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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Could It Be? Marty?

    Monday, June 11 2007
    Accusations against Marty baffle John, and while Nash hopes Cris & Antonio can once again come together as brothers, Jessica wants to speak to Antonio...

    In her hospital room, Clint arrives to find Nash with Jessie and says, "Antonio's awake." Jessica calmly replies, "Okay, I'd like to see him now."

    When Cris arrives to see Antonio, he says, "I want my brother back. Is that possible?" Although Antonio says he doesn't want to fight, he expresses how he feels about Jess and says, "It's as though I spent the last four years with a woman I don't know."

    Just then, Nash comes in and says that Jessica is on her way down. Although Antonio doesn't want to hear a word she has to say, Jessica enters the room and asks for some time alone with Antonio. As Jessica apologizes and thanks Antonio, she says, "I don't want to lose you." While Antonio opts for a clean break, Jessica reminds Antonio that a part of his liver is inside her and says, "So how are we going to deal with that." Through tears, Antonio admits, "I love you. I just don't like you. You've hurt Jamie enough and I'm not going to let you drive her away from everyone she knows." Although Jessica claims to still love them both so much, Antonio replies, "The woman I fell in love with is gone and I miss her." Just as Jessica takes Antonio's hand, Nash peers through the window.

    Outside Antonio's room, Nash apologizes to Cris for getting him involved in this mess and causing the rift between him and Antonio.

    At Dorian's, Blair tells Starr, "Miles Laurence married Marty." Starr acts surprised when Blair continues, "There's more to it than meets the eye." Just as Blair warns Starr not to go running to Cole, Jack joins them and says, "I had a nightmare. Dad called and said he's not coming back."

    Returning home from dinner with his mom and Miles, Cole thinks back to Starr asking him to find out if Miles is involved in Todd's disappearance. Suddenly, Cole asks Miles to play twenty questions and asks, "Have you ever been to Chicago?" Calmly, Miles replies, "No." As Cole continues pushing Miles by calling him a fraud, Miles stands up and says, "I will not be talked to like that. I'm your stepfather!" However, Cole asks, "How much does this marriage have to do with Todd Manning?" Before Miles speaks, Marty thinks back to Miles blackmailing her then sticks up for Miles. At Cole's persistence for the truth, Miles says, "Why don't you tell your son the truth, Marty." Marty assures Cole that Miles will give them a good life, leaving Miles to express his love for Marty then ask, "Where are we going to live?" When Cole refuses to move, Miles says, "I'll get my bag."

    While Blair takes Jack back upstairs, Cole calls Starr with an update and promises to keep digging for info on Miles. Just as Starr goes to hang up, Cole says, "Starr, wait." Cole vents about what he's going through then says, "I'll call you again." Later, Cole sends Starr a text message reading, "I still care about you," and Starr replies that she cares about him too.

    After Cole hangs up, Marty promises that someday he'll understand why she married Miles. While Cole storms off to his room, Miles rejoins Marty, takes her hand and says, "It's our wedding night. I can't wait to make love to my wife."

    In a room somewhere, Todd is alive and thinks he's seeing Spencer! Suddenly, a guy arrives and says, "What do you know. You're not dead yet. That guy was right about you. You just don't want to die."

    In John's office, although David has confessed, Dorian says, "You can settle for a conviction or you can get the truth." Dorian explains that David pled guilty in exchange for ten million dollars! When John suggests that Dorian hired David to kill Spencer, she says, "If I wanted him dead, I would have killed him myself!" John warns if he finds out different, Dorian will be sharing a cell with David! "Marty Saybrooke," Dorian says, "She stabbed Spencer to death!" After hearing that David told Dorian about Marty, John reminds her that David is a liar but says, "I'll look into it." Before leaving, Dorian begs, "Please get David out of jail before something happens." After Dorian leaves, John ponders on the possibility that what Dorian said could be true! When John calls Statesville and finds out that Marty did in fact visit David, John demands to speak with David tonight!

    At Asa's, Nora arrives home to find Nigel and Renee spoiling Matthew and says, "This has to stop." After Nora has her rant, she apologizes for being stressed about the arsonist case and not having her own home then says, "I just want our life back."

