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    One Life To Live - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Prom Night: The Musical!

    Friday, June 15 2007
    Cole & Starr ache to be with each other at the prom, Blair still holds hope that Todd is alive, and John reaches out to Marty...

    In the hallway at school, tensions are high between Langston and Markko. When Langston warns Markko not to hurt Starr, he accuses her of being jealous because she doesn't have a date for the prom then says, "I wouldn't go to the prom with you if you were the last girl on earth!"

    In the gym, Cole tells Starr he doesn't want her to go to prom with Markko then says, "I want you to go with me." Even though Cole wants Starr to dump Markko - saying he'll dump Britney - and reminds Starr that her dad isn't around to see them go to prom, Starr doesn't give in and says, "This is best for everyone." Just as Britney approaches, Marcie pulls all the kids together for one last run-through of the musical before prom… With fake smiles on some - and others just happy to be included in the production - Marcie and the kids rehearse the dance to the song, "Together."

    Afterwards, Marcie announces she'll be chaperoning the prom and dismisses everyone to go home and get ready! Although Marcie reminds Langston to get there early - to sell tickets as a way to work off her detentions - Langston is preoccupied with Markko as he jots down Starr's address. Later, seeing Starr alone, Marcie says, "It would be nice if life was like a musical and everything worked out the way it was supposed to..." After Starr agrees, Marcie leaves… In the spotlight, alone, Starr sings a sad ballad… "Live With All I Am."

    At Dorian's, after Blair gets Starr's message saying that she's going to prom, sadly Blair says, "This is the biggest night of Starr's life. Her father should be here to send her off." Blair expresses getting an untraceable phone call a few days ago and says, "I know it was Todd calling…" Knowing they don't have much time to prepare for Starr's prom, Dorian and Blair head upstairs.

    When Starr arrives home, she finds Blair and Dorian going through the Cramer girl's wardrobe. After Dorian briefly leaves, Starr worries she won't have a great dress then describes Markko to Blair as, "A guy who didn't have a date who asked a girl to go to prom who didn't have a date."

    Later, outside, with talk of how grown up Starr is, and how much Todd was looking forward to being there for her, through tears, Blair holds Starr close and sings her daughter a song titled, "My Little Starr."

    Back upstairs, Dorian comes to the rescue and brings Starr a beautiful dress! While Starr is trying it on, Blair tells Dorian, "Todd needs me. I can feel it." After Starr emerges in her gown, Blair gives her a watch that Todd had given her on Mother's Day and says, "When you wear it, know your father and I are with you always. I wish your daddy could see you… He would be so proud of you."

    At Statesville, despite David's objections, John tells David he's there to meet with the warden. Outside the door, David tries to listen in as John informs the warden that David is innocent but that he has a plan to catch the real killer! Although the warden is leery, he finally agrees to free David into John's custody - and slaps an ankle-tracking device on him!

    At home, although Miles gives Cole a gift, a new suit, Cole turns him down and continues to dwell on the fact that he's not going to prom with Starr. Just then, Marty gets a call from John saying that David is released. "It'll be all over the news and hopefully it'll flush out the real killer!" When Marty asks why John believes in her, he says, "Because you're not a killer. Now, I just need to prove it." Later, after Cole is dressed for the prom, Marty presents Cole with a watch that Patrick had given her then says, "He would be so proud of you."

    Both alone in their rooms at home, Cole and Starr sing a romantic song… At school, Langston joins in… as does Markko, at home, and Britney from her home while she awaits Cole… At the end of the montage, all the kids are magically in the same room within the mists of their own private emotions…

    In Chicago, seeing 'a man' on the bed in Hunter's room, Sarah goes to call 911! Just then, Hunter arrives, takes the phone away and says, "He was stabbed!" After Hunter refuses to answer Sarah's questions about the man in the bed, she says, "I'll figure it out for myself!" Slowly turning the man to face her, Sarah says, "Oh, my, God, it's Todd Manning!" After a bit of bickering, Hunter warns Sarah not to make any calls then says, "He almost called out from my cell phone earlier, but I got it away from him and hide it in that box. I can't afford any mistakes." After Hunter leaves, Sarah eyes the box containing the cell phone!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    After Starr takes a spill, she ends up in the hospital.

    David demands what's due to him.

    Lindsey flushes with talk of her crush on Bo.

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    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Friday, June 15 2007 01:15 PM

    WOW todays was awesome can't wait till Monday .Bye wish u all the best

    Posted by Sophia Rose at Friday, June 15 2007 01:40 PM

    I enjoyed the show today.

    When Blair sang her Little Star song to Starr, I cried - it was so heartwarming.

    Let's get Todd back in action - and quickly!!

    Posted by ksmakela at Friday, June 15 2007 02:35 PM

    Sorry I missed all that singing and dancing!!!
    Looking forward to Todd getting back from another near-death vacation!!!

    And I love that David's story will put him back in Llanview society, or at least knocking on the door again-

    Why can't he at least get some reward for helping - OH, better, find out he is the long-lost Buchanan brother, so that 10 million for the 'murder' would just be chump change........ Yay Tuc!

    So now what? Will Marty be on lock-down, or maybe she started the attack on the evil Dr. Spencie-poo, and hmmmm, maybe someone else finished it???? And she hasn't remembered that part yet? Seems like what John is guessing.

    So I wonder and suspect the slimey Miles!! Maybe the guy that Spence got to deliver the wedding dress he put on Blair gave it away to Miles where he was going and why - or Miles followed him. It's hard to remember all the details, this was what 4 months ago???? Did Miles know he stood to inherit Dr. Evil's estate?

    Anyway, I have not read any spoilers, just a brilliant guesser!!!

    Posted by shimmer_96 at Friday, June 15 2007 06:23 PM

    I still love Marcy!!! She can sing, dance, act, and she is pretty! From one "not-so-tiny" girl to another!!! You are th whole package!!!

    Posted by mrfraser at Saturday, June 16 2007 07:11 AM

    ksmakela that is a good point...was Miles the one that Spencer got to help him...them maybe HE MILES is the killer....good thought...writers listen up...make Miles the killer so he can LEAVE

    Posted by mrfraser at Saturday, June 16 2007 07:15 AM

    Another thought writers....make Miles the killer so Paige can leave and go off to the other country and do her medical thing...allowing her to find her real son...good ending for all and Miles will be GONE

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Sunday, June 17 2007 06:21 AM

    :) Miles will be on the show alot more lets say a while ....even now i dont want him to be

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Sunday, June 17 2007 06:30 AM

    What does it mean why Starr takes a spill does it mean fall?

    Posted by Amy at Sunday, June 17 2007 08:29 AM

    Hi brittbrat7810,

    Yes, it means fall


    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Sunday, June 17 2007 08:41 AM

    ok ty amy .bye all ..cant wait..

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