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    A Bet Is Made!

    Thursday, September 20 2007
    Starr & Britney go at it again, Sarah & Layla discuss becoming roommates, and Todd & Blair come up with a plan to win custody of Tommy...

    In the courtroom, Todd fills Blair and Starr in on what happened in court and how the McBain’s lawyer badgered him extensively. Although Starr wants to stay with Todd, she’s forced to head back to school…

    Once Starr is gone, Todd tells Blair, “I don’t think I can do this the legal way. You’re right… I need a plan.” Blair thinks Todd needs to prove that he’s changed, the legal way, and leaves a message for Jessica – in hopes she’ll be a character witness for Todd! Handing Todd the phone, Blair demands he call Viki! After Todd makes the call, he finally realizes Blair is only trying to help and admits, “I need you with me in this. I don’t know how to beat this.” Todd expresses how hard it is to live with all the awful things he’s done, thanks Blair for everything then leaves… Outside the courtroom, Todd gets an idea then says, “Of course.” Inside, Blair gets a thought as well, and declares, “Of course.”

    In the school gym, Markko and Cole workout together as Langston watches on in laughter! Just then, Britney arrives, sits on top of Cole on the workout bench then announces how Starr’s family is trying to take Mrs. McBain’s kid away! As Cole screams for Britney to get off of him, Starr appears and pours a drink over her head! After Britney storms off, Starr tells her friends what happened in court. As Starr explains that her dad has changed, Cole holds her close – but Britney rushes in to remind him that Todd raped his mother! Although Markko is the first to stand up and put Britney in her place, Starr faces her rival and tells her to get a life! After Cole warns for Britney to never talk about his mom again, Britney tells Starr, “No matter what happens, you’ll lose.”

    Once alone, Starr tells Langston how worried she is that the McBain’s will take Tommy away for good!

    At Capricorn, frustrated that the secret about Tommy is out, Adriana snaps at Rex. As Rex changes the subject by wondering where they’re going to store all her shoes once she moves in, Layla appears and says, “You’re moving out? Thanks for telling me.” After Layla gets over the initial upset, Rex tells Vincent, “Maybe you should move in with Layla.” However, Layla and Vincent both admit they’re not ready to take that step.

    After Sarah witnesses Cris hit a snag when trying to hire a band for Capricorn, she tries to give her advice then warns he needs some real talent in this club! At Cris’s tempting, Sarah makes a bet with him that if she can’t get a well-known band into Capricorn, he can fire her! With a handshake, Cris accepts!

    As Layla brings up needing a roommate, Sarah overhears and extends her prior offer by saying, “Let’s be roommates!”

    Although Will goes to Nora’s office and begs for Nora to go easy on his mother, Nora claims, “Lindsay has to pay for what she did.” No matter how much Will thinks Nora has a vendetta against Lindsay, Nora denies it and only wants justice! Explaining that Lindsay followed Spencer to the hospital, and into Blair’s room, Nora says, “It was premeditated. I’m just following the evidence. I’m not out to get your mother. When you saw your mother, did she swear she was innocent?” Suddenly, Nora gets a call and informs Will, “It’s time for court, time for your mother to make a plea.”

    When Marcie goes to visit Lindsay, she shows her the T-shirts Roxy made. After Marcie tells Lindsay she’ll be getting out of jail soon, Lindsay says, “Tell Roxy to stop selling those shirts. I don’t regret what I did or why I did it.” In tears, bringing up the fact that Rex knew about Tommy all along, Marcie asks, “Did you know too? Did you do this to protect me?” Before Lindsay can answer, her lawyer shows up and hushes her, instructing her to tell the judge, “Not guilty.” Calmly, Lindsay agrees that she knows what to do in court. After he leaves, Lindsay makes Marcie promise to never allow Todd to take Tommy away from her. “I promise,” Marcie says, to which Lindsay cries, “That’s my good girl.”

    At the apartment, after John tells Michael not to get his hopes up, Michael worries what they did will mess things up for Starr and Jack. With talk of Lindsay’s case, John claims that Nora must have a tight case to not offer Lindsay a deal. Guilt eating away at him, Michael worries that Todd will find out he knew about Tommy – and will then tell Marcie!

    When Blair goes to the jail to make Lindsay a deal, she says, “You help Todd, and I’ll help you.”

    After John leaves, Marcie arrives home. Although Marcie doesn’t tell Michael about Lindsay’s roundabout admission, she says, “We have to do everything we can to keep Tommy.” Suddenly, Todd shows up and asks, “How much is it going to cost me to buy my kid back? Name your figure!”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Marcie takes a stand against Todd!