    Later, Dorian arrives at Asa's and tells Clint, "Asa hired David to kill Spencer Truman."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    David finally admits to John that he's not Spencer's killer.

    Jessica is saddened that she has to wait for a divorce.

    Tate asks Adriana is she's doubting his character.

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    Posted by shepmajor at Monday, June 11 2007 01:03 PM



    Yay, Todd!

    Tate...Your days are numbered!

    Posted by forevergolden at Monday, June 11 2007 01:49 PM

    It's bad enough that we had to sit through the ridiculous love affair between Jessica and Nash. Now, we have to watch a fatal attraction between Marty and Miles? Let me guess, within another 6 months, OLTL will have one more Miles,"who done it?" murder investigation.

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Monday, June 11 2007 03:40 PM

    Ugh! I am so sick of Miles, he needs to leave poor Marty and Cole alone. Blair should let Starr date Cole. . . I mean they are good for each other. Cole is better with Starr than that cruel girl Britney, Britney deserves to be with Marrko. As for Nash and Jessica, they are going to live happily ever after. . . but Antonio plans to divorce Jessie, and move on. Tate is responsible for the break-up between Rex and Adriana, and I hope that they catch the arsonist (hopefully Tate). Todd and Blair should get back together, and if Evangeline was still alive, she should have gone back to John or Christian. I hope Antonio gets Talia.

    Posted by LongLegged at Monday, June 11 2007 05:49 PM

    Can't wait to see Miles reaction to what Marty asked him. I can't wait for this Tate thing to come out in the open. I think that Rex should not take back Adriana. Everything that he does, she blows up at him.

    Let the man be. That is how he has kept her butt safe everytime she has gotten herself in trouble trusting the wrong men. Catholic school girls suck!!!!!!

    Posted by LongLegged at Monday, June 11 2007 05:51 PM

    Oh, forgot.........great scenes between Antonio and Jessica today. I didn't see it, just heard it, and it was nice.

    Posted by janmar at Monday, June 11 2007 07:00 PM

    I can't stand Jessica, she should stay with Antonio..she never loved Nash..that was Tess. She is just hurting Antonio... and then to top it all off he turns around and gives her half of his liver. How can Nash save Antonio's life by operating or stitching him up, this is just so stupid.

    Posted by badtoad at Monday, June 11 2007 07:11 PM

    Jessica need to get over herself & think about all the people she has hurt just so she could be with the loser. So with David back in the picture is Dorian still going after Clint-where is that boring storyline goin to end up?

    Posted by LucyM at Tuesday, June 12 2007 06:35 AM

    I thought Tate was bought on to cause problems between Rex and Princess Adriana, however, it does appear like he is involved in the boring arsonist storyline. Can't wait until he is caught and writers get rid of him and his father. He is boring even for Princess Adriana.

    What can I say about Jessica? She's got nerves. It is not enough she hurt Antonio, but now she wants to remain friends with him. She really is crazy.

    Marty is just too stupid for me. I cannot see why she just doesn't tell the truth. She does a horrible job of convincing people, especially her son, that she and Miles did the right thing.

    I agree in a couple of months, maybe a year, we will trying to guess who killed Miles.

    Paige is Spencer's killer. Why drag this storyline? I have always believed she did it and if David is protecting someone, and I know he is, it is most likely to be Paige.

    Posted by LucyM at Tuesday, June 12 2007 09:03 AM

    On the next OLTL, Jessica is saddened by the fact that she has to wait for her divorce. How selfish can she be? Does she want to marry the loser in her hospital room?

    Dorian should be chasing David and not Clint. I think Clint is so boring. David knows how to treat her.

    Of all the men in Evangeline's life, I feel Cris was the best one for her.

    John should be with Natalie, Bo with Nora, boring Clint with boring Vicky.

    Posted by KC11 at Tuesday, June 12 2007 09:32 AM

    Please let a woman from Nash's past (with more money than Jess/Tess) come along for Nash. Let Nash show his unbelievable sefishness and juggle his past lover with Jess/Tess so Antonio can wallow on the sidelines.
    OR .......
    Let Jess really be Tess!!! Let Tess punish Nash (Tie him up like Margaret did Todd) for not trying harder to get her back and settling for Jess/Tess. THIS WOULD BE

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