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    You're In This Together, Aren't You?

    Wednesday, January 04 2012
    Bo receives a visitor, John insists on talking to Natalie, and Mitch makes a demand of Viki...

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    Posted by Uncle Roger at Wednesday, January 04 2012 06:08 PM

    Wow, can Roscoe chew that scenery!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, January 04 2012 07:03 PM

    Mitch sure can act and I find him very entertaining. Natalie sure is shaking, guess is her punishment for all the lies she has told. You better be thankful as your sister Jessica is coming to help you.
    Troy and Nora a bit boring.
    Gee maybe Starr and Hope should leave with Cole as I never cared her with James.
    Love Sam but the poor kid is lying and proud of it. To bad he told James though. James get lost.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, January 04 2012 07:06 PM

    Great news I hope:

    someone heard on another site there were going to be NO CLIFFHANGERS!!!
    was told a long time ago they would not have a cliffhanger like AMC just in case the online did not work out. Fingers crossed people.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, January 04 2012 07:51 PM


    Posted by terrylee45 at Wednesday, January 04 2012 10:29 PM

    ok. we know blair didn't go with todd, she went upstairs so how did she NOT hear or see the cops going thru the house? or did she slip out and go to todd?

    Posted by piqueroi at Thursday, January 05 2012 04:09 AM

    What a terrific episode, very well acted and suspenseful. Love Deputy Sam! LOL

    It was so good to see Mitch, Troy and reformed Lindsay in action. (Both Roscoe and Ty would be front runners in a scene eating contest.)

    Nora comes across quite well in stressful situations, much less strident than when she's telling everyone what to do.

    Very difficult to accept there remain but seven episodes before the end.

    Posted by LeaveNatalone at Thursday, January 05 2012 08:04 AM

    Wow this show is getting really good. Too bad ABC is letting it go for a boring show. ABC daytime will going to be really boring now. I am glad to hear Darnell Williams is going to Y&R. Guess that will be my new soap along with watching the Talk. Will mess everyone dogging Natalie and Princess Jessica doing no wrong. OLTL is a good show and ABC will regret letting it and AMC go. I am just waiting for the news about GH being gone soon. Rember Katie has to have a time slot for her talk show.

    Posted by pinevalley at Thursday, January 05 2012 10:37 AM

    The jail break-out is somewhat okay, but not as exciting as I thought it would be! It would have been great if the producers would have returned the original "Cole" and "Hannah" Well I guess General Hospital rating will now go through the roof also Young and the Restless, wow they now have a large production of the All My Children cast Annie and her brother now playing past lovers, that's to funny.

    Posted by ladysmom at Thursday, January 05 2012 10:37 AM

    This is a total waste of time! Troy and Nora were boring enough the first time around! I remember when HBS had back problems so they wrote a scenario about her being kept prisoner by Troy in bed - for MONTHS! Had to quit watching for awhile.

    And as expected Roscoe Born is way overacting. Why is it that when people go crazy, they seem to think they're a religious leader? Especially when they're evil and they don't understand why people won't go along with them.

    Good to see Lindsay though.

    Posted by Lizard1977 at Thursday, January 05 2012 11:35 AM

    I was disgusted by this whole story line. Why bring back the same awful characters over and over?? Mitch is simply repulsive, and after being "killed" several times, the story is just not realistic. I am very disappointed in the way the writers and network have chosen to end One Life to Live. I would have preferred Victor Jr. to be brought back, and all current relationships resolved; not all this awful chaos.

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