    Blair approaches Lindsay with a deal!

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    Posted by -FiNGaZ- at Thursday, September 20 2007 02:11 PM

    Todd would be a great parent, you can tell just look at everything he has been going through for this boy. Now he is offering whatever price it will cost him. Marcie and the Liar is actually thinking about it too, which tells you where there mind is. They aren't concerned about TJ whatsoever. Oh one more thing it might just be me, but anyone else notice the MOVING HAIRLINE?!!?! I wont say who Im talking about, or Amy the all mighty on here will delete my post.

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Thursday, September 20 2007 02:53 PM

    OMG, Free Lindsay are they stupid..Lindsay has killed 2 people now. It wasnt her place to kill Spencer, even though he was a rotten person. Everyone in that soap thinks that Todd is such a horrible person, they all need to look at Lindsay and several others, they have more bad than good.Todd does loves his kids. Alot of wrong has been done to Todd, too.

    Posted by loveOLTL at Thursday, September 20 2007 03:59 PM

    How often Todd said:"I need you". Finally the law stares him down enough to admit he needs BLAIR. How's cute! I love it. I like credit Todd for not thinking low of Tommy. Usual 'rape' people has hard time to deal with the child they created by rape. Todd always put his children on top list.

    I agree with you Sunflowers, compare Todd with Lindsay, I like Todd better. Did he kill anyone yet? I wish he did kill Margaret and Spencer, but he didn't. In the mean while Lindsay killed 2 peoples already. And the first one she killed her own ex-husband and got away? Geez couldn't beleive it. Now who was she who had the right to kill Spencer. The story did not make senses even I don't like Spencie, but Spencer has nothing to do or relate to Lindsay. No connection! Even just say Lindsay loved Marcie like daughter and willing to sacrify herself to kill Spencer to keep Tommy secret. But that motion was not good enough to make a person kill another person. Special killing a human being, not just killing a insect, I 'personally believe' she was not capable to do it. Must be somebody else who still hide behind the whole thing; Or if she did, then Lindsay was really a 'danger' woman. She would have killed with injection asap like Todd did.
    The character of Lindsay did not make any senses since last late years to me.

    Hope Vickie backs in town on time to support Todd.

    Posted by shepmajor at Thursday, September 20 2007 04:16 PM

    Amy? You deleted my post? Why for?

    Posted by Amy at Thursday, September 20 2007 04:33 PM

    Hi shepmajor,

    If your post was the one that contained a link to another site... We don't allow advertising of other sites. Sorry. That's the only post that was deleted.

    In the future, if you have any questions, please email us through the Contact Us section.

    Thanks so much!
    OLTL Editor

    Posted by diansct at Thursday, September 20 2007 04:42 PM

    Does anybody remmeber what Todd did when he thought that Jack was Max's son. He gave him away and told Blair that her child died. I will never understand how she took him back after that. The only reason that Blair has her son is because he is also Todd's son.

    Posted by shepmajor at Thursday, September 20 2007 04:53 PM

    Ok Amy. It was just a link to a column about the very thing we were discussing, not an advertisement for the site itself, but okay.

    Posted by Amy at Thursday, September 20 2007 05:28 PM

    Hi shepmajor,

    Thanks for understanding!

    Posted by serwin24 at Friday, September 21 2007 06:03 AM

    I think in the future of "SOAPLAND" that after Todd has his son back for several years CRAZY MARGARET will be back - now that should be very, very interesting. At least, this is the way I would write it. haha

    Posted by LucyM at Friday, September 21 2007 06:32 AM

    I don't see the connection between Lindsay and Spencer except that Lindsay knew about Tommy. This was a very stupid ending to a very loooooooooooooooooooong storyline.

    Marcie is as stupid as her husband. She gets no pity from me. She is as dirty as the rest of them. I say the same thing, ask ourselves how many of us would not move heaven and earth for our children. Todd did not give Tommy up. He was stolen. Todd is the victim not the villian.
    Todd may not better than half the people in Llanview but he has come a long way. Dorian almost killed Jessica and her unborn baby, Lindsay killed her children's father,Michael Rex, John, and Princess Adriana withheld important information about Todd's son, and so on and so on. Therefore, we can let go of his past.

    Amy's job is to post comments and opinions of the fans. She has to delete distasteful comments. At first I had a hard time because I was posting things that were deleted but I got with the program and understand we cannot bash people.

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