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    One Life To Live - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    A Fight To Stay Alive!

    Friday, May 18 2007
    Cris, Talia, Evangeline & Nora fight to stay alive, Jordan continues to give Miles advice, Rex tries to gain Adriana's forgiveness, and Jessica begins to make a confession to Antonio...

    At Rodie's, Adriana tells Rex, "You and I are over." Although Rex pleads with Adriana to give him another chance, Adriana is furious that Rex's lies are affecting her company! Finally, Rex says, "Either you love me for me - or maybe we are really over." Over more talk about a life without the other, Adriana gives Rex another chance but says, "I have a lot of damage control to take care of."

    At the hospital, Michael explains the process of trying to find a donor match for Jessica. When Miles shows up and offers to be tested, Dorian steps up and says, "She already has Laurence blood running through her veins, she doesn't need your liver!" After Clint apologies for Dorian's outburst, he accepts Miles's offer to be tested.

    Talking with Nash, Dorian informs him about Mitch then says, "I don't think we should trust Miles." After Dorian comments on how hard Nash is making it for Jessica's family, Nash expresses how much he loves Jessica and says, "I'm not leaving her." When Clint returns from being tested, Nash goes in next.

    While waiting to be tested, Natalie explains to Miles about Tess and how Jessica contracted liver disease. Shortly after, Michael comes in and says, "Miles? You're next."

    When Dorian goes to Viki with sympathy, Viki says, "I need a miracle." Although Viki can't be a donor - because of her heart condition - she says, "Maybe there is something I can do." No matter what the doctors say, Viki wants to be tested. Although Dorian warns Viki of the risk to her life, Viki begs her to test her blood and says, "Please, I'll owe you forever." Reluctantly, Dorian says, "Okay, come with me." After Dorian takes Viki's sample, she leaves with Michael to be tested.

    In Jessica's room, with Antonio holding her hand, Jessica expresses how much she misses Bree and says, "I can't help wonder how many more times I'll get to hold her." When Nash comes in, Jessica tells Antonio to take a break and asks to talk to Nash. Before Antonio leaves, he stops before Nash and says, "If you upset her…" Once Antonio is gone, Jessica says, "We have to tell him about us, Nash." Although Nash urges her to wait, Jessica insists on telling Antonio now.

    When Antonio joins Clint in the waiting room, he informs him that Nash is in with Jessica and admits his angers toward Tess and what she did, "I hate Tess for doing this to her! I see Tess when I look at Jessica. I had to get out of there." Having been through this with Viki, Clint gives Antonio some advice.

    After Antonio goes back to Jessica's room, and Nash leaves, Jessica cries, "I have to talk to you. We can't put this off any longer." As Antonio expresses, "Jessica, you're scaring me," she replies, "Please don't hate me… I'm so sorry… I'm in love with Nash…"

    After everyone is tested, although Natalie and Viki don't feel sorry for Nash, seeing Nash alone on the patio, Clint goes to him and says, "She's a strong young woman. She's going to fight."

    Later, at Rodie's, Miles runs into Jordan and asks for some advice about how to 'get his girl.' Jordan leans in and says, "Raise the stakes and rush in to rescue her." Although Miles says Marty isn't in danger, Jordan tells him to create 'a situation'!

    Inside Cris's studio, Cris, Nora, Talia and Evangeline are passed out cold. As Lindsey approaches the door - and sees the duct tape sealing it off - she's hit over the head! Inside, a groggy Cris manages to grab his cell phone and dial 911 then passes out once again…

    Matthew visits Bo in his office wondering why his mom didn't pick him up from school. After Bo doesn't have any luck tracking Nora down, he tries her cell phone… Just then, a cop pulls Bo out and says, "We got a 911 call from Cristian Vega's cell phone."

    When Bo and his men reach Cris's, Bo goes to Lindsey and says, "She's alive!" As they break into the studio, they see that everyone is alive - barely - and they scramble to get everyone out! Once everyone is out of the studio, Bo works frantically to revive Evangeline. Finally, Bo manages to bring Evangeline to!

