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    Asa's Last Wishes

    Friday, November 09 2007
    Family gathers around to view Asa's taped will, and Marcie leaves for Texas...

    With the family gathered at the ranch, Asa’s lawyer turns on the TV and starts the video taping of Asa’s will to which Asa says, “My family… every last one of them… is going to get what’s coming to them.” Starting with small gifts, Renee is presented a with a large diamond…

    To Jessica, Asa talks about a favorite horse then Nigel presents Jessica with a horseshoe. Holding it in her hand, Jessica listens on as Asa explains that it used to be his lucky charm – before Jessie came into his life!

    To Natalie, Asa talks about their similarities and how Natalie is as much a Buchanan as he ever was. Nigel then presents Natalie with a photo of the Buchanan Family Tree to remind her of where she came from – and where she’ll always be.

    Moving on to Sarah, Asa leaves her his record collection then draws everyone’s attention to his boys, who he describes as being his biggest joy, his biggest letdown! After Asa talks about how Clint and Bo used to drive him nuts as children, he admires his sons for their parenting skills then apologizes for not being a good man for them. Nigel brings Clint Asa’s gold spurs – to always keep Clint ahead of the race. After Nigel gives Matthew a gold sheriffs star for Bo, Asa talks about the Stetson he’s leaving Matthew – the one that Bo already gave Matthew.

    Next, after sipping his bourbon, Asa says, “Okay, who’s ready for the big ticket items!” Talking about his beloved ranch, and how he built it from nothing, Asa leaves it to the one person who can most appreciate it – Chuck Wilson the third! Although honored, Chuck refuses the ranch, because it's Buchanan property, until Clint makes him realize that he must grant Asa’s wish.

    With talk of properties, Asa mentions his mansion, and how he’s leaving it to a very special woman in his life – a feisty redhead! As Renee smiles at Asa’s description of her, she does appear to be surprised to hear he wasn’t talking about her at all – rather Nora! Asa leaves the mansion to Nora and Matthew, along with Renee and Nigel! Though Nora says, “This isn’t right,” Renee reminds her that Asa always promised she’d never be alone – and now he’s making sure she isn’t!

    Suddenly, Asa startles everyone saying he has a special message for his son – one he didn’t find out about until it was too late, leaving everyone shocked, Jared included!

    Back in Llanview, outside of Cole's apartment, Starr frantically raps on the door screaming Cole’s name! When no one answers, Starr calls Cole’s cell and can hear it ringing from within the apartment! Later, after Markko and Langston arrive at the apartment, at Starr’s summons, Starr fears Cole may be in trouble then suggest they break in!

    Once inside the apartment, Starr not only finds Cole’s cell phone but the mask of ‘Death’ as well! After Starr explains that it was the same mask as she saw Halloween night, Langston and Markko convince Starr to call Marty with Cole’s cell phone!

    Alone in the motel room in Louisiana, when Todd picks on Marty about John, Marty reminds him of the relationship between their children and asks Todd to put all the sarcasm to rest! Although Todd expresses how Cole makes Starr happy, he makes it clear he’s not there to be Marty’s friend. With sincerity, Todd admits that he's fighting so hard to find his son – one who was conceived through a rape – with hopes of making things right for Tommy, himself, and for Marty, and what he did to her! Finally talking civil, Marty confides in Todd about the man in the mask who confronted her and how she thought it was Miles. Although Todd offers to take out Miles, Marty laughs and says she’ll been fine. Shortly after, Todd heads out to find Blair. Alone, Marty hears her cell phone ringing and goes to answer it. However, someone enters her room, places their hand over Marty’s mouth and muffles her screams as she's dragged away!

    When John arrives at Wendall’s, Lee says, “Too late, John, Marcie is already gone.” John walks past Lee, shakes Wendall’s hand and explains to Lee that he helped John with his car. Although Celica tries to alert John to the immediate problem, Lee hushes her! As Celica rants to John about Lee’s threats, Lee says his goodbyes, heads outside, then instructs his officer to put a tracking device on John’s car!

    After Lee leaves, although Celica claims to know nothing about Marcie, John reminds them that he saved them from an FBI ‘grilling’ then asks for info on Penny Shaw! John pleads his case, and how he wants to find Marcie before Lee Ramsey does, then says, “Please don’t let that happen. Tell me what you know.” Finally, Celcia confesses, “She might be on her way to Paris, Texas. That’s all we know."

    In Texas, although Viki wants to finish her shift, Noelle and Gigi push her out the door so Viki can have plenty of time to get ready for her date! Later, when Viki arrives back at the diner, Gig shakes her head then says, “You can’t go out like that.” Just as Charlie arrives with flowers, Gigi helps Viki loosen up a bit then the couple heads out on their date!

    After Viki leaves, Marcie arrives at the diner with Tommy and comments to her son, “What do you think? It feels pretty safe to me.”

    Still at Dreamland, while preparing for their wedding, Alex and David think back on their own personal agendas! Just as David urges Alex to get ready for the ceremony, Alex says, “We have a little problem.” Once Alex whips out the pre-nup, David quickly signs to which Alex says, “Our marriage will not fail. Should it, it’s only fair that you get half of my money and I get half of yours.” After David laughs, “What money,” he leaves to get ready, leaving Alex saying, “Sucker…”

    Later, with a rock guitarist serenading Alex down the aisle, David and Alex exchange their vows then are pronounced Mr. and Mrs. David Vickers! After Alex mumbles, “It should be Mrs. David Buchanan,” she accepts David’s kiss!

