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    Snoop Don't Lie.

    Tuesday, May 28 2013
    Bo gets a visitor, drugs are distributed at Shelter, and Natalie confides in Viki.

    (Prospect Park/The Online Network)

    Matthew arrives home and is convinced to go running with Dani. Soon after, Destiny appears with Drew and hears Matthew forgot about watching his son and left with Dani. When Destiny knocks some of Jeffrey's papers over he stares at an envelope addressed to him. He admits the letter is from a man he owes his entire life to. His mom was the man's secretary, and he paid for his college. Destiny is uncomfortable taking money from people who aren't blood. Jeffrey thinks she should let the Buchanans help her. She's trying to get Matthew to step up and be a father. Later, Dani and Matthew return just as Destiny calls him a worthless father.

    Blair and Tea discuss Victor, Todd and the kids at Shelter. Tea's not happy to hear Dani stays at Shelter until 2:00 AM most nights. Blair agrees to watch over Dani, and Tea promises to talk to Jack. They watch as Rama brings a couple a drink then comment on the older man being with the much younger woman. The man privately gives the girl drugs to help her relax for exams. Cutter sits with some employees nearby and instructs them not to hit on their new singer. Dusky appears and the guys introduce themselves. Blair dismisses them and briefly chats with Dusky. Rama catches Dusky staring at Cutter and warns he'll break her heart.

    Tea visits Jack at the mansion and insists she doesn't know when Victor will be back. She assures Jack Victor loves him.

    At Llanfair Natalie tells Viki she received a call from John. Clint appears and is furious to hear John's name. He vows never to let John hurt Natalie or Liam again. After Clint leaves, Natalie tells Viki John wants to see Liam and refuses to allow Natalie to stand in his way. Natalie's offended and would never keep Liam from John. Viki suggests she call John back. Natalie admits she's still in love with John and agrees to call him tonight.

    At home, Natalie begins to call John but thinks better of it. She takes a shot and prepares to go to Shelter.

    Bo is surprised when Nora appears at the station with Snoop Lion. He wonders what Snoop Dogg's been up to. Nora introduces him as Snoop Lion. "Snoop don't lie," Bo replies then hears about how Snoop was reincarnated into Snoop Lion. He requests Bo and Nora's presence at his screening for "Reincarnated." They have to pass, due to family poker tonight, but invite Snoop to join them later.

    David and Leo join Clint, Bo and Nora for poker night at the loft.

    Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

    Natalie calls Cutter a conman.

    Cutter doesn't think Natalie knows him at all.

    Snoop gives Bo advice on Matthew.

    Todd insists that Blair sing at Shelter.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by pammio53 at Tuesday, May 28 2013 07:35 AM

    its getting real good... but i sure miss she gonna be coming back anytime soon

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Tuesday, May 28 2013 08:35 AM

    I haven't watched yet but did read the recap. Why are they saying that John left Nat & Liam & didn't want to see his son??? If PP/OLTL would go by what happened with John on GH it would show that he was always trying to see Liam & work things out with Nat...BUT she & Clint had resaraining orders to keep him away from Liam & Nat had wrote him a letter saying that she had moved on & the letter was BEFORE John ever kissed Sam on GH & a kiss is as far as it went...NO AFFAIR!!!

    I will wait to comment more after I watch.

    Posted by LTB726 at Tuesday, May 28 2013 08:42 AM

    I know Matthew needs to step up but I can understand his anger - he wakes up to find out he is a dad because his mother was selfish. Destiny was set to abort and go on with her college education. Nora made her all these promises and put her on a big guilt trip about having a piece of her son because she thought Matthew was gone. Destiny was not ready to be anybody's mom and Nora bullied her into it ... now this kid is going to suffer for it :-(

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, May 28 2013 10:25 AM

    Good morning:)
    You made some good points. I really don't understand why the writers have changed Clint. Before the show went off the air Clint was fine with John. Now he has such a dislike for him. Natalie, John loves his son and wants to see him. Let him!
    I remember also all through her pregnancy she didn't want the baby. Matthew was way to young and said so. Yes now the baby is here Matthew should step up but gee she should lay off him. He was honest from the start. I remember Bo and Nora had wanted to raise the baby. Des should have agreed.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Tuesday, May 28 2013 10:48 AM

    I never thought that Natalie knew what Clint did to John. Natalie just thinks that John found someone else and doesn't love her or their son anymore. I always thought that.

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, May 28 2013 11:28 AM

    SouthGA - I'm thinking they are going to do a re-set and make it so Natalie never did any of those things (and rightfully so, because she wouldn't). I bet Clint was responsible for the restraining order and that letter and Nat was completely in the dark.

    For what it's worth, these PP writers are under absolutely no obligation to go with what the GH writers wrote. For that matter, they could have un-deaded Tea's baby if they so chose, as well as the Cole and Hope fiasco.

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, May 28 2013 11:36 AM

    Now, now... let's not all be so sure that Destiny would have gone through with the abortion if Nora hadn't begged her not to. She was very torn. And really - does it matter that Matthew was in a coma when the decision was made and the pregnancy had gone past the point of no return? It still wouldn't have been HIS choice, regardless. The choice was always Destiny's, and that is as it should be.

    If one were really paying attention, you could see there was a part of Destiny that wanted to keep a piece of Matthew alive (while he was looking like he would never come out of it). I don't believe she would have gone through with it. Yeah, she was scared and confused, but part of the reason she waited soooooo long to tell anyone, IMO is that she wanted to have the burden of that choice taken out of her hands by going past the legal timeframe for an abortion. Subconsciously.

    Doesn't matter that Matthew didn't want to be a father yet. He made tghe choice to have sex without any protection and creating a child was the result. Now it's time to suck it up and help care for the result of HIS choice to have unprotected sex.

    AND.... This whole mess is essentially a major re-write, because Matthew had softened to the notion of being a father in the last day os OLTL on ABC - and HE was the one who named the baby. Now they've made him an even worse selfish, spoiled brat.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, May 28 2013 01:38 PM

    Well, well, seems that Clint sent that letter to John from Natalie.
    And Clint got the restraining order. And Clint sicd the lawyer on John. At least
    that is what it sounded like to me based on Natalie and Viki's conversation
    today. Natalie is gonna be pissed at Clint when she finds out.
    Either that or the OLTL writers are NOT going by what happened with John on GH.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, May 28 2013 01:41 PM

    shepmajor...well said and ITA about Destiny and Matthew. I mean if he did not want the baby, why name him after his dead brother?

    And since when has Dani been so hot for Matthew?

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, May 28 2013 01:48 PM

    JUMPS - Dani's sudden heat for Matthew is completely unbelievable to me. When last we saw her, Dani was AFRAID (as in way not ready) to have sex and now she's suddenly free and uninhibited???! Gross.

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