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    R.I.P. Cole Thornhart.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012
    Dani gets news, many grieve a death, and John questions Viki and Clint about Allison...

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    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, January 10 2012 05:47 PM


    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, January 10 2012 05:49 PM


    Posted by dawndew5 at Tuesday, January 10 2012 06:00 PM

    I don't know about everyone else, but I sort of think Victor isn't dead after all. It would be pretty good if he ends up alive and Todd didn't kill him after all. Their evil mother Irene brainwashed Todd into thinking he killed Victor (remember Todd 'remembered' killing Victor after he was shot and he was delirious). Victor faked his own death because he knew someone was coming to kill him...or he could have been in on it with the mother to frame Todd so he could finally get rid of him. As we all recall, Victor had no intention of giving up Todd Manning's identity, even after he found out the truth about himself.
    Not for nothing, but Victor was not much better than Todd, in some ways he was worse, especially the stuff he did to Star, stuff real Todd would have never have done. I don't know about everyone else, but if I was locked up eight years, tortured, and found out someone took over my life, I might kill them too.
    If Victor were alive, it would give everyone a happy ending, in a sense

    Posted by Cherryberry at Tuesday, January 10 2012 06:24 PM

    bikette: they are showing old episodes on soapnet late at night you can also see old AMC & old GH. They are very good as I missed these when I was working & couldn't dvr.

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, January 10 2012 06:25 PM

    Starr has feelings for James, but that relationship would never have happened if Cole were present and not in prison. I seriously don't think she will end up with James. Most likely since Marko is coming to Landview, she may go back and be with him and Langston until the time is right for her and Hope to reconnect with the love of their lives. Yes Cole has had issues, but who hasn't???

    Ford was a player, but turned out to be quite honorable. My feelings go out to Jessica. However, once the news is out that Clint is her father, she has and always has had family support. She was too forgiving when it came to Natalie.

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, January 10 2012 06:28 PM

    I still think Todd may not be of murdered anyone and Victor is alive. A beautiful ending if that is the case and Victor runs to his Tea and Todd to Blair. Tomas seems already forgotten anyway! Let's face it, that's Blair.

    Posted by at Tuesday, January 10 2012 06:40 PM

    No what's a Shame that every one had to read such hateful remark by cowboy fan now u would think since the show is going off the air she would maybe be little kinder to Natalie after all the actress is loosing a job but maybe she can't not fathom such a thing in being nice

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, January 10 2012 06:49 PM

    Melissa Archer is losing her gig at oltl, but is an extremely talented actress as are the others on this Soap. Trust me they will be picked up and find other work.

    Posted by geechee0331 at Tuesday, January 10 2012 07:33 PM

    Wow, a lot of Natalie haters on tonight. In my fantasy world, John and Natalie stay bonded because Natalie's lying is neutralized by their mutual awesome love for their son and their obvious passion for each other.
    They were the couple I watched this show for. Yes, Melissa Archer is talented--beautiful and her sparky personality shines through.
    I reallly hate to see the mean-spiritedness of people about these characters. Instead, the sadness and regret of losing all of them is in my soul tonight. I will miss this show. And I'll miss all of your chatter...
    Does anyone know if the View tribute show is on Soapnet or something else? I don't have a DVR and I teach and will miss the Friday show...

    Posted by lolaB at Tuesday, January 10 2012 08:23 PM

    The dead and evil got taken away... If victor is dead, No one (heaven or Hell) came to get him in death. Whether good (heaven) or bad (hell). I Notice his life is missing. I hope he is alive. They never showed heaven or hell coming to get him. Victor...Where are you?

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