dont worry todd you will get you!

    Posted by Darling89Formula at Friday, November 16 2007 09:12 PM

    Great show today! I've watched OLTL faithfully since 3 or 4 months ago while scoping out the soaps that are on after my show (DOOL - 25 years). I used to watch Passions - that show is SO out there! I like all the s/l on OLTL right now! Todd is awesome. I like Natalie and Jared as a potential couple. IMO, this show completely ROCKS!

    Posted by tigger1135 at Friday, November 16 2007 10:59 PM

    This show was soooooooo boring today. It could not even keep me interested today!!

    Posted by jcodog at Saturday, November 17 2007 09:41 AM

    So Ramsey came to town to look for Marcie and now they have him leaving w/John to look for Marty/Cole? Good luck Marie when Todd and Blair find you. I don't like the idea of Clint/Nora but I do like Dorian being blindsided, all this time she's been concentrating on Vicki, she never thought somebody else would take Clint away. if Natalie was going to get John back; they could have at least created a character that will help her continue to mature and not regress into her childish behavior. Jared should be interfering w/jess and nash, like nash did to Antonio that would have been a good payback. Hope David sticks around he brings some good comic relief. Vicki needs to go home and back to reality. I think Patrick will make an appearance just to get Marty and Cole back. Marty will go back to him because John was just a replacement who reminded her of Patrick.

    Posted by marjjy2 at Saturday, November 17 2007 06:09 PM

    Wish Todd would get his son back. Marcie had no business running off with him to begin with. Really getting tired of the story they need to get on with something else. This one is really getting boring. I agree with everyone else story is getting so boring that it doesnt really hold my interest anymore. So I hope Todd gets face to face with Marcie and takes his son away from her, but he doesnt do anything mean to her. She needs to run face to face with Vikki. Then Vikki would know what she has done and take Tommy away from her and Todd will come in see his son with his sister and she will hand him to him. And there would be know big fight with Todd and Marcie.

    Posted by brwneyez at Saturday, November 17 2007 10:07 PM

    Will the writers please give Todd his son back already...damn this is borderline! I am tired of all these do-gooders helping can say what you want to about Todd at least he did try to come to a compromise before all this went down. Marice wants to keep Tommy for her own selfish reasons she has not thought about what Tommy will think of her when he is older, she has not thought about what Todd has been going through and she has not thought about Starr and her brother, she is so annoying as well. Please let her and Micheal have a baby..there were suposed to have a daughter named Gabby (after Al's mother).
    Vicki is silly, working in a diner and dating strange men! Yeah I guess it would be cool playing a waitress if in reality you are really rich so if the kitchen gets too hot you can say screw this I'm rich b%^&*...Vicki does not even know that Marcie's adopted son is her nephew so if she ran into them she would probably help Marcie get away...I mean do you think Marcie is going to say:I on the run with my son, your nephew, please don't tell Todd you saw me? David is great, and I liked him with Vicki...I wonder who this Charlie B really is....Funny how David and Vicki both went off and obtained low paying jobs! OLTL needs to step it up and please stop writing sicko storylines like Clint falling for Nora his own brothers x wife and mother of his only son! That is so nasty...if they marry I guess he will still be Uncle Clint but also step-daddy...that storyline takes away from Nora..makes her look like a desperate woman to date her x's brother and not to mention she gave Vicki adviste about getting back with Cliint.

    Posted by brwneyez at Saturday, November 17 2007 10:09 PM

    sorry didn't proof read my post before submitting...but i think you get the picture

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Sunday, November 18 2007 10:11 AM

    Oh my gosh Cole is so hot .......Any ways cant wait till Marcie gets caught ! and who ever has Cole and Marty i think they are from Patricks past and he might becoming back since hes going off All My Children . But its a good story line keep up the awesome updates and episodes

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