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    Tale of the Missing Boyfriend!

    Thursday, September 27 2007
    Talia scrambles to hide her fake boyfriend, Dorian agrees to help Todd & Blair, and Marcie slaps Todd...

    When Nash and Jessica find Jared at Buchanan Enterprises, Jessica yells, “Get out! I’m not going to let you bully my sister into giving you a job!” However, Jared assures them Natalie already gave him a job. Although Natalie arrives and backs up Jared’s claim, she’s not very happy when he starts calling her Sparky and being unprofessional!

    After Nash and Jared give the sisters some time alone, Jessica warns Natalie that she doesn’t have to give in to Jared’s demands! When Natalie admits that wasn’t the reason she hired him, Jess snaps, “You don’t like this guy, do you?” On Jessica’s way out, she warns Jared that he better never hurt her sister – or else! Once Jared rejoins Natalie and sees a familiar case file, one Natalie doesn’t seem familiar with, he questions whether she even knows anything about Buchanan Enterprises at all!

    When Talia and Antonio arrive at Rodie's, John thanks them for being so understanding to what he did then leaves…

    Over lunch, Talia becomes nervous as Antonio starts drilling her about George, her boyfriend! Although Talia tries to distract Antonio with a game of pool, he won’t let ‘George’ go and says, “He better treat you right.” Thinking back to times Talia spent with Antonio, she begins describing George, like she would Antonio, until he asks, “So, when do I get to meet this guy?” Finally, Talia has no choice but to say, “Okay, I’ll set something up.” When Antonio sees Jessica and Nash walk in, he hands Talia some money for the bill then leaves - And Talia wonders how she’s going to introduce Antonio to someone who she made up!

    At Dorian’s, Todd says, “Get to work. You’re hosting this thing!” After Dorian says, “It’s not going to come cheap,” she reminds Todd of the five million he owes Blair! Although Dorian assures them she can whip up a wedding in no time, she remarks, “The hard part will be getting people to come and wish you luck!” As Dorian is answering the door, Todd and Blair both agree they need to tell their kids the truth about their marriage. Before Todd leaves to pick up the kids, though Blair briefly admits to still having her old wedding dress, she snaps her emotions back to the task at hand and says, “Don’t forget to pick up my check for five million dollars.”

    While the students are waiting for class to start, they’re shocked when Marcie shows up! Although Marcie tries to teach, Britney keeps bringing up Tommy and how Marcie shouldn’t have to lose her son! Suddenly, Starr snaps, stands up and tells Marcie, “Tommy is my brother and you should not be trying to take him away from us!” As Starr and Marcie scream like lunatics, with opposing views over Tommy, the principal comes in and dismisses class!

    Although the principal thinks highly of Marcie, he has no choice but to let her go – until the custody hearing is over. After he leaves, as Marcie sobs in grief, Todd shows up looking for Starr! As Todd runs down his rap sheet for Marcie, as her lawyer did in court, he warns he’s everything her lawyer described: a murderer and a rapist! Just then, Todd tries scaring Marcie by leaning in for a kiss, to which she slaps him hard across the face! With an eerie smile Todd warns, “I’ll get my kid back… I just have this feeling.”

    Out in the hall, Cole, Langston and Markko have to hold Starr back as Britney continues antagonizing her about Todd!

    With caterers scrambling around Dorian’s, Dorian questions Blair about what’ll happen should Todd not get custody of Tommy. Later, Starr arrives and wants to know what all the wedding stuff is about! As Blair explains she and Todd will be tying the knot, but that it’ll be a marriage in name only, Todd appears in the doorway holding a ring box. However, having overheard Blair’s description of their wedding, he quickly puts the ring in his pocket.

    Although Miles runs into Marty in the park, and wants to discuss her kissing John McBain, Marty doesn’t want to hear it. Surprisingly, Miles tells Marty he wants the best for her then brings up John and says, “My one wish was to have you look at me like you look at John.” Suddenly, John appears! After Miles once again tells Marty how good ‘that look’ looks on her, he leaves, to which John asks, “What did he mean?”

    After Marty explains that she and Miles were just talking about moving on with their lives, John leans in as if to kiss Marty. However, Cole appears suddenly and couldn’t be happier that his mom is with John! When Marty wants to know why Cole isn’t in school, he tells John and his mom about what happened in class between Starr and Marcie. Not wanting to talk about the case, Marty watches on as John offers to throw the football around with Cole.

    After Nora gets off the phone with St. Ann’s, she tells Clint that if Lindsay isn’t faking this she may never recover. While opening their mail at the mansion, Nora is ecstatic to finally receive a check from her insurance company! However, after Clint tells Nora that Asa had planned to have Nora and Matthew there permanently, he says, “I want you to stay here. I want this to be your home.” Just as Nora says she’ll need to talk it over with Matthew, Dorian arrives and tells Clint to gather up his tuxedo!

    Later, alone with Blair, rethinking the ‘ring box’, Todd gets all sentimental as he drops to one knee and hands the little box to Blair! Just as Blair becomes sucked into the moment, her mood changes the minute she pulls the check for five million dollars out of the ring box – minus a ring!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Natalie agrees to help Jared.

    Todd & Blair's feelings resurface.

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    Posted by shawnie at Thursday, September 27 2007 12:39 PM

    Buy your own ring Blair. You just got 5 million dollars!!!

    Posted by pepper at Thursday, September 27 2007 01:18 PM

    That Todd. He is a mess! LOL

    Posted by Ruby Andrews at Thursday, September 27 2007 01:35 PM

    Yea, she can buy a 5 million dollar ring. I guess it's a sentimental thing ya know?

    Posted by Ripped Into Peices at Thursday, September 27 2007 02:12 PM

    The Starr/Marcie fight was cool!

    Posted by ackee at Thursday, September 27 2007 02:25 PM

    When is Natalie going to get her life straight first she try to a crime scene investigator-- now she is trying to run Asa's company she has no experience--- and where is Clint when she is making all these decision by herself-- OH! I forget this is just fiction.

    Posted by ackee at Thursday, September 27 2007 02:27 PM

    I laugh so hard today with Todd proposal this is the Tood I love dont change-- but he do still loves Blair

    Posted by p4t1 at Thursday, September 27 2007 03:59 PM

    That Britney is a nasty little snot. She's just full of good cheer and really needs to learn to mind her own business. Perhaps knocking her down a couple of notches will refresh her outlook towards other human beings. Writers, please do not make the high schoolers the main focus. Thank you!

    Posted by Sophia Rose at Thursday, September 27 2007 05:30 PM

    I loved the energy in the show today.

    First - Britney, what a B#(ch, but I love how snide she is. The hostility between Starr and Marcy was heartbreaking - two victims in this whole mess.

    I think that Clint is going to drop Dorian and hook up with Nora - I think that would be gross, but I also like the story line.

    Poor Talia - so in love with the wrong guy. I wonder who she will get to play "George"

    There is so much secual energy between Todd and Blair - will they please "do it" already.

    John and Marty - eh.

    Posted by tdidio at Friday, September 28 2007 04:30 AM

    Go John and Marty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by mrfraser at Friday, September 28 2007 07:30 AM

    Britany needs to stay out of it...she knows what buttons to push with Starr and Marcie..
    Todd is so his character and he and Blair (even if he did pay her the 5 million) should just do it and get on with the storyline..they are funny
    I can see yawn city coming with the storyline between Marty and John (if they dont hurry up) and this with Jared needs to step up in is being dragged out to long...get something going on with Jared/Miles and Natalie before we all go to sleep...Dorian will do anything for her GIRLS

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