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    You're In This Together, Aren't You?

    Wednesday, January 04 2012
    Bo receives a visitor, John insists on talking to Natalie, and Mitch makes a demand of Viki...

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    Posted by LeaveNatalone at Wednesday, January 04 2012 02:00 PM

    That's right susan18 who is the sister with the stp? Princess Jessica. Oh I am sorry she is sick and she can't help herself! Let's not forget her loving daddy tried to rape her so she would have a son for him. Yeah Natalie is the bad one! Can't wait to see Sam as a cop today. Glad to see Jessica and Natalie sticking up for each other. Tried of them fighting they need to have them get along better. Oh well no more show for them to get along on. Shame on you ABC! I gues I will have to start watching Y&R and The Talk. I wonder when OLTL is over who will end on on Y&R. They already have people from GH and AMC on there. CBS knows there is value in daytime soaps unlike ABC. I wonder how long GH will be on before it is cancelled? I give it until September.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Wednesday, January 04 2012 02:17 PM

    OLTL's last day is 01/13/12, Friday of next week. Y&R has already gotten several AMC cast-offs. I'd rather see these talented young (and old) actors get noticed by someone other than soap people. I've seen interviews with prime time actors who've done soaps for a short period of time and they ALL say that soaps are way too hard and much too hard work. Soap actors have to learn 50-60 pages a day, where a prime time show you may not have that much dialogue for a week. It's a shame that ABC backed the wrong horse. So far, I've seen one comment on one website of a person that likes The Chew. And a whole bunch of comments from people who are p/o'd. We can still keep in touch though. The AMC message board is still up, or at least it was the last time I checked. I just wonder what will happen to the daytime execs when the investors start complaining about losing revenue, and sponsors complain because no one is seeing their products. Money walks, and we all know what talks.

    Posted by Betty Boop69 at Wednesday, January 04 2012 02:22 PM

    I agree what a waste of television show with all these food shows BORING!!!!!!! What am I suppose to do with my DVR recording and that was my evening entertainment One Life to Live was part of my life what a way to start off 2012! NOT!! : (

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, January 04 2012 02:27 PM

    I was not that thrilled that Mitch was coming back yet again. But I must say that Roscoe Bourne plays a GREAT villian in Mitch. I say that Mitch Laurence is one of the best EVER daytime villians. But I do hope he dies this time. LOL!

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, January 04 2012 02:31 PM

    I just read today that Darnell Williams(ex-Jesse Hubbard on AMC) is heading to Y&R.

    Posted by jkml at Wednesday, January 04 2012 03:10 PM

    I will miss these characters horribly, but I should probably thank ABC. My DVR will not be so full, I will have my afternoons back and get more things done. Even when I DVR'd it I tried to watch it in the afternoon as often as I could, especially OLTL. Saves me being exposed to all those commercials over and over again, so saves me money, I am sure. And I do not feel any need to tape or watch a lifestyle show day to day. In fact, I have only seen bits of the Chew, mostly when they are ending. Once during pre holiday. It was ok, but nothing I would tape or stay home for. And extra news at 4pm-pretty much can watch that or the 5pm. So they lose my business in the afternoons now, Oh, but I will miss OLTL, might have to find another channels soaps to watch, especially if I can follow those actors to another show.

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, January 04 2012 03:17 PM

    Starr may momentarily go with Cole, but will end up with James. She feels an obligation to him because he is her daughter's father, but their time together is over.

    Posted by oltfan2007 at Wednesday, January 04 2012 03:22 PM

    geesh mitch and allison right behind him of course thanks alot writers for once again doing the wrong thing that fans would like since the show is ending geesh hope for a happy endings for all

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, January 04 2012 03:39 PM


    Posted by Patrick01 at Wednesday, January 04 2012 03:48 PM

    I saw where Apple is looking for shows for it's newly created network. Maybe they would be intrested in the soaps with built in viewers.

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