    Suddenly, sirens erupt through the air and the EMT's tend to Evangeline and scream, "We're losing her!" Quickly, everyone is rushed to the hospital! After the victims leave for the hospital, Bob demands that the crime scene be taped off! "We're going to get this guy!"

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Jessica finally tells Antonio that she's in love with Nash and breaks his heart.

    Evangeline falls deep into a coma.

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    Posted by mallgurl20056 at Friday, May 18 2007 12:50 PM

    i hope evangeline is okay.
    i hope she wakes up and bes with cristian


    Posted by scorpio1120 at Friday, May 18 2007 01:03 PM

    I really do not like Nash anymore. He is very selfish. He took advantage of Jessica's/Tess's DID and badgered her until she gave into Tess's feelings for him. Never mind that a innocent child was involved (Jamie). Even though Jamie is not Jessica's biological daughter, her feeling still should have been considered. That child has been through a lot and doesn't deserve this. Nash uses people to get what he wants and he is not good for Jessica's mental stability.

    Posted by forevergolden at Friday, May 18 2007 01:15 PM

    Could this be carma? After everything Jessica and Antonio has been through, she falls for Nash, and now has cancer. Tes almost cost him custody of Jaimie, he forgave her when she married Teko, he saved her from Mitch Lawrence...the list goes on. I'm beyond baffled how the writers could put Jessica with Nash.

    Posted by imfirst at Friday, May 18 2007 01:19 PM

    I haven't seen todays episode, I've only read the days recap, but I'm so glad Jess finally told Antonio the truth because I'm so tired of this on-going, prolonged S/L. I don't have any love for Jess/Nash, but they definitely have more chemistry then Jess/Antonio. Ok, so now it's time for Jess and Nash get up out of Llanview, just looking at them is so sickening. Once the real Antonio returns (the new one looks so OLD) maybe he and Talia will have a chance at romance, he deserves so much better than Jess. I'm glad Jess didn't adopt Jamie, that was the best move she's made in a long time, I just hope she and Nash can do justice as parents to Bree (GOD help that child, but you can't help who your parents are). I hate to see Vange leave, she is one of my favorites on the show, don't you just love to hear her sing.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, May 18 2007 01:47 PM

    Someone had said yesterday that it takes alot of abuse to get liver cancer but untreated hepitias c can lead to cancer so that is fesible. Jessica and Nash belong together with their child. Nash is ok. He had a bad past which he confessed to. I think he truly loves Jessica. I guess this is how we will loose Vange, I heard she did not renew her contract so maybe she will die from this, I also enjoyed her singing . We tried to get her for a local fund raiser but she was too busy and expensive. I guess in real life she thinks very highly of herself which is ok by me...

    Posted by wvoutlaw59 at Friday, May 18 2007 02:02 PM

    If evangeline dies, it will kill Todd when he comes back and hears that she is gone forever. I really liked them together. I wish Ms. Goldberry the best of luck and good fortune. Sure will miss her.

    Posted by ymeikle at Friday, May 18 2007 02:17 PM

    I agree with mallgurl and wvoutlaw. I hope Evangeline is ok and I also liked her and Todd together, but the spoilers said she will be in the coma and her contract ended and they could not come up with a suitable solution so she is leaving the show. That's to bad her and chris together was nice, but her and todd was funny, powerful and nice.

    Todd was always truthful with her and made him soft (in a nice way) Good luck to Ms. Goldsberry

    Posted by brwneyez at Friday, May 18 2007 02:29 PM

    Finally Jess gets a backbone...but at the wrong time...If I was Antonio she would not get part of my liver...she dumped all over that man and his kid and now she needs him to save her life? HA HA ...what goes around comes around.

    Posted by Nurse_elena at Friday, May 18 2007 03:16 PM

    I hope Evangeline will be ok and wakes up and i hope jessica will be ok and i want Jessica and Antonio to stay together

    Posted by brittbrat7810 at Friday, May 18 2007 05:09 PM

    at least Antonio is back but getting his heart broken
    i love cole and starr togehter and blair and todd .

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