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    Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    Monday, August 19 2013
    Clint prepares to make his grand entrance, drama ensues at the gala, and Jack surprises Kate with a kiss.

    (Prospect Park/The Online Network)

    At the Man Of The Year Gala at Shelter, Nikki complains to Rama about her lack of tips. When Dorian arrives, Rama hides behind Nikki. Carl Peterson joins Dorian and comments on the self-portrait she donated. Jo and David appear with their cameraman. Dorian introduces Carl to her soon-to-be ex-husband then trashes Rama. Viki arrives outside, late, and apologizes to Diego for Clint punching him. When Viki enters the gala, she tells Jeffrey and Destiny how lovely they look. Bo and Nora watch and hope Matthew's okay with Jeffrey and Destiny being together. They can't deny how they hoped one day Matthew and Destiny would reunite. Viki joins Natalie, where they discuss Clint and pray he stays away from the gala. Viki then takes Carl away from Dorian to meet Bo. Blair privately confesses to Dorian that she has no idea where Jack is tonight. Arturo and Dani appear. Tea spots them and orders Dani over. Dani claims Arturo is Brianna's uncle, but Tea is clearly upset by her daughter's date and storms off. Michelle appears and argues with Dani over Matthew and the fact that they're wearing the same dress. Arturo takes Dani away, and Michelle cries on Matthew's shoulder about how mean Dani is to her. Matthew races over to Dani, orders her to stay away from Michelle then goes to Tea and reveals that Arturo isn't Brianna's uncle. He was her sugar daddy. Tea stomps over to Dani and Arturo and demands he get his hands off her daughter. As they argue, the gala is called to order. Viki takes the podium and begins with the auction of Dorian's self-portrait. Dorian's embarrassed when no one starts the bidding. Carl notices, bids $100,000, and wins. At the bar, Nikki gets catty with Natalie and reveals that Cutter has been having sex with her for months. When Cutter joins Natalie, she seethes about what Nikki said. Nikki spills a drink on Natalie.

    Clint drinks booze in his office and writes a check. He orders someone to bring the limo around then says, "Ready or not, here I come."

    As Carl takes the stage at the gala, Clint appears outside and tries to make amends with Diego. Back inside, everyone listens with emotion as Carl toasts to those who have given them their freedom in our nation. As Blair cries, Tea whispers, "He'll be back." As Bo takes the stage to accept the Man Of The Year award from Viki, Clint appears. He pushes Bo off the stage, takes the award and says, "From the bottom of my heart, screw all of you."

    Jack startles Kate in her classroom. He kisses her to ease Kate's nervousness. They have sex on Kate's desk.

    Llanview spoilers for Part 2 of the One Life To Live season finale:

    Arturo kisses Dani.

    Clint trashes the gala.

    Viki approves Jeffrey's latest story.

    Natalie pushes Cutter away.

    Nikki reminds Cutter of the business they have to take care of.

    Jack wonders when Blair is going to learn.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by crumpet_monster at Monday, August 19 2013 06:27 PM

    Carl's poignant reminder about how our veterans sacrificed so much time with their loved ones to put their lives on the line defending our freedom had that horrible idiot Blair sobbing over how much she misses her precious Todd. That was just vile. Todd's not worthy to lick the boots of anyone who served our country.

    Posted by Cool_Brutha at Thursday, May 08 2014 10:52 AM

    After watching a couple webseries, it is understandable that OLTL and AMC failed online. A webseries production costs vs a network series is no comparison. The show previous production cost would have to be immensely reduced which would change the quality of the show. It's a transition viewers can't accept especially since both shows had such a long run on television.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, June 17 2015 09:41 PM


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