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    Where's Marty & Cole?

    Thursday, November 15 2007
    John questions Miles, Clint & Nora continue to bond, and Cris hears about Jared & Sarah's trip...

    Although Roxy and Michael plead with John to let Miles go, John slams Miles against the wall one more time, throws him to the couch then says, “All right, where are they?" After Miles claims he had nothing to do with Marty and Cole’s disappearance, John privately tells Michael about Marcie – who is furious at John for bailing on Marcie! Back to Miles, John explains when and where they disappeared from - to which Miles again swears, “I don’t know where there are!”

    Just then, Lee shows up at the hotel and sends a cop upstairs to look for Marcie in Michael’s room. Although Michael insists Marcie isn’t there, Lee focuses on John, thinking he returned to Llanview on a tip about Marcie! When Michael rushes past them up the stairs, Lee and John follow! However, once upstairs, Lee and his men come up empty-handed. Showing Lee the tracking device John found on his car, Lee then orders John ‘patted’ down and sends Michael away with the other cop.

    Alone, after John refuses to give Lee answers as to why he’s back in Llanview, and says, “Maybe I just wanted some alone time with you,” Lee punches John in the stomach then replies, “You are under arrest for aiding and abetting a fugitive and for generally ticking me off.” Finally, John admits he came home because Cole and Marty Thornhart have gone missing. “Thornhart… As in Patrick Thornhart?” Lee asks. As Lee takes off John cuffs, they exchange what they know about Patrick’s case and the guy who killed him – the same one John suspects has Marty and Cole!

    In a room somewhere, Marty wakes up on the floor wondering, “Where am I?” When she manages to get up, Marty rushes to pound on the door screaming, “No!” Not getting anywhere, Marty drops back to the floor and says, “John, please find me.”

    When Gigi questions whether Viki knew ‘those people’, Viki denies it – until Gigi cons her into saying Dorian’s name! Gigi asks Viki, “Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to have that money,” to which Viki replies, “It doesn’t buy you happiness.” Once Viki is alone, she smiles about overhearing that Asa summoned his whole family to Texas for the reading of his will. Later, after Gigi vents about her money problems, she asks Viki about her date with Charlie.

    Suddenly, Charlie arrives at the diner asking if Viki had time for a cup of coffee – and Gigi quickly volunteers to cover for Viki! Once alone, Charlie admits he came by to find out when he could see her again. After Charlie expresses how nice it was to talk to someone about his son, Viki agrees it was nice to talk about her double-life but admits, “A bit of my real-life showed up here in Texas today, and it made me realize I’m so not ready to go back home.” Later, after a brief talk with Gigi, Viki goes back to Charlie and says, “I don’t know your last name? I couldn't possibly go out with someone if I don’t know something so basic as your last name.” However, Charlie replies, “I consider you a friend, and all my friends just call me Charlie B.”

    In Texas, after everyone makes a final toast to Asa, Jessica and Nash wonder what’s going on with Natalie and Chuck – who are MIA. When Jess jokes about Chuck being one fine ranch hand, Nash laughs and reminders her that she’s a married woman. “Didn’t stop her before,” Jared says, causing Nash to immediately haul off and punch him! Once Clint breaks up the fight, Nash claims, “I’ll keep my distance from him if he keeps his distance from us!” Though Clint has no clue what’s going on between them, he warns, “Deal with it!”

    Later, sitting on a bench, Jared is still steamed about Nash and tells Renee how he feels like an outsider being there. However, although Renee has been a Buchanan a few times over, she confides to Jared that unless you are ‘really’ a Buchanan, you never will be one.

    During their phone call, Sarah snaps on Cris and accuses him of calling just to check up on her! Cris quickly questions where her mood is coming from to which Sarah apologies and explains how stressful it’s been being at Asa’s ranch. When Cris jokes about how Sarah will probably quit her job now that she’s rolling in money, Sarah laughs with thoughts of Asa’s will then tells Cris about her seat on the board, Asa’s record collection and how he had one of her CD’s.

    Just then, Jared comes in laughing and joking about not wanting to missing the tractor pull, leaving Cris asking, “Is that Jared? What’s he doing there?” Sarah has no choice but to admit she invited Jared to go to Texas with her! Cris doesn’t waste any time snapping on Sarah for not thinking of her family by bringing that ‘jerk’ down there then ultimately hangs up on her! Sarah explains to Jared that Cris is upset and worried about Natalie’s feelings by the fact that she brought Jared with her. Laying it on the table, Sarah confronts Jared about having a thing for Natalie to which he denies! Changing the subject, they both wonder what was in the envelope Asa left with Nigel!

