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    The Tables Have Turned

    Wednesday, August 30 2006
    Jessica is ready to integrate with Tess, Spencer is arrested and Kevin wants to help Kelly…

    Bree Williamson

    Jessie returns home to tell Vicki and Clint about her facing her past, that she remembers what happened to her when she was a little girl. Nash comes through the door and Jessica goes running into the other room. Clint tells Nash that she's close to integration. Nash is angry that they weren't going to involve him in the process. He tells Vicki and Clint that he loves Tess, that the integration is the end for him and his dreams. They try to explain to Nash that they have to do what's right for Jessica. Jessica tells Antonio she's ready to integrate, needs to know if he's ready for the outcome. Antonio needs to be prepared that when it's over, she'll never be the same. Jessica goes back out front, asking to speak to Nash… alone. Nash tells Jessica he can still see Tess. Jessica explains that once she's integrated, she'll feel what Tess felt toward him. But she loves Antonio. Jessica says goodbye to Nash, that she doesn't love him. Surprisingly, he thanks her for giving him a chance to say goodbye, then takes Jessica in a passionate kiss. Jessica says she's sad for Nash and Tess. She asks if Nash will come to her session with Dr. Jamison tomorrow and he agrees.

    Kelly asks Kevin to leave the hospital, but he won't. She says she thinks she's losing the baby and blames herself. Kevin says he's taking her home, but Kelly just thinks he's trying to control her. The doctor comes in, explaining Kelly's prognosis, tells her to stay calm. She tells Kevin she didn't want to be found, now he has to watch her lose his son's baby. Out in the hallway, the doctor tells Kevin that Kelly is under a lot of stress, that she needs to know she's safe. He goes back in, takes her hand, says he's sorry for hurting her, says he wants to make her feel safe. The doctor comes back in, and they listen to the baby's strong, healthy heartbeat.

    John arrests Spencer, reads him his rights. Spencer tells Blair that they'll get through this, that the police have nothing on him. Blair tells Spencer she'll call his lawyer as they take him away in cuffs. In his hotel suite, Blair removes her engagement ring and places it on the table.

    Evangeline shows up at Todd's, and Todd tells her about Blair's cover-up. Seeing how upset Todd is, Evangeline wants to know if he's forgiven her. Todd says he resents Blair for choosing Spencer over him, that he doesn't know how he's going to forgive her. Evangeline thinks Todd's in denial, that he still loves her. Blair calls to say that Spencer's been taken to the station. Todd wants to know if Blair told Spencer the truth, but she's afraid to until he's indicted. Evangeline and Todd head to the station.

    At the station, Natalie tells Bo she failed her forensic exam. Suddenly, Hugh enters his office, says that John and Spencer have arrived! David, Paige, Todd and Evangeline show up, waiting to see Spencer go down. A cop brings Spencer into the station with Blair in tow, looking to Todd with a smirk. Spencer pinpoints a comment for David, Paige, Evangeline, Bo, Hugh and Todd, trying to keep his cool. Spencer tells Todd he'll never have Blair again, and Todd replies that he won't either! John reads to Spencer all the charges against him. When they take Spencer away, John says he wants to look through everything of Spencer's, that he needs to find a 25 year old murder weapon.

    Next on One Life to Live: Jessica changes her mind where Nash is concerned, Blair wants to confront Spencer and Adriana is looking forward to seeing her mother…

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    Posted by LtryGilreath at Wednesday, August 30 2006 04:57 PM

    jessica should stay with antoino instead of nash.

    Posted by Kim Solomon at Wednesday, August 30 2006 08:21 PM

    I want Jessica and Antonio to stay together. They have been to hell and back and deserve to be together, without Nash interfering. Todd and Blair also. I want to see Spencer get what is coming to him. He has destroyed too many lives, and deserves what he gets. I have watched OLTL since I was a little girl. I have grown up with the characters on the show. I love OLTL, keep writing great storylines. I will be sure to keep watching.

    Posted by KatGotToGo at Thursday, August 31 2006 01:35 AM

    I really like Jessica/Tess with Nash. I feel they have a more believable chemistry. Antoino is just out to get even.

    Posted by Jaclyn at Thursday, August 31 2006 01:53 AM

    Jessica/Tess should stay with Nash, they have a child together and chemistry. Antonio and Jess have been together a while but it's boring. Kelly and Kevin should work out their problems and live the life they wanted so bad. Even though it is Duke's baby it is still apart of Kevin. Dorian, she needs to butt out of her daughters life and worry about her own. David and Dorian were the best!!! Blair and Spencer are over, woo hoo!!! Blair needs to be with the man she has always loved, Todd. I will bet someone a million bucks that Tommy, the foster child, is Todd's baby. I could go on and on all night about OLTL, I have been a faithful watcher for about 12 years. I will continue watching it until the day it goes off the air, which better be NEVER. Oh yeah one more thing, Christian and Natalie's break was the worst but I think it is working out with John. Christian and Miss wanna be lawyer don't need to happen. Oh well what happens, happens huh?

    Posted by rina2399 at Thursday, August 31 2006 08:36 AM


    Posted by Amy at Thursday, August 31 2006 08:57 AM

    Hi rina2399,

    They already got the test results back on the baby, saying she's Nash's

    Thanks for posting!

    Posted by adamant at Thursday, August 31 2006 10:07 AM

    Jessica belongs w/Nash,they have so much chemistry together. Antonio needs a fresh start w/someone new, someone ethnic especially w/Jamie. Jess, Nash and the baby look sooo good together. Natlie is so tired and I like the mix of Todd and Evangeline together, Blair deserves everything she gets for leaving Todd and sleeping w/Spencer. I like seeing Blair jealous of Evangeline.

    Posted by tjeanall at Sunday, September 03 2006 09:31 AM


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