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Tate Harmon: Guilty!

Thursday, August 09 2007
Tate pleads guilty - with pleasure, Michael once again asks John the unthinkable, and Todd learns about Miles' new living arrangements...

Layla wakes up in Vincent’s arms and says, “You make me feel so safe.” When talk of Tate’s arraignment comes up, Vincent says, “He better pay or I’ll regret saving his life more than I already do.”

Rex goes to Adriana’s apartment and says, “John knows that Tommy is Todd’s son, and he knows that I’ve known.” Although Adriana panics, thinking they’re going to be in real trouble, Rex says, “He doesn’t know you’re involved and doesn’t have real proof that Tommy is TJ.” However, Adriana reminds Rex, “He’s not going to give up.” Rex then suggests they dummy up a DNA test! Suddenly, Layla and Vincent appear from her bedroom, but they think Rex and Adriana are talking about Tate.

As John is leaving the Hotel from work, Michael asks, “What are you going to do?” When John replies, “I think you know the answer,” Michael begs, “You’re going to ruin my life!” Michael again tries to plead his case and begs John to stay quiet! Although Michael lives with the guilt about keeping a baby from his real father, he knows he’s doing what’s best for Tommy then brings up the hurt it will cause their mother and Marcie if John talks! “Don’t take my son away from me,” Michael says. “You can be a cop, or you can be my brother. If you truly love me, you’ll keep your mouth shut!” Suddenly, Marcie appears holding Tommy and asks John to tell her what’s going on! After John blows it off as ‘family stuff,’ Marcie hands Tommy over to Michael then heads back up to their room to get Tommy’s toys. Michael looks at John as he holds Tommy close and says, “See what you’d be doing here, Johnny?” Just as Michael claims John is taking away his family because he can’t have one of his own, Marcie reappears and John leaves…

After John leaves, Michael claims he’s tired then suggests they all take a trip – next week! However, Marcie wants to know, “Why do you want to get away all of a sudden? What’s going on?” Although Michael simply claims he just wants to take his family away to relax, Marcie can’t take the time off work with school starting right around the corner.

Although Cole goes to the jail and asks Marty to plead not guilty, she replies, “I don’t think I can do that.” However, Cole reminds Marty that both John and he believe in her innocence – and she should too! Changing the subject, Marty asks about Starr, and Cole replies that she forgave him and that Todd has decided not to stand in their way.

Just as Cole once again asks Marty not to plead guilty, John arrives and stands behind Cole and reminds Marty that she can’t give up! After Cole heads to the courtroom, Marty notices John’s distraction and asks, “Do you want to talk about it?” Suddenly, a guard arrives and says, “It's almost time to go to court.”

When Todd arrives at Llanfair to see Viki, he runs into Miles! After Viki explains that Miles is living there, Todd flips out! However, Viki says he’s Natalie’s guest. Suddenly, Todd announces Hunter’s death then questions how Miles made it happen! Although Miles denies any involvement, Todd brings up Cole – and the fact that he'll be testifying against Miles!

Once Miles leaves, although Todd feels stabbed in the back, Viki explains Natalie’s support of Miles then compares it to Viki’s support of Todd! However, Viki promises if Miles is proved to be involved in kidnapping him, he’ll pay for it. “One way or another,” Todd agrees then leaves…

At Cris’s apartment, although Sarah blames herself for Hunter’s death, Cris says, “It wasn’t your fault.” Sarah then announces she’s leaving Llanview. After Cris reminds her about the ‘money’ it’ll take to leave town, Sarah decides she has no choice but to stay. Not wanting to be alone, Sarah leaves for the courthouse with Cris…

At the courthouse, Nora is surprised to see Matthew – who insists on staying for Tate’s arraignment. Just as everyone is taking their seats, Tate is brought in and the judge calls order in the court. Eerily, Tate glares at Matthew. After the judge reads the charges against Tate, he denies counsel then says, “I plead guilty!” When Tate goes on, “My only regret is that I didn’t finish what I started,” the courthouse erupts! Once court is called to order, the judge immediately has Tate sent to Stateville until sentencing! On his way out of the courtroom, again, Tate glares at Matthew who says, “I feel bad for Tate because he’s absolutely pathetic.”

When Tate is brought to his cell at Statesville, he’s shocked to find his cellmate is an African American named Luther who says, “Welcome to Statesville!”

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