    Back in Llanview, just as Cris is leaving the gym, an old friend approaches him asking if he’d like to go out on a date sometime, which quickly boosts Cris’s mood!

    While BBQing, Clint comments to Nora how breaking up the fight reminded him of all the times Asa had to pull him and Bo apart! When Matthew appears and asks Nora and Clint to go riding, Nora backs down – until Matthew and Clint challenge her!

    Still sitting on the bench, Renee tells Nigel how much she’s going to miss Asa, then downs a shot in honor of Asa. When Nigel walks away, he takes the envelope Asa left him for ‘his long lost son’ then appears worried for the fallout! Later, just as Clint approaches Nigel asking about the letter, a ranch hand appears and announces that a man named Vickers is at the door!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Marty promises Cole that everything is going to be okay.

    Natalie uses Chuck to make Jared jealous.

    John & Lee set out to find Cole & Marty!

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    Posted by unwisedebra at Thursday, November 15 2007 12:31 PM

    you know I heard the man who played Patrick might be leaving All My Children,wouldn't it be great to bring him back. we could say Patrick was not dead and they terrorists kidnapped Marty and Cole to flush Patrick out. When they all come back think how exciting what will John do with a rival for Marty's love? what will Todd do with his old feelings of jealousy towards Patrick?

    Posted by shawnie at Thursday, November 15 2007 12:35 PM

    Another boring episode.

    Posted by joliefan at Thursday, November 15 2007 12:51 PM

    I know I am the ultimate Natalie/John fan but that aside - do they really have to steal the exact same scenario they did when Natalie was stuck in the hole by the Killing Club Killer? I guess they can use the same script - just change the names from Natalie to Marty. I mean, pretty soon we will have Marty finding a stick to etch John's name on the wall! OLTL has become a major bore. The only reason I started looking this week was to catch Asa talking. Other than that - snore - and it is not because my lovely couple is not together - the storylines are just blah. Seriously.

    Posted by joliefan at Thursday, November 15 2007 01:58 PM

    How sad - this show has gone so off course that there have been the same three comments for over an hour.

    Posted by jaksoaperfan at Thursday, November 15 2007 04:42 PM

    May be a little later, but you can make that four.

    Can we not end these boring, boring, boring storylines ?? please.

    They are so unbelievable. Wouldn't you think that Todd with all his resources would have Marcie's & his son's picture all over TV and the newspapers. Amber alet .. something.

    Michael - like his wife - think only of themselves. He was angry because John was looking for Marty & Cole instead of Marcie. And Marcie, how many more people is she going to use ?
    Also, can someone please get Matthew a haircut ?

    And ... way to go Nash and why don't they just tell everyone why Jared is there. Another annnoying and pointless story line.

    Posted by joliefan at Thursday, November 15 2007 04:50 PM

    I think when all is said and done - considering we just read that Marcie is staying around - Todd will let her off the hook. His actions sometimes are horrific but deep, deep, deep down, he is a good guy. I am thinking he will be the one to come to her rescue when and if she ever faces sentencing.

    Posted by jcodog at Thursday, November 15 2007 04:52 PM

    I agree joliefan; the story does seem familiar to the natalie in the pit. if they do bring back patrick, then it will be just like when Chris came back and Natalie had to choose between the two. Now Ramsey is going to stop searching for Marcie too? I hope all the stories get better, they all seem to be dragging and getting boring. Roxy's still great maybe she and Miles will start seeing each other..

    Posted by tigger1135 at Thursday, November 15 2007 08:48 PM

    So why is it that for two days in a row, they show a kid doing a shot!! wow, i guess it's because he is Asa'a grandson he can.
    Woo Hoo for Jarad, nice pot shot at Nash, Jessica deserves it.
    I do like the Vicky s/l though
    I say Patrick was in the witness protection program.

    Posted by blueeyedcutie1983 at Thursday, November 15 2007 10:48 PM

    Things Are really getting crazy. Marcy needs to take tommy back and quit playing. She should know Todd is going to find her. And with Jon back in Landveiw. There is no hope for her.

    Posted by boot1914 at Friday, November 16 2007 04:37 AM

    Like the rest of you, this story line is BORING -- hasn't been good in a few years. Do you think they have run out of stories/they have to "reinvent" all the old ones, next baby Bree will have a "split personality" Come on One Life to Live get the creative juices flowing and come up with something that is a little more credible.

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