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    R.I.P. Cole Thornhart.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012
    Dani gets news, many grieve a death, and John questions Viki and Clint about Allison...

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    Posted by Uncle Roger at Tuesday, January 10 2012 09:20 PM

    Somewhat of a comedown after the intensity of the last couple of shows. Lenny Platt and Nic Robuck have never been better. Mixed emotions about Ford, although I love David Gregory. The character did own up to his mistakes and died a hero. Pity they didn't get Jessica Lecchia to appear one last time.

    Great work from Florencia and Nick Choksi also. Vimal is quite the scene stealer.

    Posted by ShannieB99 at Tuesday, January 10 2012 09:56 PM

    How unfortunate that Jessica lost another love, I think the writers could have done a better job and maybe had Jess and Ford ride off together. I would have loved it more between Starr and Cole had it been the original Cole. Just didn't do anything for me. Only thing that would have been better was if jessica could have offed Mitch. But Natalie, nice job.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, January 10 2012 09:58 PM

    I was thinking the same thing, no mention of Victor Jr. in Hell or Heaven so i bet you that was a clue he is still alive!
    Some might say Robert died a hero but both Viki and Clint both told him not to go. I actually thought it was a bit stupid because what if Mitch had killed both of them and left Ryder without any parents. Jessica you will do fine without Mr. Hotdog.
    geechee..Pretty sure you can watch The View on YouTube
    Melissa Archer is a fine actress it is Natalie who most of us do not like. The actress will get work or already is working after OLTL.

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, January 11 2012 05:53 AM

    @Cherryberry Thank you! re the old episodes of OLTL on Soap Net.

    Posted by nonniepat at Wednesday, January 11 2012 08:17 AM

    I know we have 3 days left but since I got what I hoped for with Clint and Vicki and hopefully Bo still alive (we didn’t see him yesterday) I thought I would send my goodbyes to this great beloved soap. My beloved Aunt watched OLTL and my grandmother ATWT. They taught me to love them and they are treasures and icons in my life that have both now sadly come to an end. In 2009 I said a tear filled goodbye to ATWT and in 3 days I will do the same with OLTL.

    I am glad that Vicki and Clint are together again and alive after Allison’s prison break visit. I am also glad that a wrong has been righted in the Buchanan family. I was never completely happy or believed that Mitch was Jessica’s bio dad and now the record can be set straight. She’s Clint’s child as is Natalie. Too bad we are at the end or I would hope for a big celebration and reaction from the Buchanan boys in the UK.

    Bout time Natalie and John got together. Oh wait did they get together? A brief kiss does not a reunion make although at the end of yesterday’s show we may be getting that reunion. Albeit a rushed reunion but a reunion none the less.

    Glad Cole is alive, for Hope’s sake. But I have to wonder if this latest deed isn’t the nail in the coffin for Todd. I have never been 100% convinced that he killed Victor in the first place and now he’s responsible for carting Cole off to who knows where to be with Patrick and Marty and John got a hold of his phone to download his calls. I know Todd has always been a psycho (that’s what I love about him) but after 8 years of torture plus and now seeing mommie dearest in his head I’ve wondered if what he thinks he did he really did in murdering his brother. But as the show is ending I guess McBain will find the elusive evidence to convict Todd for Victor’s murder and for helping Cole escape custody to timbucktoo to be with Patrick and Marty. Ironic wouldn’t it if the prison had the information from the letter Cole got from Patrick where Cole would be with his parents. I feel bad for Tea too. She has only Victor’s baby now and her hatred of Todd. I hope they give us the time to free Tomas from Baker’s clutches as I don’t like Blair thinking Tomas is a bad guy. Blair found a good one and she needs to see that. Will be interesting to see if Todd gets carted off to Statesville for murdering Victor in the next 3 days. Although I would love to see Tea tear Todd a new one once John makes the arrest.

    Poor Jessica. Hasn’t that girl been through enough? I feel so bad for her losing Bobby. I’ve not always been Bobby Ford’s number 1 fan but since he discovered he was Ryder’s dad he has changed and for the better. Let’s face it a year ago he would never have thought to run into that Church let alone give his life to save Jessica. I just hope he is actually in heaven. That bit about Bobby being in hell and with Eddie no less was totally bogus IMHO. Bobby doesn’t deserve hell IMHO. He has changed and his sacrifice to save Jessica should prove that. I spy a possible Brody/Jessica reunion. Not that we have time for one but they could leave it open ended.

    I know Rex and GiGi got there happy ever after before the prison break but I hope we see them and Shane again by Friday. They are one couple, of several, that I’m really going to miss.

    I also hope we see Bo and Nora again and know Bo’s really okay. I’m not sure I like where they are leaving the Matthew/Destiny storyline unless Destiny can have her baby in 3 days and Matthew steps up to the plate.

    They sure have a lot of ground to conclude in 3 days – Todd’s impending imprisonment, Tomas’ rescue from the torture of Baker Todd endured for 8 years, Todd’s involvement in the Cole Thornheart escape and if they catch Cole or Cole is really gone (one would think), Matthew and Destiny and their baby and how Matthew is really gonna be when the baby is born, Natalie and John and Liam becoming a family with John and Natalie getting married, to name but a few. Then there are the Patel’s and the Evan’s and Jack’s being blackmailed by Todd. Oh the stories could go on and on and ABC has done a horrible thing by cancelling this and AMC and I hear rumors GH could be next. This is crazy. Oh well after 2pm on Friday I will no longer be watching ABC; but I will have my last year of tapes of OLTL to look back on.

    I will miss you all. Thanks to the Actors/Actresses, the Crew, the Writers, the Production staff for all you have done to bring Llanview to life each day. I loved every minute of it. You’ve all done a fantastic job. Thank you!

    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, January 11 2012 09:07 AM

    It was fun seeing the look on Vimal's face when he saw the check Clint gave him. He earned it - going to jail for Clint! And Rama will be so happy to have the money! She really is a greedy girl.

    James may feel bad about Starr, but he chased after her even when he knew she had a boyfriend so I'm not wasting a lot of sympathy on him. Now he knows how Cole felt!

    Posted by maggielynch at Wednesday, January 11 2012 09:13 AM

    Blair finds a good one...that good one tried to kill her "ex husband" ends up putting him in coma last March, then finds out that he is one of the responsible parties that kidnapped her real ex husband for 8 years...LOL, yes Blair, he's a keeper.

    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, January 11 2012 09:20 AM

    Blair had a lot of nerve saying Cole belongs in jail when her sweet Jack is also responsible for someone's (Stacy) death and apparently is going to get off. She and Todd were prepared to do anything to keep Jack out of jail.

    I liked Robert Ford and I'm sorry to see him killed off. But since the show is ending on fridayk it's not like he and Jessica would live happily ever after.

    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, January 11 2012 09:24 AM

    Did Eddie really say who killed him? I missed that!

    Posted by Betty Boop69 at Thursday, January 12 2012 08:40 AM

    Wow.. how sad is going to home to not watching this show is heart breaking what a way to start the new year ABC! I won't even watch your news anymore! Shame on you for letting your viewers down! enough with the talk shows!! blah blah blah!

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