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    Missing: Marty & Cole Thornhart!

    Monday, November 12 2007
    Not only is Marty missing, John finds out Cole is too, Gigi befriends Marcie, and Viki & Charlie go on their date...

    From Cole’s apartment, Starr, Langston and Markko explain Cole’s disappearance then Starr points to the mask they found – the same one she saw on ‘someone’ Halloween night! After explaining that Cole's computer crashed, and that he was supposed to be working on a paper, they are all shocked to see Cole’s computer is working just fine!

    John returns to his motel room to find that Marty is missing!

    Still in Louisiana, after Blair gets some groceries, Todd says, “We’re going to find my kid before we run out of food. I can feel it!” When John appears and says Marty is missing, Blair suggests that something may have happened last night to make her run off! After John leaves Marty a message, he heads back to look over the room one more time.

    Back in his room, John finds Marty’s cell phone and wonders, “Where are you?” Just then, John gets a call on Marty’s cell phone saying that Cole’s missing! After John explains that Marty is missing too, he tells Bo, “If Marty and Cole are missing, it’s not a coincidence, Bo.” Bo then tells John about how the kids found a death mask in Cole’s apartment.

    Back in Todd’s room, John tells Blair and Todd that Cole’s missing too. When John asks what Todd and Marty talked about earlier, Todd remembers Marty saying something about a guy wearing a death mask who confronted her – and how she thought it was Miles!

    Once Bo hangs up with John, Bo asks the kids to give him a list of anyone who would want to hurt Cole or his mother then briefly takes a call from Blair. After Bo promises to call Starr with any news, he sends the kids home with a police officer then hears back from John – and about the man who confronted Marty in a death mask! John brings up Miles, thinks someone is using Cole to try to bring Marty back to Llanview then says he’s on his way back too!

    Although John tells Todd and Blair he’s heading back to Llanview, he gives them a clue about Marcie’s whereabouts – and that she’s heading to Paris, Texas! Quickly, Blair and Todd pack up to which Todd states, “Paris, Texas, here we come!”

    In Paris, Texas, Marcie asks Gigi, “I’m looking someone, Alice.” After Gigi says Alice got fired, Marcie cries, “I’ve been driving all night to get here.” As Marcie goes into hysterics, Gigi offers, “As a mother, I’m willing to help you with whatever Alice was going to do for you.” After Marcie claims Alice was going to hide her and Tommy, Gigi thinks Marcie is on the run from an abusive husband to which ‘Sally’ doesn’t deny! Gigi then expresses knowing the perfect place for her to hide out!

    At the drive-in, Charlie finds that the movie speaker doesn’t work to which he starts reciting the old movie – and Viki chimes in too! When silence falls upon them, Charlie asks why Viki initially turned him down, and she claims because Charlie was just a passerby. With talk of how long she’s worked at the Bonjour Café, Viki comments how much she likes herself when working there then says, “And the fun of it is… You never know who’s going to walk through the door.” Later, over popcorn, Viki admits she’s not a native Texan but that she’s not a drifter ‘passing through.’ Although Charlie claims to be a contractor, he talks about the folder he’s always carrying around – but says, “It contains a very important project I’m working on but has nothing to do with business.”

    When Dorian arrives at Roxy’s Hair Haven, Roxy announces, “Where are we having the baby shower?” Just as Dorian asks who’s pregnant, “Roxy blurts out, “We are, grandma,” and Adriana and Rex walk in! Quickly, Adriana and Rex explain that she is not pregnant to which Dorian is very much pleased – and so is Roxy! Dorian tells Adriana about Langston and admits she’s doing it partly to make up for not being there for Adriana then says, “I hope I can give the child what she needs.” After Adriana praises Dorian for taking in Langston, Dorian rants about Nora being in Texas with Clint to which Roxy warns, “Nora’s not getting any lately, so I would be really worried! If he were my man, I would take the first stagecoach out of Llanview.”

