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    Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Friday, January 06 2012
    Secrets are exposed, some are shot, others injured, and lives hang in the balance...

    Allison fires her gun at Llanfair and hits a vase. She jokes about it being expensive and warns, "This isn't the first time I've taken something precious from you." Allison reiterates what Mitch thinks, that she made sure his daughter, Jessica, grew up in luxury while Clint's daughter, Natalie, grew up in poverty. Clint and Viki wonder what Allison's getting at. Is what Allison told them about Jessica and Natalie not true? Allison claims Jessica and Natalie are both Clint's daughters. She rigged the DNA tests. Dr. Balsom assured Allison that Viki was having two babies with one daddy, Clint. She lied to Mitch all those years ago and reminds Clint how easy it is to make DNA switches at the Llanview Lab. When Clint doesn't believe Allison, she shoots Viki. Clint holds Viki and begs her to stay with him. Clint reaches for the phone and collapses as well.

    After Bo and Troy exchange gunfire at the cabin, Troy's injured. Lindsay and Bo hold a gun on Troy, who screams, "I'd never hurt you, Nora. I love you!" Bo hands Nora his gun and looks for something to tie Troy up with. Bo returns, as Nora thanks Lindsay and notes how she's really changed. She could have taken off instead of warning Bo. When it's time to take Troy in, Lindsay asks, "What about me?" Bo turns the floor to Nora, who says, "I forgive you." She and Bo vow to talk to the judge in order to get her sentence reduced and Lindsay paroled. Bo trusts Lindsay to drive his car down the mountain and get help. "Thank you," Lindsay replies. She leaves with a smirk. Nora wonders why Bo wanted Lindsay to send up an ambulance. Bo falls to the ground, unconscious. He's shot. Nora cries, "Where am I going to find a doctor." Troy perks up. Nora reminds Troy of the oath he took as a doctor and begs, "You have to save Bo." She promises to talk to the warden if he does. She'll do anything he wants! Troy refuses and says, "Bo has to die, so we can be together." Nora pleads that she can't live without Bo and continues to beg. Troy asks Nora to untie and trust him. She does. Troy tends to Bo.

    While Ford and Mitch struggle for the gun in the church, it goes off and hits a chandelier, which comes crashing down on Ford. Jessica rushes to Ford, as Mitch aims a gun at her and warns John he'll kill Jessica if he shoots. He refuses to let John call 911 and warns Jessica's time has come to an end. Natalie rushes to Jessica's side, as Ford goes unconscious. Jessica begs Mitch to let John call 911. Mitch lets John call but grabs Natalie and says, "Natalie comes with me." After the EMTs arrive and take Ford and Jessica away, John orders Mitch to let Natalie go and promises to let him escape. Mitch kisses Natalie and taunts John about her becoming his true wife. When Mitch refuses to let Natalie go, John shoots him then takes Natalie into a kiss.

    Blair arrives at the mansion just as Cole is shot. Starr rushes to Cole, as James holds a gun on Hannah. Blair wonders what's going on, but Todd insists they get the car. Hannah screams her regret to Cole. She only wanted to hurt Starr! Starr slugs Hannah in the face. James, Blair and Starr take Cole to the hospital, while Todd stands behind and tells Hannah, "Maybe I'll kill you." He admits it wouldn't be the first time he killed someone. Hannah heard about Todd killing his mother, who shot Todd first. That doesn't count. Todd uses Hannah as a sounding board. She's bananas, no one would believe Hannah if he told her… Todd remembers killing Victor. Just as Todd's ready to confess, the cops arrive for Hannah. She calls Todd a murderer, but the cops take her away. Todd smirks.

    Blair, James and Starr rush Cole into the hospital. The doctor looks worried and orders a hysterical Starr out of the exam room. Blair takes Starr to the chapel. Starr explains how everything went down. Cole saved her and Sam's life. "What if he dies?" Starr cries. "A world without Cole doesn't make sense." Starr can't live without Cole. At Blair's persistence, Starr starts to pray then sings "You Only Have One Life To Live." Blair steps out into the hall and cries. Todd appears and holds her. Back out in the ER, James is stunned when Ford's rushed in with Jessica by his side.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    Viki has an out of body experience.

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    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 06 2012 12:07 PM

    Poor ford,Vicki and Clint really wish Hannah was the one shot and glad John shot Mitch and also wanted sembody to shoot Allison!and Bo was really sad he was shot!Starr singing was amazing could tell she really still cared for Cole!good show today!

    Posted by jorie at Friday, January 06 2012 12:07 PM


    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 06 2012 12:08 PM

    And Troy should of been shot not my Bo!

    Posted by jorie at Friday, January 06 2012 12:09 PM

    don't think Ford Cole or Bo will die ,just Mitch

    Posted by brwneyez at Friday, January 06 2012 12:12 PM

    Well this was an exciting episode!OMG I can't believe I cried when I saw Vicki and Clint on the floor like that, it was too sad to think it could end that way for the two of them. After all the hurt they have suffered.
    I hate the way they still keep Todd as the messed up guy who killed his own brother when he had been tortured for all those years (8) and he comes home and gets no love from anyone but Starr. I don't how anyone can be the same cruel person after being captive for that long. He convincedthe heck out of med then somehow it seems the writers changed thier mind and said no he can't change. Then I hate the way Tia treats him even though she was married to someone who she thought was him espically since she overlooking all the cruel things that VJ did.

    Posted by meekaf at Friday, January 06 2012 12:14 PM

    this show gets better and better as it nears towards the end. I can't hardly wait til monday omg!! mitch i hope is finally gone bo, clint and vicki I hope make it starr sang beautifully cole and ford should live too. I was hoping todd got shot cause boy do i miss victor. I'm happy for jolie but that might be put on hold again with vicki shot and clint's heart attack but hey they kissed again today was a great show i laughed(allison perkins) and i cried!! it was bittersweet!!! til monday 5 more shows 2 go !!!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 06 2012 12:16 PM

    Amazing show today!

    I knew Cole would be the hero and James would be the wimp!

    Posted by brwneyez at Friday, January 06 2012 12:16 PM

    oops I meant he convince me that he didn't kill victor, I thought they would blame it on Brody...I mean they make Todd after coming back from be tortured into a villian that would lie directly to his kids face and claim he did not kill thier uncle/father because he knew it would hurt them...that makes him scumb!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 06 2012 12:16 PM

    Can Mitch really REALLY be dead for real this time?

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 06 2012 12:19 PM

    Guess Stacy's heart was not as strong as she was nutso!

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