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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Search Warrant For Rex's Loft!

    Monday, August 06 2007
    John approaches Rex & Adriana with a search warrant, Clint gives Sarah some advice, and Natalie rushes to Miles' defense...

    At Capricorn, although Antonio tries to stay occupied by fixing a stage curtain rod, Cris scolds him and reminds Antonio he needs time to heal. When talk of Sarah comes up, Antonio asks Cris if he knows where she is. Cris says he doesn’t need to watch her 24/7 then once again tells Antonio to worry about his health! When Antonio changes the subject and brings up Evangeline, Cris asks, “How do you move on when the woman you love is still in there, but may never come back?” Wanting to forget their problems, Antonio and Cris make plans to take the day off to spend with Jamie.

    When Sarah arrives at Asa’s, little does she know Hunter is spying on her! Over tea with Nigel, Sarah claims her family has gotten the wrong idea about her, that she’s bleeding out her trust fund, then asks Nigel for help with Grandpa Clint to loosen up the purse strings. Suddenly, Clint appears behind her and says, “You can ask him that yourself.” After Sarah breaks the ice with Clint, she asks him for money, “Can I have some?” However, Clint replies, “No,” then admits he’s talked to Cord, which in turn caused her father to shut Sarah off. As Sarah continues rambling on, Clint asks, “What happened to you? When did you become so untrustworthy?” Although Clint offers Sarah at job at B.E., she turns him down and storms off – and Hunter follows her undetected!

    Back at Capricorn, as Sarah is calling out for Cris, Hunter comes up behind her and says, “Alone at last!”

    When Renee prevents Miles from getting his old suite back at The Palace, Natalie comes to his rescue and asks, “So it’s guilty until proven innocent.” After Natalie pleads with Renee – from one ‘bad girl’ to another – to let Miles stay, reluctantly, Renee agrees! Alone, although Natalie blames Marty for all of Miles’s hardships, Miles says, “Am I just supposed to let my family go?” Just as Miles expresses not wanting to stay at The Palace – somewhere he’s not wanted – Natalie gets a thought as says, “Come with me.”

    Dorian arrives at Llanfair and lashes out at Viki for the ‘state’ David’s life is in! Dorian goes on to read Viki a postcard from David saying he now works at a resort and says, “This is a call for help! Give him his money and bring him home!” However, Viki feels David is finally contributing to society instead of milking off of it. As always, Dorian turns things around and claims that Viki is keeping David unhappy just to keep her unhappy then says, “It’s not going to work, Viki, because Clint and I are here to stay!” Viki opens the door, gives Dorian and Clint her blessing then says, “Let Dave live his life.”

    Still at Llanfair, as Viki is getting a kick rereading David’s postcard, Natalie and Miles arrive to which Natalie says, “I’ve invited Miles to live at Llanfair.”

    In John’s office, when Talia arrives with the search warrant, John claims it’s going to lead them to Truman’s killer!

    John and his crew barge into Rex’s loft with a search warrant to find Rex and Adriana in bed! John warns for Rex to corporate or else he’ll find what he’s looking for on his own! With Rex and Adriana naked beneath the sheets, they watch on with worry about what John will find! Quickly, Adriana and Rex hold pillows and sheets close in an attempt to get dressed! After John is finished with the search, Rex warns, “You’re going to hate where this leads.”

    Once alone, Adriana asks Rex, “How much trouble are we in?” Nervous about what John found, Rex admits to Adriana that he could have very well left a file regarding Tommy in one of his files but says, “I deleted it, so it should be gone, right? TJ’s death certificate, the one I forged for Todd…”

    Back at the station, with Rex’s laptop in front of him, Talia leaves John to try to retrieve some of Rex’s deleted files…

    After typing in a few demands, looking at the screen, John says, “What do we got here, Balsom?” Seeing the name TJ Manning, John digs through some papers, pulls out the death certificate for Todd Manning's child, then asks himself, “What’s Todd’s son’s death certificate doing on your hard drive… I got you now, Balsom!”

