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    Not A Question Of May I.

    Monday, August 12 2013
    Carl and Jeffrey talk about the plan, Bo is asked to be Man of the Year, and Clint blames Viki for what's happened.

    (Prospect Park/The Online Network)

    Jeffrey breaks into Clint's office, opens his desk and takes out Clint's pill bottle. Matthew knocks on the door startling Jeffrey who replaces several of the pills with different ones. Matthew leaves and Jeffrey exits. Clint receives a phone call about the award later from a man named Christopher Stone. Chris tells Clint that the board voted to drop him. Clint yells as he hangs up. Matthew enters and tries to cheer Clint up and wants to know who Clint's replacement is.

    At home, Nora answers a call from Christopher Stone and he asks to speak to Bo. Chris informs Bo that the board wants him to be Man of the Year. Bo wants to think about it, while Chris says there's only so much time to think. Nora tells Bo that Clint will hate him if he accepts the award. Bo says that Clint already hates him.

    At Shelter, Cutter tells Diego that Clint didn't give into his demands. Natalie overhears and wants an explanation for why they tried to extort money. Cutter tries to explain. Diego exits as Natalie apologizes for her loud outburst. She tells him that Clint was dropped as Man of the Year. Nearby, Blair replaces Clint's picture with Bo's.

    In a hotel suite, Carl gives Jeffrey his blessing on how well things are going, but is concerned he's getting too involved. Jeffrey disagrees. Carl yells at Jeffrey about his handling of Victor. Jeffrey promises that he won't make any more mistakes. Carl says Victor won't get away this time as his sister, Allison is keeping Victor hostage. Carl lets him know Clint is no longer receiving the award. He talks about the pills that Jeffrey put into Clint's pill bottle earlier. Jeffrey wants to know how Todd factors into the organization. He tells Jeffrey that Todd is walking into a trap and everything is going according to plan.

    Clint storms into the living room at Llanfair. He can't believe he's been dropped. He blames Viki for posting the video. Viki thinks had she not posted it, The Sun would have. Clint assumes Viki did it for revenge. They argue about his drinking habit and Clint leaves.

    Outside Shelter, Tea appears with Dean, Cutter and Natalie arrive, and Bo and Nora enter. Natalie knows that Clint isn't happy and asks Bo if he’s heard from him. Inside, Tea asks Blair how she's holding up. Nora asks where Todd is. Blair lies as Tea and Dean head for the bar. David introduces Jo to everyone. Back outside, Dani tries to calm herself by telling Arturo her mom is inside. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive moments later as does Carl. Carl meets everyone as Michelle and Matthew approach. Dani and Michelle see they have the same dress on. All of them walk inside except Carl who stays to greet Dorian.

    Later, Viki catches Clint nursing a bottle back at his office. She tells him that Bo is getting the award and exits. He then angrily rummages through his liquor cabinet.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

    Tea asks who Dani is with.

    Clint interrupts the gala.

    Dorian introduces David to Carl.

    Matthew tells Dani to lay off Michelle.

    Nikki informs Natalie that her and Cutter have been having sex for months.

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    - Kyle Jarmon

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    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, August 13 2013 07:45 AM

    Wow, this twist involving Jeffrey is something else. VERY exciting. Allison Perkins is this Carl's sister? Wow, another twist never saw coming. Knew Allison had a sister, but not a brother.

    Posted by Alexandra55 at Wednesday, August 14 2013 12:13 PM

    I thought this show was off the air were can i see it ?

    Posted by crumpet_monster at Wednesday, August 14 2013 04:37 PM

    It's on Hulu, iTunes, and the OWN cable network. And so is "All My Children".

    Posted by crumpet_monster at Wednesday, August 14 2013 05:09 PM

    I wonder if Carl is Allison's half brother, because they have different last names. Or maybe he changed Perkins to Petersen because there was already a Carl Perkins.

    I'm glad that Carl brought up Allison and Irene. When Victor mentioned Allison's involvement early on, it seemed like a throwaway line just to acknowledge her, then tie everything to this new group that we never heard of before. I'm so used to ABC doing things like that. I hope the story continues along this path and we get some more answers about these mysterious rogue organizations, their purpose, and why the Lord family is so important to them.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, August 16 2013 08:47 AM

    So Allison is holding Victor??? And my Todd is walking into a trap so that they can have the twins both held captive together???? Hopefully this will cause the twins to work together...together I believe they can escape & do some damage to these strange/evil tattooed people!

    I knew there was something about Jeffrey that I never I know what it is! Here's hoping he will like Vikki & Dani & Matthew too much in the end to do whatever it is Carl wants him to do to them....& is he after the Lords or the "B"s?

    crumpet_monster...what time & date is it on OWN? I've been watching it on my computer & would rather watch it on my big screen & save my GBs.

    Posted by crumpet_monster at Friday, August 16 2013 08:03 PM

    OLTL is on OWN Mon.-Thurs. at 1:30 PM (12:30 Central).
    They are running the first 40 episodes. New ones are only on Hulu & iTunes.

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