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Suspicious Eyes...

Thursday, August 30 2007
Natalie keeps one eye open with regards to Jared, and Lindsay's silence confuses Marcie...

At the loft, after Antonio informs Nash he sold his shares of the vineyard, Nash snaps and screams, “This is personal and you know it!” While arguing, Talia appears and warns that if they don’t quit arguing Jamie is going to hear! Although Nash asks Antonio to reconsider the sale, he replies, “It’s too late.” After Antonio tells Nash that Jared is the new shareholder, Nash expresses how he lost to Jared at poker then accuses Antonio of knowing about it! Nash rushes off…

Todd goes to Lindsay’s jail cell and warns that he’ll be running a story on her arrest. Although Todd tries to get a motive out of Lindsay, she refuses to talk. Suddenly, Marcie arrives and sends Todd off…

As Marcie holds Lindsay’s hands through the cell, professing what a mistake John has made, Lindsay fears she’ll spend her life behind bars. However, after Marcie demands that Lindsay fight the charges then asks, “Why are you being defeatist? I need you, Tommy needs you. Isn’t he worth fighting for?” Lindsay cries, “Of course! Everything I’ve done was to protect him!” When Marcie says she’s going to ask Bo if she can bring Tommy in to see her, Lindsay is against it and does not want Tommy to see her in jail! Although Marcie cries for Lindsay’s innocence, she finds it odd that Lindsay doesn’t deny the charges against her!

After Miles explains that Tommy is really Todd’s son, Blair snaps, “How dare you mess with other people’s lives!” Just as Blair is about to throw him out of Dorian’s, Miles says, “I can prove it.” Once Miles shows Blair the file, she reads the letter from Spencer… saying how badly Spencer wanted to make Todd suffer. As Blair continues to read Spencer’s plan, the ghost of Spencer looms near Blair – and Miles! Although shocked by what’s in the file, Blair still wonders if it’s true. However, Miles apologizes for keeping the truth from Todd but vows it is the truth! Finally believing Miles, Blair knows it’s up to her to convince Todd!

When Starr and Jack visit Todd at The Sun, Jack prints out a cartoon picture and points to each character saying, “This is you, me, Starr and my baby brother.” Todd explains that he hasn’t been able to find their little brother then sadly says, "Even though I tried." After Todd hangs up the picture, as a sort of memorial to his dead son, everyone says something to Todd’s little baby – as Blair listens from the hallway!

Once Todd spots Blair, he asks, “I thought you were working from home. What’re you doing here?” After Blair asks to speak to Todd alone, the kids wait outside, to which Blair tells Todd, “I think you should sit down, Todd.”

When Natalie runs into Sarah at Capricorn, they briefly chat it up until Natalie says she’s there to meet someone. After Sarah points at Jared, Natalie becomes furious having been tricked into meeting him!

Although Natalie tries to walk away from Jared, he hands her a folder of an analysis on Buchanan Enterprises. Giving him a chance to speak, Jared butters her up stating how they both had to fight for everything they got in the world. As Natalie is acting as though she believes Jared, Miles shows up and privately tells Natalie about how he finally did the right thing. Abruptly, Natalie states, “Maybe I need to put my money where my mouth is,” then rushes off.

Nash arrives at Capricorn and demands to know what Jared is up to! However, Jared claims, “It just business.”

As Miles takes a seat at a booth, Sarah approaches him and snaps on how Miles almost got her killed! While Miles apologizes for what he did, he says, “I’m trying to change and for the first time in my life, when I look in the mirror, I’m not ashamed of what I see.”

Although Michael goes to John’s office, wanting to know where things stand with Lindsay, John refuses to talk about the case with him. As Michael worries that Lindsay knows about Tommy, and fears she’ll bring them all down, he begs again, “Please, tell me what you know.” After John agrees that Tommy’s fate is in his hands, he says, “And I’ve made a decision.” Once John reminds Michael that he could have arrested him a long time ago, he promises, “I’m going to keep your secret. I won’t tell anyone that Tommy is Todd Manning’s son.” Michael takes John in a strong embrace then says, “Johnny, I love you, man.”

Later, when Natalie goes to John, in defense of the ‘good thing’ Miles did for Todd, she says, “You’re not going to believe this, but Todd’s son is right here in Llanview!” Natalie then says that Miles told Blair, who is on her way to tell Todd about it right now!

Next on One Life to Live:

Nash wants answers from Jared!

Blair approaches Todd with information about his son!

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