    After Asa announces having a long lost son, everyone is stunned! When Renee suggests that Nigel would be the only one who would know who Asa was talking about, Nigel claims that nothing was left for him. Once the video is restarted, Asa leaves an envelope with Nigel to give to Asa’s other son – when the time is right. However, Clint demands to know the name of his long lost brother – now! Although Renee begs of Nigel to reveal the name of Asa’s son, Nigel plans to honor Asa’s wish then listens on as Asa leaves him the keys to his yacht and the deed to his island St. Blazes! After Nigel leaves the room, Clint and Nora wonder who the mystery son is!

    In front of Nash, Jessica, Natalie and Sarah, Renee shows Jared the first fistful of dirt Asa dug when building this ranch then gives it to Jared – to show it came from a man who had nothing and earned everything he had.

    Suddenly, Nigel comes back into the room then Asa’s lawyer restarts the video. After Asa says, “Now for the part everyone’s been waiting for.” As Asa talks about all his money being wrapped up in B.E, he says, “I leave to each and every one of you… exactly nothing!”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    The Buchanan's each get a seat on B.E.'s board!

    Dorian finds out David & Alex are married!

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    Posted by gg2b at Monday, November 12 2007 12:41 PM

    dumb. dumb, dumb, this s/l is dumb!

    Posted by mrfraser at Monday, November 12 2007 01:09 PM

    I agree with you 101%

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, November 12 2007 01:49 PM

    Why would John tell Todd that Marcie is in Paris Texas? Dont understand why he gave her up like that? Why wouldn't Cole have given Starr a hint something was wrong when she called and that death guy was leading him out? Makes no sense. And now that Asa left has family nothing are they all broke and unemployed? I am so confused.

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Monday, November 12 2007 03:27 PM

    All ya gotta do is turn it off if ya don't like it...

    I'm loving it.

    Been watchin this show for 25+ years, and have enjoyed all the recent 'get out of llandview' s/l's.

    And I imagine I'll still be loving them in the future.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, November 12 2007 05:03 PM

    Amy: Can you answer any of my questions? What is your take?

    Posted by Texas Bluebell at Monday, November 12 2007 05:03 PM

    I think the reason John told Todd to go to Paris TX is that at one point during the search he said that Tommy is going to be returned to Llanview but he's going to let Marcie go.

    All the Buchanans are pretty well fixed for cash already, Asa's money would have been just a bonus. The Clint, Beau, Vicki, Renee already have a nice bank account and the kids all have trust funds, so there will be no cardboard box and soup kitchen for them. The ones I'm concerned about are Nigel, Nora and Chuck III, who have to come up with the money to pay the taxes on what they have inherited.

    I'm also enjoying Vicki's sorjourn out of town. She deserves a little R&R away from her girls, who seem to have one problem after another, most of which are brought to Vicki's doorstep despite their usual, "I can take care of myself". I'm looking forward to her return to Llanview with some of her new friends in tow.

    So far as Marty and Cole's disappearance, I keep waffling on this between Miles and Patrick. It has to be someone who doesn't want to harm Marty because her suitcase and clothes were also taken from the hotel with her. Miles could have hired someone to take them while he set up an alibi in Llanview; then again, I'm convinced Patrick is still among the living and probably wants his family back.

    Posted by Amy at Monday, November 12 2007 05:39 PM

    Hi ransomha,

    With Lee Ramsey on the case, John ultimately wants Tommy returned to Todd safely and has expressed as much to Todd.

    Cole... I'm thinking he didn't tell Starr because 'Death' had a gun to his back.

    As for Asa... Keep watching As always, he has an agenda!

    I'm absolutely loving OLTL these days! But that's just my opinion

    Hope this helps a bit!
    OLTL Editor

    Posted by Road Warrior at Monday, November 12 2007 06:51 PM

    Marty is gone then so am I.
    Thanks for the ride OLTL.

    Posted by lurick at Tuesday, November 13 2007 03:52 AM

    I agreed Road Worrior, I do not think Marty was that bad. At first when she came on, she was a little unsure of her lines, but she caught on and I think she and John make a good couple, after all, she is the one that has made John open up a little. he was a little secretive about all that had been going on in his life. Now that his brother is gone, he sure will need a little family to give him a purpose. Please help. I love John and Marty together.

    Posted by serwin24 at Tuesday, November 13 2007 06:21 AM

    "LURICK" - "Now that John's brother is gone"?? What did I miss????????

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