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Hunter holds Sarah at knife point!

    Todd & Blair are unsure of where to go from here.

    John finds out that Rex forged a death certificate for Todd's son.

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    Posted by LilyYlil at Monday, August 06 2007 12:18 PM

    Okay so John is about to blow this Baby case wide open! I love the new and improved John who is actually smart! That's what getting away from dimwit Nat will do for a man! I love John now that he is actually able to solve cases and use him mind.

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Monday, August 06 2007 12:41 PM

    Time is almost up for Michael and Rex, cuz John is on your tail. . . and he won't stop until Todd's son is right back where he belongs with his father, Todd Manning. John is going to make Michael and Rex wish that they never should have kept this from Todd. John is already on to them, it's only a matter of time before Michael and Rex end up in big trouble. . big time. And Natalie, she is so stubborn to see who Miles really is. . .I mean is she going to fall for him or what? Marty is really making a smart move by walking out of marraige from Miles who is a complete psychopath, I hope that she will run into John's arms.

    Posted by shawnie at Monday, August 06 2007 12:46 PM

    Please get Natalie off the show. She's been stupid ever since she arrived in Llanview. I don't know who I hate the most--her or Marty's constant pity party & inability to shed tears when the scene calls for it.

    Posted by shepmajor at Monday, August 06 2007 12:48 PM

    Does Natalie care AT ALL about her mother? About how having Miles live at Llanfair is going to drive a wedge between Viki and Todd? Miles is a rich man, who can buy his OWN house - why does he have to pawn off other people?

    Posted by mrfraser at Monday, August 06 2007 12:56 PM

    Interferring can she be so rude and what makes her queen of the manor.........she needs to find her own place and take Miles with her....This is why I do not care for her character...she throws those shoulders back and chest out and thinks she queen of week....

    Posted by Sophia Rose at Monday, August 06 2007 02:38 PM

    I'm very curious where this story line with Natalie and Miles is going. He doesn't seem comfortable with her either. I agree with mrfraser - Miles has his own money to buy his own house, for that matter, Natalie has enough money to buy him a house. Oh well, stay tuned.

    I don't like Sarah. This is a bit of an actor bash - but I feel like I'm watching a high school play with the way she says her lines - not a lot of emotion or ....acting. I like the old "Flash"

    Go John go, get Tommy back where he belongs and ruin your brothers marriage - wow, not a good place to be.

    Posted by crazydoti at Monday, August 06 2007 03:43 PM

    i have a pretty sexy boyfriend but seeing rex today half naked i gotta say really revved up my libido! natalie is such an annoying little brat who just randomly moves criminals into their mother's houses anyways? she's gotta good job get your own place! john is going to destroy his brother.

    Posted by forevergolden at Monday, August 06 2007 04:27 PM

    Twins, twins, what has happened to them? Jessica once upon a time was very caring and loyal, now back stabbing, and selfish. Natalie...fearless, spunky, and funny, and now she's winey, nosy and really needs to get a life. I so don't envy John. How do you choose between your job and your brother?

    Posted by Sammylicious at Monday, August 06 2007 07:22 PM

    i'm so glad that John decided to check out Rex's house i hope he finds out that he and Micheal are behind this whole Todds kid thing, i really like Todd i like rex and micheal too but Todd is d boss I want Micheal and Rex to pay for what they have done and i want Natalie to rot in hell

    Posted by imjustme409 at Monday, August 06 2007 07:31 PM

    Writers please get a better story line! Today the show was unbearably boring. Rex and Michael's secret has been outplayed too long. I think that need to add more teen scenes because the adults are acting stupid. Marty get a life. Natalie go lock yourself in your room and listen to your own pathetic whining becuase america is tired of hearing it. And as for Miles get it through your head Spencer is DEAD, so live your own life.

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