    Later, as David and Alex talk about where to go next, David is shocked when Alex says, “Llanview, P.A!”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Clint demands to know who his long lost brother is!

    Gigi befriends Marcie.

    Viki & Charlie go on their date.

    Not only is Marty missing, John finds out Cole is too!

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    Posted by bigame at Friday, November 09 2007 12:32 PM

    Asa Know he no how to put on a's sad that he left the show he was a hand full and a pleasure to watch.

    Hurry already with the marcie on the run s/l it's really starting to get old real quick....Todd has the right to know and raise his son.

    Be careful Vickie you don't know what this man is about.

    David is so stupid....what is the point of him marrying Alex when he is leaving the show...Unless they are going to bring him back.

    Posted by bigame at Friday, November 09 2007 12:34 PM

    Who took Marty and Cole....maybe it's Patrick back from the dead and in this might be interesting.

    I hope Clint and Nora get together they make a better couple than Clint and Dorian.

    Posted by unwisedebra at Friday, November 09 2007 01:14 PM

    first of all, there is no way Vicki would stand by and let Marcie get away with kidnapping Tommy! That's her nephew and Vicki's own children were kidnapped. Niki would let her go, but not Vicki. And how are her children going to feel when they find out she would rather play waitress then to be with her family when they need her, like her brother Todd who is going through a heartbreaking ordeal that she could help him with? And these people she has "befriended" that have even offered to loan her their hard earned money,do they not deserve the truth?

    Poor Natalie-- you should have had your way with Chuck last night, cause now it will never happen, he owns property and Jessica hasn't slept with him, so now he's really not your type.

    Jared-- I wish you would marry Renee, she would wear you down a peg or two and have a damn fine time will she was at it. I know I would.

    David-- you have finally married your soulmate, but sleep with one eye open, she likes to wear black.

    Thank you Matthew the bright and shining future.

    Posted by charlieinfl at Friday, November 09 2007 01:31 PM

    Can some new writers please come along and take us all out of our misery? Give us believable romances. Give us more exciting storylines. Give us a show that doesn't center around Todd & Blair. Please......... anybody....... somebody................... Help!

    Posted by Texas Bluebell at Friday, November 09 2007 02:06 PM

    I'm really enjoying Vicki's experiences in Paris. It's good to see her have a front-burner story again. She and Charlie are sweet together, and it will be interesting to see that continue when they return to Llanview (which is where this is no doubt heading. I feel that Moe and Gigi will be going to Llanview, too, with Vicki possibly getting Moe a chef's job at Renee's 'Palace'. Gigi will probably run into her son's supposedly-dead daddy, or at least his family.

    Asa's was as nice as I've seen him in a long time, probably more like the cowboy Renee fell in love with all those years ago. I'm liking this Chuck Wilson III, though Jared didn't seem all that pleased that Asa would leave him the ranch. But if he's on the ranch, does that mean we won't be seeing much of him back in Pennsylvania? That's a bummer! Wonder how the rest of the estate will be distributed?

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Friday, November 09 2007 02:08 PM

    loved today... Thought the reading of asa's will was great.

    Love the commune mansion! Also cool that they are keeping Nigel around.. He learned a lot from ol' asa. He knows a fool (jared, well so far) when he sees one.

    As far as the s/l's are going, can't beat asa will.
    Who took Cole and Marty? must be someone serious if they had followed her all the way down to Louisiana. I think this s/l could turn into some mystery and suspense. Only if the spoilers are right, and its John and Agent Lee (can't stand him, he is so not believable as an FBI agent) are the one on the search for Marty and Cole, mercy that may be hard to take.

    I'm still enjoying the Marcie/Tommy on the run s/l. Its better than Michel and Rex hidding in a corner wondering when everyone will find out the big secret. Talk about boring. If anything they should have shortened that part of the story and done the Marcie on the run sooner. I don't think people would be as burnt out on this all if they'd sent her off earlier.. Its been long and dragged out, but again the drag was on the Rex & Mike side. IMO.

    As far as Vicki being gone, I haven't heard one of her kids wish she was there to help them. Nor has Todd said anything either. I wonder what she could do for todd other than just offer her support, which I'm pretty sure after all these years, todd knows Vick supports him.

    Anyway, I'm lovin One life.. its kickin the doodoo out of my other soap as far as S/L's. You think the s/l's are old in One Life? they've got a story line of there on Days that has literally been going on for 8+ years, and thats only one of them, the main story line in the show is 15+ years old.. it blows...

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, November 09 2007 02:12 PM

    Poor Matthew, he has no friends and only hangs out with adults. No wonder he is so boring and wimpy.

    Posted by unwisedebra at Friday, November 09 2007 02:21 PM

    I love Matthew, I think he is adorable. And yes on several occasions Natalie and Jessica have stated they wished that Mom was here so they could talk about these problems.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, November 09 2007 02:31 PM

    he's a nerd. sorry but it's true.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, November 09 2007 02:33 PM

    I doubt many boys his age would want to br thought of as adorable....that just proves my point and the fact thats all I have to talk about pretty much sums up the show for me.

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